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Buddy Up™ Harness


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Buddy Up™ Harness

From $79.90

Front Size
Rear Size
Quad Compatibility Panel
Need to connect to a Full Support Wheelchair? choose this option and we will find the best match for your pet based upon your selections. (Additional $30-35)
Buddy up harness front and rear

Product Details

The Buddy Up™ Harness gives your pet the full body support they need to stay active. Safely lift and support your best friend. Great for pets dealing with progressive mobility loss and older dogs who need assistance into the car, up the stairs, or to go outside. The Buddy Up is Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair compatible, which means your dog is comfortable and supported in and out of their cart. The lifting harness is easy to adjust for the perfect fit.

  • Safely assist and lift senior pets
  • Full body support for pets with weak front and rear legs
  • Ideal dog support and rehabilitation harness for injured, senior, or disabled pets
  • Fully Compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair (Medium and Large frames)
Buddy Up Rear


Lift and support your pet’s entire body with the front and rear Buddy Up Harness. Perfect for assisting pets on stairs, into the car, or for quick walks.

buddy up harness


The Buddy Up harness is designed to work with your pet’s rear Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Each harness comes with the clips you need to easily attach to your dog’s cart.

Buddy Up Quad Panel


As dogs age, their mobility loss can change with them. The Buddy Up harness adapts to your pet’s changing mobility needs to keep your pet active.

How to Choose the Right Size

Buddy Up Front:

Buddy Up Front Measure Photo
SizeWeight RangeChest Girth
Small30-45 lbs19″ – 26″
Medium45-65 lbs22″ – 34″
Large65-95 lbs30″ – 43″
XLarge95-150 lbs37″ – 50″
 *Compatible with the Medium and Large Rear Walkin’ Wheels

Buddy Up Rear:

Rear Buddy Up Measure Photo
SizeWeight RangeAbdomen Girth
Small30-45 lbs18″ – 23″
Medium45-65 lbs22″ – 26″
Large65-95 lbs24″ – 32″
XLarge95-150 lbs30″ – 42″


Buddy Up Front:


step one

Unclip the two lower support straps and place the harness over your pet’s head with the triangular chest pad in front of the body.


step two

Lift your pet’s front left leg over the webbing strap. The central chest webbing strap should now be between your pet’s front legs.


step three

Fasten the two lower support straps under your pet’s rib cage and adjust the straps for a snug fit.


step four

At the front of the pet’s chest, adjust the straps so that the triangular chest pad sits at a comfortable position over the sternum. Ensure the center chest strap is adjusted snugly and securely to provide the proper tension and support.


step five

The Front Buddy Up harness is now ready to be used as a lifting aid or to connect to your pet’s rear Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

step six

Use clip on each side of the harness to attach to the wheelchair side extender.

Buddy Up Rear:


step one

Unclip the front two buckles on the rear harness so that the leg rings hang down from the back. The D-Ring Connector should face your pet’s head.


step two

Place the blue back panel of the harness over your pet’s lower back.


step three

Bring the leg rings from behind your pet between the rear legs and fasten the clips on either side at the flank. Ensure the tail is not caught underneath.


step four

If using with the Front Buddy Up harness, fasten the back connection strap between the two D-Ring connectors of the rear harness and front harness. Adjust with the tri-glides for a secure tension between the two harnesses.


step five

There are two straps on each side of the leg rings; one with the buckle clip to fasten to the back panel of the harness and one with the wheelchair clips. Adjust the buckle clip strap, so the leg rings and back panel of the harness are comfortably snug around your pet’s hips and rear legs.


step six

You may need to readjust the back connector strap at this point to ensure there is tension to prevent the Rear Buddy Up from sliding backward off the rear end of the pet.


step seven

The Rear Buddy Up harness is now ready to be used as a lifting aid and to connect to your pet’s rear Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

Note – The rear Buddy Up must be connected to the front Buddy Up with the back connection strap to ensure it stays up on your pet when not in the wheelchair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Buddy Up Harness compatible with my dog’s wheelchair?

The Buddy Up Harness is compatible with the Medium, Medium/Large, and Large Rear Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. If your dog is using a full support wheelchair, you will need to add the Buddy Up Quad Panel to attach the harness to your dog’s front attachment.

For dogs using a Small or Corgi Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, we recommend the Warrior Rear Harness or Warrior Front Harness.

Can my dog go to the bathroom while wearing the Buddy Up Harness?

Yes, both male and female dogs should be able to comfortably pee and poop while wearing their Buddy Up Harness. The rear harness supports your pet from underneath with a leg ring-style saddle, leaving plenty of room in front and behind for your dog to relieve themselves cleanly.

Can I leave my dog’s harness on for extended periods of time?

Yes, the Buddy Up harness is comfortable for all-day wear, and when adjusted correctly, the Buddy Up harness will stay in place. We do recommend removing the harness when your dog is left unattended, and we strongly suggest giving your dog breaks from wearing the harness.

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