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Meet Henri and Daphne, our featured pets of the week!

“As soon as Henri was in his wheels, our Henri was back! It was probably the best day of our lives seeing him have his independence back!! Running again, playing with his friends, and going on walks!!! We bought Daphne her first pair of baby Walkin’ Wheels, which she took to straight away! It was incredible to see the bond they both have with each other, as I do genuinely believe they know they are both the same and love each other so much!”

@henrianddaphnejames 11/9/23

Meet Scoot!

“I remember the day he walked ten meters in one go! From there, it was only a matter of time before we saw him complete one whole round of the park, and then he happily built up enough strength to complete a 4km coastal walk along Hong Kong’s stunning harbor front! Every day, he gets more and more confident, and now he happily wheels around doing his own thing. With these wheels, he has, quite literally, been given a second chance at life.”

@s.c.o.o.t_852 11/2/23

Meet Maxwell!

“He realized they provided speed, support, and freedom he’d never known before!! Maxwell LOVES his wheels now and looks forward to getting in them every day. Today, we are 15 months into Maxwell using his wheels, and he is an absolute pro! He is on his third set, as pigs continue growing until they are five, and he has outgrown his first two wheelchairs. In addition to loving the freedom wheels provide, we have also seen Maxwell’s hind legs and spinal muscles get stronger, and he is able to support himself on his legs and take several steps unaided now. We know this would not have been possible without the last 15 months of wheelchair therapy.”

@maxwellpigsworth 10/27/23

Meet Saint!

“Since bringing Saint home, he has done amazing. His Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has been instrumental in his development, and he is able to move around and play as he wants. The vet says he is incredibly healthy and strong, so the fact that his muscular development has stayed on track (with the help of his wheels, no doubt) is just awesome. I am so proud of him and love watching him flourish.”

@saint.the.mighty 10/20/23

Rio, The Frenchie, in Walkin` Wheels Wheelchair

Meet Rio!

“The wheelchair has provided us with the ability for Rio to live his best wheelie life, in the past two years I have lost count of the number of places we have been lucky to have visited and met other dogs that also have wheels. Rio is 6 this year and can confidently say he is pain-free, crazier than ever, and living the most incredible wheelie life. I wouldn’t want our life to be any different to the one we have now.”

@rio_thefrenchie 10/12/23

Rottweiler in dog wheelchair next to small white dog

Meet Zack!

“We are grateful to Zack for allowing us to face this battle with him and find this new way of life. He teaches us something new every day, and above all, the true meaning of resilience.

I share our story for those who fight in silence against silent battles. Degenerative myelopathy may not have a cure, but with the necessary care, we can improve the quality of life of our furry ones. We are lucky to have the wheelchair which has allowed him to walk by himself!”

– @gabrielacharalla 5/24/23

Gracie in mini cat wheelchair

Meet Gracie!

“I’m Gracie! I have severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but I’m living my best life. I’m better known as a wobbly cat. I’m strong. I’m brave. I’m me.”

– @gracie_the_wobbly_warrior 3/31/23

Penny Pet of the Week

Meet Penny!

“Penny got a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair 2 weeks ago. She had CES surgery last September and was not performing so well with her back legs. The vet and physiotherapist suggested getting a wheelchair for her to take the weight off her frog legs during the rehabilitation period!”

– @penny_the_foxterrier 2/3/23

Meet Poppy!

“I’m Poppy, the disabled pup! I may be little, but like to hike big mountains!”

– @poppythepeanutpup 1/11/23

More Reviews

Meet Simon!

“Simon is the best bully ambassador just by being his sweet simple self.

This weekend was amazing. We wanted to go find some snow, so I bought the Walkin’ Pets Ski Attachments for Simon’s wheelchair – so he was ready to go!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but he LOVED the skis and was a natural snow bunny!

And even better, I took him to the base of the ski slopes one day to let him test them out. I was planning on just doing our own thing and staying out of peoples’ way, but Simon soon attracted attention – and suddenly he was the most popular boy on the mountain! Everyone wanted to come say hi, and Simon was in HEAVEN! He loves nothing more than being doted on by strangers . . . 

The difference in people’s reaction to Simon when he’s in his jammies and wheelchair vs. not is pretty wild to see. Before his amputation, people would give him a wide berth in public (even when he was wagging his tail and hoping to get some love).

Now, people no longer see a terrifying 100 pound “pit bull”. They just see an adorable wiggly boy who happens to have a blocky head, and if that’s what it takes to change people’s minds about him, then so be it! Simon is more than happy to win people over one kiss at a time!”

– @big.head.boys 12/27/22

Ruben Pet of the Week

Meet Ruben!

“Ruben the wonderdog in his new wheelchair! Poor Ruben had his previous wheelchair stolen from his home in Surrey. With only having 2 legs – this left Ruben unable to go for walks. His amazing family reached out to the press, and us at Pumpkin and Friends Charity wanted to help.

We received donations and bought Ruben his new quad Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Ruben is once again mobile and enjoying being outdoors with his 5 rescue friends!

Thank you to everyone that helped us buy him new wheels!”

– Pumpkin and Friends Charity 12/1/22

dog in wheelchair

Meet Darby!

“Darby started her life with us at the tiny age of 12 weeks. She started losing the use of her back legs a little over 2 years ago. She’s still a happy girl and aims to please. She loves her wheels as you can see by her picture!”

– Shelley & Melissa 11/21/22

dog in wheelchair

Meet Hope!

“I found Hope through my local pet rescue. The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew. She was born down south, and upon realizing she was paralyzed, she was taken in to be euthanized. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and she made her way to Wisconsin and into our hearts! She is 10 months old now, and is the happiest puppy! She LOVES her Drag Bag and Wlkin’ Wheels wheelchair – there’s no slowing her down! Her favorite things include snuggles, chasing bubbles, and basking in the sunshine!”

– Meghan 11/1/22

dog in wheelchair

Meet Kirra!

“Kirra was the best girl ever. Always so happy to chase a ball or cuddle on the couch. She was diagnosed with DM in April 2020. We lost her in March of 2022. We miss her beautiful face every day.”

– 10/28/22

featured pet

Meet Peanut!

 “Peanut has IVDD, and has been paralyzed for a year and 3 months now – but it doesn’t stop her at all!!!”

– Shari 10/10/22

featured pet rosie

Meet Rosie!

 “Rosie was adopted by her dad when she was 1 years old, after a family surrendered her to a shelter in Michigan. Rosie has always been a very active dog – from chasing ATVs down dirt roads in the summer, to making snow angels on winter walks. Her favorite activities have always been chasing a laser pointer around at night and playing in the sprinkler. In the summer of 2021, Rosie was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. Over the last year, she has lost most of her strength in her back legs. Rosie got her life back when she got her Walkin’ Wheels. She now chases her laser pointer around a nearby field for hours every night, only to come back inside with bribes. She has also broken about 5 sprinkler heads since the summer began. Rosie is her mom and dad’s whole life, and inspires everyone she comes across. Just watch your toes, she isn’t slowing down for anyone!”

– Nora and Kyle 10/3/22

corgi wheelchair

Meet Freyja Ashildr!

“Ashildr became paralyzed in her back legs 07/07/22 (stage 5 IVDD) and needed emergency surgery. Later, she was diagnosed with focal mylomelasia. Yesterday she took a stroll in her wheels to the park across the street for the first time since her injury. All in all, she ended up walking around a mile! Mommy and daddy were very proud!”

@ashildr_corgi 9/9/22

featured pet

Meet Kailani!

“Kailani’s a completely different dog. When we adopted her in February, she had such weak back leg muscle and wasn’t Mobile at all. She went from our bed, to the couch, to my upstairs couch. She hasn’t even been able to go outside. We have a soft mat and pee pee pads she goes on. She is finally starting to get the hang of walking. I cried the first time I saw her take a step. I can not brag to people enough about how amazing you guys are.

Her wheelchair is so well built, you can see all the love and care that went into the design.

I love how you share animals with disabilities looking to be adopted. It’s something no one does. One of our goals with creating Kailanis Instagram was to help special needs animals get adopted and help rescues and animal shelters. Thank you guys so much for all you do for these special babies.”

Kailanirex 9/2/22

bird wheelchair

Meet Wednesday!

“At about 3 weeks old, Wednesday injured her leg. She will be going to see an avian surgeon to hopefully reset her dislocated joint and repair her ligaments that have torn! Until then, we are keeping her comfy with this wheelchair, thanks to Walkin’ Pets! She is her happy, sweet self and Pudding has been her cheerleader as she learns to use her wheelchair.” 
– honkandflaps 8/23/22

featured pet

Meet Rigatoni!

“Rigatoni is a sweet boy who just loves to stop and smell the flowers! I swear this guy knows nothing but joy and it is such a blessing to watch him conquer his disability everyday! Go Rigs!

We still have no interest on this sweet, extremely low maintenance boy! Let’s see some applications and help find this boy a home!” 
– Heath’s Haven Rescue 7/22/22

Meet Rosette!

The wheelchair has been really great for my Rosette who has been almost totally immobile recently. We got the wheels on Tuesday, and she is already going up steps and onto grass! I have not seen her wag her tail this much! Thank you so much!

– 6/24/22

featured pet theo

Meet Scoobo!

He lived a year on a construction site in Qatar, paralyzed in his rear and treated poorly, not knowing where his next meal was coming. He is our hero, and we believe anyone who sees him, can’t help but smile!

– 5/18/22

featured pet theo

Meet Theo the most adorable puppy in the world

“Theo most likely had canine herpes virus as a young puppy, he was one of the 3/9 puppies that survived out of his litter. The other two are normal and have already been adopted out! CHV has a high mortality rate and usually the dogs that do survive end up with neurological issues. Theo is a happy, normal puppy with jello legs. He is very mobile, but isn’t able to stand or sit up on his own. He also is super wobbly and has intention tremors similar to cerebellar hypoplasia. His wonderful foster got him through so much, and now that he’s ready to be away from his mom, I took over to help him with his mobility issues. I’m excited to go on this journey with him and get him more mobile!”

– @tucsonspecialpets 4/1/22

goat in walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Bambi is enjoying the warm weather, the sun on her back, and the grass under her hooves!

“A huge thank you to everyone donating, sharing her story, and sending her love. Your support makes the world go round for every animal that calls Viva home, and for that, everyone here is eternally grateful to you. Thank you!!!”

– @vivaglobalrescue 3/7/22

Paralyzed Frenchie Celebrates 7 Years of Freedom in Wheelchair!

“7 years paralyzed today, and she hasn’t missed a beat!”

– @kartinkardi 1/7/22

Timmy the Sheep in Wheelchair & After – He Can Walk Again!

“Watch as Timmy makes a crazy transformation from using his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair as a rehab tool! He now can RUN without his wheelchair. Miracles DO happen!”

– 12/23/21

Dog Who was Shot Learns How to Walk Again!

“Nelly was brought in two months ago, after a concerned citizen noticed this poor soul wandering the streets. It was obvious that she had deformation to her back legs, but the biggest question was how did this happen? After a full medical examination and x-rays, it was found that she had a bullet lodged in her spine. This bullet is suspected to be the reason for her deformation and why she has no control over her urinary and bowel movements.

Thanks to all of your generous donations, Nelly was sent to see a specialist to determine the exact location of the bullet in her back and what could be done about it. It was found that the bullet is lodged in her spinal cord and, due to the location of the bullet, spinal cord surgery is not an option as she would likely become paralyzed if removal was attempted. This means that Nelly will likely continue to have no control over her bowel movements, and the issues with her legs will be permanent.

We were fortunate enough to have Walkin’ Pets donate splints for Nelly, to allow her to walk normally and prevent further damage to her legs. She is already adapting very well to the splints, and enjoys running around in them. She has no clue that she is different and goes about her day like any typical, non-disabled dog! Nelly will stay with us until her pressure sores are fully healed, but then she will be looking for a loving home that can give her the long-term support she will need!”

– Alaqua Animal Refuge 12/17/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

2022 Calendar Cover Winner

“Canelo has a big personality and absolutely loves life! His Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair allows him to live fully and engage in his all favorite activities, such as playing ball and chasing bugs and frogs outside. He loves to ‘run’ around with other dogs in his foster home. He is super fast in his wheels! When the neighbors come outside he has to run over to greet them and say hi! When he’s not running full speed, Canelo prefers to cuddle on the couch.

Canelo recently won the cover of the 2022 Walkin’ Pets Calendar Contest, and is searching for his forever home. Meanwhile he will continue with physical therapy, chasing bugs, and being spoiled by his foster mom, who loves him to the moon and back!”

@who.rescued.who.tx 11/19/21

Paralyzed Dog Takes First Walk on Wheels!

“Mom took me outside for the first time in my wheels, and I thought we were going to take a little stroll to the corner and maybe a photo op or two, but I said ‘nah I’m off!’

We went all the way around the block and there was no stopping me! I’m getting better at this chair thing every day. Thanks for all your kind words and support!”

@rocko_n_roll08 11/5/21

Pumpkin Puppy Gets Wheels & Forever Home!

“Pumpkin, a ten-week-old West Highland Terrier fostered by Lincoln woman Tammie Fox, first captured the hearts of The Lincolnite readers on October 12, when a fundraiser was set up to help her with a difficult ailment she was born with.

She is paralyzed in her back legs, meaning she has to learn to move by dragging her body around with her front legs, which is not sustainable for the dog long-term.

Pumpkin was surrendered by her breeder to local charity Breeds In Need who gave the puppy to Tammie for temporary care. Tammie has now fallen head over heels for Pumpkin and is in the process of adopting her, as well as striving to do all she can to improve the quality of life of her dog.

Well, Pumpkin’s dreams became a reality over the weekend when a charity called Winston’s Wheels donated a set of wheels for her to help with mobility.”

– Breeds in Need UK 10/22/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Feeling Free Again

“Inspired by your video which went around the world, we introduce our dear Astor, who was saved after 8 years of life on a chain, and finally felt freedom again with your Walkin’ Wheels. Astor lives in a small country, Croatia, and with his walks, he deepens awareness for people about special needs dogs . . . Many regards and support to all brave fighters from Astor!”

– Matea Salaj 9/24/21

Cavoodle with IVDD Overcomes Life’s Challenges!

“Hi, my name is Myla Yu, the Cavoodle from Australia, and I am a stage 5 IVDD survivor and fighter living my best life on wheels!”

– @myla.yu.cavoodle 9/17/21

Rescue Dog from Iran Searches for Forever Home!

“Go teddy!! We finally got him some snazzy Walkin’ Wheels – pink of course! I can’t believe how quickly Teddy got used to them! We didn’t go too far the first day, but did 2 HOURS worth of sniffing and saying hello!”

– @teddyandmissythefrenchies 8/20/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

A Real Life SHERO!

“Turn your wounds into wisdom” and then Mrs. Ragini showed me exactly what that meant.

She has been in my life for a long time now. In the past few months, interacting with her has taught me so many things that have had a huge impact on my mind.

After so much that she has been through in her life, she still has the thirst to live her life, survive and be the best version. She is such an inspiration, so so strong.

Mrs. Ragini, to me, is a real life “SHERO”

– @ashish.joshiii 7/23/21

chicken walkin' wheels bird wheelchair

Snoozing in Her Wheelchair!

This sleepy little sweetheart is Almond. She has been at Here With Us for less than an hour, but look how comfortable she is already, snoozing in her wheelchair! A few days ago, I was contacted about a young hen with fused legs. Very similar to our Acorn, who has one fused leg. I immediately agreed to take Almond in. Although she will never walk normally, with the help of the wheelchair, she can absolutely live a comfortable life. And I know that her and Acorn will be best friends.

@herewithus_farmsanctuary 7/2/21

Becoming a Faster Cat!

She’s just received her new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair! How is she doing with it? She has become the fastest cat ever! Cats with mobility problems can continue to lead happy, active, and pain-free lives while using a wheelchair. Cats have a keen sense of balance, so some can adjust to an injury or amputated limb and regain some level of mobility on their own. But those who are paralyzed or have difficulty re-learning how to walk, may be ideal candidates for a wheelchair.

@sisu_says 6/18/21

Bennie the dog next to Walkin Wheels box

Bennie Remains a Face of the Company!

I am honored that Walkin’ Pets included Bennie’s handsome face on their product packaging for their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs! He’s a great example to the fact that, despite someone’s differences, a full and joyful life is within reach for anyone. What others may perceive as a limitation can, in fact, be someone’s greatest strength!

Bennie’s strength is how he proves, every single day, that life is there for the taking. I’m so proud of my little guy!”

– Christine 6/11/21

Tortoise gets his new custom wheels!

George Bailey is an 11-year-old sulcata tortoise who came from an exotic animal rescue in Knoxville, TN. I’ve had him for about ten years. He had metabolic bone disease when I got him, which affected his hind legs. Basically, those bones didn’t fully form, so the muscles work, but he can’t put his full weight on them. He uses his front legs to pull his way around slowly and clumsily. The bigger he’s gotten, the more difficult this has been for him. He currently weighs about 66 lbs, but may grow to over 200 lbs. He will live to be over 100 years old.

We got the Walkin’ Wheels, and the wheelchair is AMAZING!!! I put George on it, and he is able to move himself around! Sending big hugs and tortoise kisses to you guys!!

– Jamie 6/4/21

No Words are Enough

I can’t put into words the emotions that I’m feeling. Thanks to a chain of favors involving wonderful people, Nico finally got his Walkin’ Wheels! No words are enough for all of them. These are Nico’s first steps, and I wanted to share them with all of you.

@colito_kraw 5/14/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Such a Happy and Bubbly Dog

What a great way to start the weekend off, with a heartwarming and inspirational story! We had a visit recently from one of our favorite and most inspirational patients, Chewbacca.

Chewy first showed signs of Degenerative Myelopathy in February 2019. He was diagnosed in May 2019, after a lot of tests to rule out other illnesses, by a different vet who suggested putting Chewy to sleep!His owners, Carol and Stephen, decided to get a second opinion and came to see Kurt here in Moss.Chewy was given the fighting chance he deserved as the disease progressed slowly.DM results in a loss of communication between the nerves in the lower body and the brain. The early signs include weakness and incoordination of the rear limbs.In February 2020, Chewy was kindly gifted his Walkin’ Wheels by a previous patient of Moss, this gave his owner’s arms a well-deserved break, as before they had to support him with a special harness.He is such a happy and bubbly dog who gets by so well with his wheels. He still loves to chase his football too!

@mossveterinaryhospital 5/07/21

A Ray of Sunshine!

Benjamin is an absolute ray of sunshine! Today might be the best day of his life! He was surrendered by his breeder after realizing he had issues with his back legs. He also is developmentally delayed compared to his siblings. There are a lot of unknowns about him, but everyone at Bosley’s is hoping for the best. He is such a love bug, and the pack was so excited to meet him. Molly has already claimed him as her new puppy! Welcome, BB!

@thetuckerfarm 4/30/21

Inspiring with Her Strength and Courage!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

​Our beloved Anastasia inspires us daily with her strength and courage!

@edgarsmission 4/23/21

I Adopted ALL of Her

When you became dependent on me to walk, I carried you wherever you wanted to go, even when you got the zoomies, I was right behind you carrying your back end so you could run and enjoy life. Our spot at the lake has so many memories I will cherish until the end of time. From running full speed, to falling occasionally, to scooting around, to the wheelchair stage, to me carrying you to enjoy life’s little blessings… I’ve watched your body slowly give out, but your heart was always in it to rise up. My hands are calloused, my right arm is stronger than the left, my heart is crushed, my spirit is broken, but you are now free of a disease that crippled your body but never your spirit. Chessie, my girl, I loved you hard. You loved me harder. I tried to save you… but in the end, you saved me. There were days I cried, because I was so emotionally, mentally, and physically tired, but you weren’t so I pushed on. For almost 3 years, we have battled this disease together. I hope Heaven is filled with a muddy lake, someone that will throw balls for you, scratch your ears, twirl your curly hair, play with your curly toe hair, grass you can root up, and snow banks so high you can burrow under. Smile big, bark loud, and swim hard until momma sees you again my sweet girl Thanks for being ‘My once in a lifetime dog.’

Thank you to my people that were there with me today as I lost a piece of my soul and heart. I wouldn’t be standing if it wasn’t for the support system you all gave me. Of course I rescued her… and I would do it ALL over again if I could. When I adopted her… I adopted ALL of her

@chessiesmiles 4/16/21

She Has Come SUCH a Long Way!

Willy Wonka has had QUITE the journey! 😍 Check out this before, during, & after video of Willie’s INCREDIBLE transformation!

Willie was born with Carpal Laxity Syndrome, which means she has a little too much flexibility in her joints. After undergoing surgery, going through lots of physical therapy, & the use of her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, she has come SUCH a long way! She can now RUN on her own 4 feet! She also just celebrated her second Gotcha Day with her foster family! She is a true miracle!

@chilberg @deityanimalrescue 4/09/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Peggy Continues Walkin’!

I’m Peggy, and I am a 2-year-old specially-abled pit bull! I was recently adopted into my forever home by my new mom! Walks are probably my second favorite thing next to napping! Today I napped all day on the couch next to my dad, so I have a lot of energy to burn off! Look out squirrels and bunnies! I’m coming for you!

– @peggy_thepitbull 4/02/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Lucky Keeps on Inspiring!

Dear Lucky,

You were my moving away from home graduation gift in 2013! The moment I saw you, I didn’t know I’d love animals this much! In 2016, you fought for another chance at life, even if that meant you would forever be paralyzed. My love for you has only grown, and thanks to you, I now have a business @luckybuddies1 that continues to grow everyday.

You may not know this but you motivate me every day to be the better version of myself! You are my strong, loving trooper that has gone through so much in life and you manage to stand tall for the both of us because you are my weakness in life.

@luckybuddies1 3/26/21

Buster gets his new 4×4!

New week. New wheels. No problem? Buster’s wheels arrived over the weekend! We call it his new 4×4 because he look so tiny in it!!

We chose the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, because of the wider base option – he used to flip over in his other one. So far, he’s eating all his meals in it, and I’m trying to encourage him to take those first steps with treats, but smelling and licking the cart right now is his #1 priority, so stay tuned!

@bust.a.moves 3/19/21

Hard working dog gets wheels!

Rocky turns 11 years old on March 26, he is, and always has been, a working dog for my company, traveling all over the United States and Canada giving seminars and shows. He has fought many brave battles against vicious dogs attacking his pack and myself, yet never complained, although I knew he was badly injured at times. He came to me from a puppy mill in the UK at six months of age with hip problems. I strengthened his hips through several months of agility training and therapies that my company offers. He is now retired from his EDA work, however, he has still been traveling the country giving shows on stages in front of hundreds of people until recently, during this pandemic. His hips have been giving out this past year when teaching classes with the police dogs and working dogs here. He has never given up the “wheel” to work, so I bought the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for him recently. Here is a video of his first day in the wheelchair. With the help of his wheelchair, he is still able to get on stage in front of all those people. He loves so much to perform his funny antics in front of his adoring fans. I would be honored for the chance to film another video or two for this company, to show the great work you do in the craftsmanship of your products, to add to the lives of our most selfless soldiers . . . Our canines.

-Christina Ricci 3/12/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Such a Happy Boy!

This is Hiro! Hiro is from Shanghai, and has been using our wheelchair for 8 years!

His first medium wheelchair was bought in the U.S. in 2014, then the wheelchair was sent to China. This year, his mother bought his second wheelchair, when she heard we had a special wheelchair designed specifically for corgis. Hiro is such a happy boy, and loves his Walkin’ Wheels!

– Florina 2/19/21

She LOVES her Walkin’ Wheels!

Hi! This is Lola, my 15-year-old corgi, who was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in October. She LOVES her Walkin’ Wheels!

-Eve 2/5/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Lulah is her World

This is Lulah, who became paralyzed after an accident in 2018 rendered her back legs totally paralyzed. She is pain-free and now zooms around with the help of her Walkin’ Wheels – a sight to see!

As we chatted about Lulah, a little boy kindly asked her human why she needed wheels to get around. He was gentle and intently listened — but apparently that isn’t always the case . . . I hope that seeing Lulah’s little face might put to rest the desire to comment or assume about strangers, pets or people, because you never truly know the circumstances (unless, of course, you ask.) Her mum told me it’s a tough job to care for a special needs pup, but Lulah is her world.

@pupsofprimrosehill 1/29/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

His Smiling Face is Worth It

Time flies so quickly . . . It has been exactly 5 months now since we first found out about Chalky’s brain tumor. All the time and money is worth it. Just to hear him snoring when we wake up in the morning, and his smiling face is a sufficient reward!

@chalky0528 1/15/21

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

He Gets to be a Loved, Happy Dog, Finally!

I am a Board Member of Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue. Zeke is a 15-year-old dog we saved from years of neglect. He lived outside his entire life, with no one to care about him. He has terminal cancer which has spread to his spine, causing hind weakness and coordination issues. Thanks to his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, he can explore and live the rest of his life with joy. It may be a short time, but he gets to be a loved, happy dog, finally! Gray Face Acres will continue to provide wheels to any dogs we rescue that need mobility help! Walkin’ Pets has been a miracle!

-Jade 1/8/21

I’m “Stinkin’ Cute”!

I was taken to SoulDog Rescue from the reservation where I was born. I was abandoned at the animal control there, after I was bit by a bigger dog, and then run over by a car, leaving me with a broken back and leg. It was a ruff time 😥

After a few days in the shelter, some nice people took me home and gave me a warm bath. They said they will help me walk again, so that one day I can be adopted. They told me I am “stinkin’ cute” and named me “Darla.” I have a whole bunch of toys and two big foster brothers named Simba and Kemp, who I really love even though they think I’m annoying. I’m a broken puppy with big hopes & dreams to run one day! 💜


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Hard Recovery, But Worth It!

Skylar’s road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one. Behind the scenes, there has been many sleepless nights, times of anger, frustration, and stress. Financial stress, the stress of not knowing if I was doing the right thing by Skylar for her own well-being, the stress of losing a lot of my independence and hers too. But her progress, attitude and happiness in life has shown me it’s all been worth it. Thank you, Sky, for blessing my life.

@skylarthecatax 12/18/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

A Beautiful Soul

Odi, you are the most beautiful soul I know. You are my best reason to make every day better. You are my heaven on Earth. I LOVE YOU!

@odi_nevergiveup 12/11/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

A Brave Dog Searching for a Forever Home

Willie was found paralyzed in Texas a little over a month ago. He had been hit by a car (breaking his back) and shot multiple times. He had been abandoned, dragging his legs around for weeks, eating trash to survive. Luckily, we were able to coordinate a rescue for him, and about a month ago, he made it to us in Denver, Colorado. He is the sweetest, happiest boy despite everything! An amazing rescue called Joey’s PAW paid for Willie’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, which he loves! Willie is now searching for his forever home, and he will also be undergoing surgery to hopefully relieve pressure on his spinal cord. He is such a brave dog, I love being his foster!

– Red Fern Animal Rescue 12/4/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

The Most Perfect Happy Little Goat!

Patrick got the new Walkin’ Hip-EEZ from Walkin’ Pets to help his weak back legs to stay in a more normal position. He was starting to cross his back legs a lot due to the weakness, which was going to lead to more issues as he grows.

I feel Patrick is doing great and will continue to make improvements. While he drags his legs behind him, he is also making purposeful movements with them. He also gets himself to a full standing position on his own. I hope in the coming months I will be posting him taking steps, but regardless, he is the most perfect, happy little goat!

– @rubyslippergoatrescue 11/27/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Finding a Forever Home and Joining Wheelie Program

Everyone meet Milo! This guy was left in a ditch by the side of a country road, paralyzed from the waist down. It seems like his injury wasn’t a new one, so his ‘family’ just didn’t want him anymore.

This sweet pup is a young boy who is gentle and affectionate and has had no interest in Alabama in finding a forever home so he is joining our wheelie program!!!!!

In a few weeks, Milo will be transported from Alabama to NY and will then be officially up for adoption! Of course if you are interested now, or know someone who will like to adopt him, you can DM us!

Thank you to @save__a__pet for taking such great care of him and @realhappydogs for the amazing pictures and sharing him.

– @friendswithfourpaws 11/20/20

goat in walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Now She is Safe

Gaia lost her leg after a local farmer kept her tied up on a rope and the rope got caught around her leg. Over time her leg rotted off. Some good humans intervened and now she is safe with her baby at@alohaanimalsanctuary.

@sonrisajess 11/13/20

walkin' wheels drag bag

Has So Much Love to Give

I got a gift! My new friend sent me a new Walkin’ Drag Bag! I’m so excited! Having a Drag Bag keeps my little legs from getting all banged up (and possibly infected), that’s why it’s so important to have them in my wardrobe. Can you imagine what my legs would be like without this protection? It’s important to raise awareness for handicapped/disabled pets, and the tools they use to stay active. Our bodies may be damaged, but our hearts are SO big, and we have SO much love to give.

@prettyswellnell 11/6/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Excited to Try Wheels in the Sand and Waves

Hi friends! It’s been a while. Mom and Dad have been trying to help me get around and be strong, but my back legs haven’t been working so good. Then they got me these wheels and I CAN ZOOM NOW. Thanks you, Walkin’ Pets! We’re going to the beach this week, and I am super excited to try my wheels in the sand and waves!

@sarges_journey 10/30/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Cuteness Overload!

Cuteness overload! Somebody got her wheels today! Scout is still battling meningitis, but she’s getting stronger every day. She might not be able to walk again, but she’s sure gonna have fun rollin’ along on all our adventures!


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Already Getting the Hang of It!

Our sweet trooper has a new set of Walkin’ Wheels to help him get around easier. He is already getting the hang of getting of it!

– Beth 10/16/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Now She Eats Better Than Her Humans!

Lucy was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy in March. It was devastating news, and the vets gave her 6 months to 3 years to live. Now that 6 months have gone by, we are confident she will be around longer. She is able to exercise with her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, sees a chiropractor regularly for adjustments, gets laser therapy, and even eats better than her human parents! Here’s to more time with our Lucy!

@coloradofurfamily 10/9/20

walkin' blind halo harness for blind pets

His Halo Gives Him Confidence!

“Mr. Ham explored a new pasture on the farm today in his Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo. Though he still has a little sight left in his only eye, he is far more confident exploring his environment when he’s wearing his halo.”

@isle.of.misfits 9/25/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

He Showed Me His World

Rocco was born in Malaga in 2005, and was given to a shelter by his family because they no longer wanted him. He was 5 years old when I found him on the Animal Protection Association’s website. He was an emergency case, because he had given up. I flew to Malaga and brought him to my home in Germany. He was deaf, but I think that if he could still hear, that he would have still been a stubborn dog with his own way of life! He was special, he showed me his world. Through him, I became a dog psychologist to help other street dogs. He was patient, headstrong, funny, and a runner. He loved nature and running outdoors. At the age of 14, his rear legs became weaker and weaker, so we bought a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. He immediately loved the wheelchair. The wheels helped him immediately, because he couldn’t have walked without them, and his life would have ended then. When Roco was 15, we had to let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. He became too weak. The wheelchair gave him and I a wonderful time together, and for that, I am forever grateful.

– Tatjana 9/25/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

These Animals Are My Miracles

I rescued Yadigar 1.5 years ago. Yadigar was shot in a small village in Turkey, and became paralyzed. I am a volunteer at Usak animal shelter, and they told me that she needs my help. We got her her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair last March. She is my girl, she is my hope, she is my miracle. I also have one other dog that is disabled, as well as a few cats. My animals are my miracles.

– Nadia 9/18/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

A Chance for Chance!

I found Chance on the street back in 2010, and decided to keep him after no one claimed him as missing. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because he is so great and an absolute love bug. In November of 2018, he was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, but thankfully it did not progress super quickly. Now almost 2 years later, Chance is almost completely paralyzed in his hind legs, but still has a gleam in his eyes that can’t be denied. The Walkin’ Wheels have been a god send for Chance.

– Tracy 9/11/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Able to Take His First Steps!

English Cocker Spaniel puppy, Arthur, has struggled since the day he was born. Only 7 months old, Arthur is only now taking his first steps. Born breech, Arthur was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Most other pups with the condition have an underdeveloped cerebellum, Arthur was born without one. Satchel’s last resort rescued this sweet boy, and have been giving him the utmost care. Walkin’ Pets recently donated a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for him, and he was able to take his very first steps! Now all Arthur needs is a forever home! For more information on Arthur, please contact:

@satchelslastresort 9/4/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Roo!

Happy 1st Birthday, Roo! I’m so proud of all the hard work you have done! Look at you in your new quad wheelchair from Joeys PAW andWalkin’ Pets! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! seeing you in this cart today, made me so happy and gives me so much hope that you will be up playing with your friends very soon. Happy Birthday, sweet baby! I love you!

@roo_and_his_friends_ 8/28/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Aging with Grace

Jackson got his wheels at 14, when his back legs needed support due to old age and a spinal compression. He took to them straight away, and happily continued his long walks with ease. Since then, we’ve added the front wheels to support his front legs as they’ve lost strength as well. Now at 15.5 years old, he’s walking shorter distances but still loves to chase cats and squirrels. He’s aging gracefully and joyfully, and still living a vibrant life thanks to his Walkin’ Wheels!

– Annjanette 8/14/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

I Will Be Able To Go On Adventures Now!

Today was my first day in my new wheelchair! It came in the mail and I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but it only took me a few minutes to get used to it and now I’m rolling over curbs like it’s nothing!

I have pretty serious hip dysplasia on both my left and right sides. My mom and dad met up with a very special doctor when they got me, who talked to them about my options all of which require surgery in the future. The idea of surgery makes me pretty nervous, but luckily I can take as many preventative measures as I can now so I can get as much out of my hips as possible! I take daily supplements to help my hips feel better, but being a large breed dog, there is a lot of pressure put on them so I get sore quickly if I run or jump around too much.

So my parents got me this super cool Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair to use part time so that I can get my exercise and stay healthy without putting too much pressure on my hips and hurting myself. This wheelchair is special because it has supports that go under my belly and legs that take some of the pressure off my hips, all while my feet are still on the ground, so I can still walk with my back legs sothat I can keep my muscles strong!I can’t wait to see what adventures I will be able to go on now that I have these hot wheels!

@harvey.the.rottie 7/24/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Beyond Grateful

Anabelle was found in the woods thrown away with garbage (literally). She was found on April 7 in the woods on Grassy Island (it’s where Anson, Richmand, and Montgomery Counties meet). She was taken to Anson County Animal Shelter in NC. A woman named Maureen took a chance on her and knew she was not ready to give up on her so she sent her to an animal clinic called Paws and Claws (a big THANK YOU to Maureen). @rescuedogsrocknyc stepped up and took a chance on her and is taking on her medical bills. Thank you so very much! I am beyond grateful for not only Anabelle, but also for helping Boone live his best life.

She was used as a bait dog, she was bred, they pulled most of her teeth and the few she has left they filed down and now pulp is exposed. They broke her rear leg and her two wrists. She is the sweetest dog, but gets scared when we leave or enter the room. She is afraid of doors, bells, being in the middle of a room, not having her back to a wall. We are going to take her to a behaviorist at OSU and try and work through some of this fear. We are in no hurry to do this, and we will work to do it at her own pace as much as possible. I want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help her get to a place feeling calm, at peace and happy. She eats 5 or more times a day to put some weight on her. She eats like a champ. She will be heading to Ohio State Veterinary hospital in Columbus Ohio on the 15th for a consult, and if she is good to go, she will have surgery probably on the 16th on her rear leg and then they will do surgery on the front legs. Thank you to Walkin’ Pets for my awesome new Walkin’ Wheels to help me get off of my wrists! We love you!

I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming love and support and those who have sent her items from the wish list – THANK YOU! My husband and I are beyond grateful. Thank you so very much! Thank you for joining us on this journey with Sweet Anabelle!

@anabelles_army 7/10/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Optimistic and Positive Dog Looking for a Home

This sweet girl was found at the door of a factory in the middle of China. She was dying in the strong sunshine in the summer at the time. Perhaps that was the last hope of her life. She got the chance to get her life back when her rescuer found her. The rescuer gave her anew name, Blueberry. Blueberry is about 1-2 years old. She has curvature of the spine, and is paralyzed in both hind legs. She has a great personality, friendly to people and other dogs, and is very optimistic and positive. She is looking for a family. We hope Blueberry can bring faith to someone. We hope someone can give her a stable life.

– Florina 7/2/20

two goats in Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs

Stinkerbell Strawberrymoon & Sally Snowflurries

Stinkerbell Strawberrymoon & Sally Snowflurries. Two special little goats with similar conditions that made them the outcasts of their former herds. They are now sisters! Growing & thriving together thanks to their newfound mobility provided by our many donors & Walkin’ Pets!

@enchantedfarmsanctuary 6/12/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Continually Inspired by this Angel Boy!

Get to know Pop! This baby boy was born in Mexico and was attacked with no immediate intervention. Unfortunately, his back was broken and despite surgeries later on, nothing was successful . . .HOWEVER, this pup has such a will to live and the most contagious joyful spirit!

Although he doesn’t have functional hind legs, he is in NO pain and is unstoppable!

He is looking for a very special forever home, and is losing his foster home today.We are continually inspired by this angel boy!

@rollin_with_pop 6/5/20

Inspiring the Family to Cherish Each Moment

This is from the first day in her Walkin’ Wheels. Therefore, the first day of being able to enjoy (one of her favorite things) a walk in almost two weeks! Her hind legs have been paralyzed since May 14. It’s been heartbreaking to see her trying to drag her body to the window. Maddie was diagnosed with a cancerous thyroid tumor in March, and they also found some masses in her spleen. The first two vets talked almost immediately about euthanasia, but we still see so much fight and life in this girl that if she’s not giving up, neither are we. This journey with her since quarantine, has put us through an emotional roller coaster, but has inspired the whole family to cherish each moment we have with the ones we love and to be grateful for what we have. And that when life knocks us down, we roll with the punches and get up like a Maddie.

-Raquel @raqconteur5/29/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Loved Being Able to Run Around Again

This is my rescued boxer, Rufus. He is deceased now, but he was about 5 years old in this picture. We live in Louisville,KY, USA. His back legs gave out due to spinal lymphoma. When he got his Walkin’ Wheels, he LOVED being able to run around again!!! One day we were walking on our riverside pedestrian bridge when he was in his wheelchair, and a child in his wheelchair lit up seeing a dog that was in a similar situation! It was the sweetest thing! We have since passed his cart on to other boxers in the same boxer rescue organization, since boxers commonly have ambulatory issues from degenerative myelopathy. Thank you all!!!

-Sara 5/08/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Bringing a Smile to Those She Meets

Maya is the softest, smallest pug you will ever meet, and people fall in love with her instantly. Her sweet personality and curious expressions elicit an emotional response, even from strangers. That’s when I knew that being a therapy dog was her calling. For several years, Maya was a calming, delightful presenceat Texas Assisted Living Facilities offering comfort to the elderly, the sick, and the handicapped. Now, at 13, Maya has a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair and she is retired. Her degenerative myelopathy has taken away the use of her back legs, but Maya is still a happy, loving girl who brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets.


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Bleu, our Featured Pet of the Week!

Bleu has been paralyzed since she was 1 years old. When she lost the use of her legs, she never looked back! Bleu has a zest for life and doesn’t let her disability slow her down!

– Katie @bleuthefrenchpig 4/24/20

Walkin' Wheels dachshund wheelchair

Rolling and Thriving in Sunny Arizona!

Jeffery Rodgers suffered an IVDD injury in 2017. His first surgery was unsuccessful, and his second surgery left him with limited mobility. Two years later, Jeffery is rolling and thriving in sunny Arizona! After getting his Walkin’ Wheels, he has found a new energy and looks forward to his daily rolls with his mom and sister! Nothing can stop him now!

– Lindsey Rodgers 4/17/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

He is Always Ready to Adapt

Haven is just one of those dogs that you get lucky to have in your life. He is amazingly smart and takes to everything super fast. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, he has always been right there, tail wagging, waiting for me at the end of the day. No matter what life has thrown at him this last year, he’s always ready to adapt and get on with life.

– Cassondra 4/10/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

We Do It All in Her Wheels!

Dutch has had TWO spinal surgeries and has maintained her positive energy the whole time. She’s truly an inspiration. Our first born, we would do anything for her, and we love that her Walkin’ Wheels allow her to have fun and live her life! We hike, ski, swim . . . We do it all in her wheels!!!

– @dutchyonwheels 4/3/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Can’t Wait for Warmer Weather

Stitch found a stick today on his first official walk with his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. We had @thecharlieadventures for the support in town, and he moved pretty quick. I can’t wait to see him get more and more comfortable with his wheelchair so I can take him out again. Poor dude hasn’t been able to go on walks as he used to due to recovery and restrictions using the wheelchair – so I can’t wait for warmer weather and seeing him go!

@stitchandcasper 4/8/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Spreading Love Wherever He Goes

Bebz was a healthy dog until October 15th, 2019, when he became paralyzed from a herniated disc. After many treatments, the pain was gone and he was able to live his best life and run around with his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair! Bebz is an extremely loving dog, he loves to cuddle with everybody, and he’s such a sweet boy. He has shown resilience in the worst of moments, and he always knew he could count on me to take care of him. He amazes me everyday by his humor and the way we understand each other. When we walk outside, he just wants to greet every dog we see, and they instantly become friends. He spreads love everywhere he goes, and he is perfect.

– Cindy@bebzintown 3/27/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

The Look in Her Eyes Makes it Worthwhile.

In April 2018, Bailey was officially diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy after a year of exhibiting symptoms. I had heard about Walkin’ Pets, and decided once she began to knuckle her back paws, that a wheelchair would be a good choice for her. She has regained the confidence and freedom she once had, that DM was beginning to take from her. She’s amazing because she fights so hard every day and is so resilient in overcoming any obstacle thrown her way from her disease. She can no longer fully support her own weight without the help of a harness, and the look in her eyes when she’s in her wheelchair and realizes she can walk unassisted makes it all worthwhile. She’s my inspiration, my best friend, and I’m continually amazed by her.

– Lauren 3/20/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Jambo, our featured pet of the week!

Jambo passed away last July, at 12 years old. We adopted him from a shelter when he was just 4 months old. When he was 9, he developed degenerative myelopathy, and the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair gave him a second chance at life. He enjoyed them very much, and had so many great times with them. Spike, his close friend, and I miss him a lot. We always will love him. Thank you for this second chance, Walkin’ Pets.

– Noelia 3/13/20

The Wheelchair is Perfect for Him

We are a Polish family living in India. Two months ago, we took in a puppy named Simba to foster. Simba is disabled in his rear legs. Besides that, he is a happy little fellow. As you can easily guess, we had fallen in love with him and decided to keep him and take care of him. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. We had many doubts at first, not only regarding the fact that this dog needs a lot of attention, but also because that India is not our home country. We are sure the wheelchair is perfect for him, much better balanced, and makes the difference.

– Jarek 3/6/20

Loves to Go on Adventures

I know I have said this before, but I thank your wonderful company and its employees for enabling me to keep my beautiful girl. Without her (as we call it “go-cart”) she would have been gone a year ago. I became a widow 5 years ago at age of 43, and Missy has gotten me through the tough times. For me to be able to give her back a wonderful quality of life despite her inability to walk on her own has been a blessing. She is about 14-15 years old (she found us in 2007 with her son, Buddy, who passed away unexpectedly in April) and has a very strict schedule of walking that she insists upon. She loves to go on adventures and meet new people. Thanks to her Walkin’ Wheels, she can do that. Again, many many thanks.

– Laura 3/10/20

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Enjoying His Walks Once More

El viejo (The old) was rescued from a park in San Salvador where he was living at the time. Old and blind in one eye, he had few possibilities to survive a new rainy season. After 1 month of living in his new house with his 2 siblings, he became paralyzed in his back legs, possibly from having been hit by a car previously. After some months, he received a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair from a salvadoran dog shelter called Milagros de Amor (love’s miracle). He has been enjoying walks around his neighborhood with his siblings ever since. The smile on his face, the shine in his eyes, every morning walk, makes us realize how easy it is to enjoy life, no matter the odds against you.

– Raúl 2/28/20

"The wheelchair should not be a symbol of disability. A wheelchair is a vehicle to liberation and freedom; a chariot for independence." Rick Hansen

Still Able to Roll Into Adventures!

Don’t feel bad that I use a wheelchair; rejoice that I’m still able to roll into adventures! Disability doesn’t have to be lack of mobility. Nor does it mean euthanasia.

@the_dotty 2/26/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

He Completes Our Family

Gancho is a French bulldog, born in Brazil, and currently living in the Amazon. He is a very happy dog. He loves to go to the beach, swim in the river, and ride with the windows down. In June of 2019, he herniated two discs. Gancho is a very special dog, because he completes our family, and makes us very happy. His Walkin’ Wheels help him get his daily exercise, and he gets to ride around the city!

– Luiza @ganchobulldog 2/21/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Eager to Live Her Best Life

Shelby had the unfortunate experience of waking up to a ruptured disc in her back. There was nothing scarier than waking up to your little girl being hind-end paralyzed. After having surgery, Shelby has been doing great with her physical therapy and acupuncture. She also has a private masseuse that comes to our house to make sure she stays nice and loose! Shelby loves when it’s time to go out in her Walkin’ Wheels and run around with her sister, Roxy. Throughout this whole experience, Shelby has never been down, but rather, she has been very positive and eager to live her best life!

– Joe 2/14/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Allowed to Be Himself Again

Bertie was diagnosed with IVDD a year ago, and had since undergone surgery and hydrotherapy to aid his recovery. His wheelchair has allowed him to be himself again, go out for adventures, and play with other pups. We can’t thank Walkin’ Wheels enough!

– Amy @bimmersandbertie 2/07/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Ruby, our Featured Pet of the Week!

Ruby was rescued at around 5 weeks of age from a high kill shelter in Riverside, CA. She was the only one of her siblings, including her mom, to have nubs on her back two paws. All of her siblings and mother were adopted except for her. Foster Army Animal rescue stepped in and rescued Ruby, and now she is living with her fosters still looking for her forever home. Even though Ruby has a disability, she never lets that stop her, and continues to play with her foster fur brothers every day. She gets around without her wheelchair, but life on wheels has brought an amazing quality of life to Ruby. She now can go out on walks and hikes, exploring the world like any other pup. Her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has been amazing with her mobility and giving her the chance to go on many adventures!

– Jessica 1/31/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

His Spirit Was Never Broken

When I adopted Burton, he loved to run and could make circles around most dogs with how fast he was. His paralysis happened overnight when he was around 5 years old, and literally that day, he was “running” around the yard, dragging his backend like nothing was different. His spirit was never broken, not even for a second, and he has truly taught me acceptance and perseverance. If he could move forward so quickly, I was his human and also needed to step up and make it work.

Fast forward about 4 years, and Burton is the talk of the neighborhood as we go wheeling by – some have even nicknamed him “Wheels.” My favorite story, though, is my neighbor down around the corner owns a bird, Alfie, that waits and only talks when he sees him coming! Alfie is brought to the screen door every day to talk to Burton while we pass, and Burton always stops and listens for a moment before continuing on his way.

– Meredith 1/17/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Forever Grateful

Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. When my boxer, Hannah, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, I was beside myself. Then my vet at Warm Animal Hospital recommended the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for her, if I was willing to put in the work to maintain her quality of life, which of course I was. Today, she made it 1.93 miles in a run/walk and would have done more if we had the time to do so. You have extended my girls life by years. I am forever grateful.

– Rocky 1/10/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Able to Enjoy Aging Gracefully!

Ruby is a 10-year-old rescue. She broke her spine whilst playing ball with her fur brother Arnie. Ruby is one tough cookie, who has adapted well to her new life, which left her with minimal function of her hind legs. She still loves chasing balls and going for walks. Her condition has not diminished her happiness, thanks to her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, which allow her to get around and enjoy aging gracefully!

– Radka 1/3/20

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Can Run and Play with His Happy Family!

Leo Shou Bao is a poodle who was injured in a car accident and abandoned by her owner. Because she did not get immediate care, she became permanently disabled and lived on the street as a stray dog.

Six months later, she was found, befriended, and put up for adoption by a woman living outside Shanghai. Soon, Leo Shou Bao was adopted by her new family in a nearby city and found her home for life. Concerned that Leo Shou Bao couldn’t walk, they bought Leo an inexpensive wheelchair. Unfortunately, it did not fit well, was poorly balanced, and kept falling over. So they learned all they could about dog wheelchairs and chose a different one, more expensive, but higher quality. Now, Leo Shou Bao runs and plays with his happy family every day.


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

This Registered Therapy Dog Enjoys Visiting Patients

Champ came from Egypt, where he was rescued by Cairo Animal Rescue Team, and sent to the USA to Doberman Rescue Unlimited where we then adopted him. Champ is a registered Therapy dog who enjoys visiting special needs children and hospice patients. He loves everyone he meets, despite having only 2 working legs. Without his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, his true potential for comforting others would never have been realized…

– Rebecca 12/27/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Walter, our Featured Pet of the Week!

I wanted to send a note, because on Wednesday I lost my basset hound, Walter. He got his Walkin’ Wheels over the summer. They gave him the ability to walk and enjoy life. He was a rescue, and my foster failure, and he had such a big heart. I am grateful that I had more time with him because of his wheels and other equipment (the harnesses and booties), that helped him get around more easily inside and outside. He was a beautiful soul, and my heart is broken, but his wheels helped to give him more enjoyment in life over the past several months.

Thank you.

– Sarah 12/20/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Able to Run Across the Lawn on Her Own Again

Rita was a bright and bouncy puppy who loved to go out on long walks. When she turned 4, she started to slow down, showing signs of lameness and stiffness in her hind legs. As the year went on, the symptoms got worse so we went to see a neurologist in Birmingham who recommended spinal surgery to stabilize her spine as she was diagnosed with severe discospondilitis.

Apparently she also had the worst case of DISH he had ever seen. She underwent the surgery in Jan. of 2019, a lengthy operation which involved her having 8 6cm titanium screws, screwed into her spine. Sadly, the spinal operation didn’t work and she lost the use of both of her back legs.

It was then we decided to buy the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, and it was the best decision we ever made. She took to them straight away. It was such an emotional moment seeing our baby run across the lawn on her own to go and pick up a tennis ball that she hadn’t played with for months.

– Penny 12/16/19

goat in Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

So Incredibly Thankful

Alice was diagnosed with Listeria on June 1st of this year. Listeria is an infection in her brain. Alice spent 24 days at the vet. Her entire left side was paralyzed, and she could not move. She had to be propped up between two hay bales, and she had to be tube fed and received physical therapy for weeks. We were able to finally pick Alice up from the vet on June 24th. She still could not walk, however, she was able to eat and drink on her own. We got her a Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair to help with her rehabilitation, and I firmly believe that without the wheelchair, she would still not be walking today. Alice learned to walk again, and although half of her face is still paralyzed, she is doing wonderfully. She can eat, drink, walk, run, and climb by herself. She is a miracle and we are so incredibly thankful for the wheelchair!

– Amanda @herewithus_farmsanctuary 12/6/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

‘Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.’

Having a paraplegic animal is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. I know why people give up, throw in the towel. Day in, and day out— he is our life. Everything from the time we wake up, to the time we go to sleep, revolves around him, & knowing he will never get better, well, that’s the hardest part. Sure, we’ve been told millions of times by strangers, even family and friends on if we’re ‘doing the right thing.’ But no one knows him like we do. Like his vets do. Like his team does. They don’t see his face light up & paws pump when we grab his muffin game. Or the barks of excitement every time we get off the freeway to go swimming. Or the bliss in those squinty eyes every day on bike rides. They don’t see that, & it’s fine. Because we know, we’ve always known. ——

This dude is on a different journey, & a completely untraditional timeline. But it’s because of us. Because we made the time. Because we adjusted our entire lives. Because when he became ‘difficult,’ we didn’t just throw in the towel. Because we hope one day THIS will be the norm for animals. THIS is what people will sign up for when they take home that cute puppy, or scared shelter dog, or a playful companion for their kids. Limitations and all. ——

There is a quote that says: ‘Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.’ Think about that. Think about all the moments your animals have helped you through. Tally ‘em up — I’m sure it more than exceeds a few months of ‘inconvenience.’

@krista.rad 12/13/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Like a Spit Fire on Wheels

She is a spit fire on wheels. She took to the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair as soon as she was placed in it. She goes swimming weekly and is a girl after my own heart because she loves food! She loves every person she meets but prefers to have all the attention to herself!

Laura 11/22/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

She is Getting Around Fast!

Maggie is mobile again! Little Maggie has DM. What does that mean? Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a genetically caused, slowly progressive spinal cord disease that usually leads to complete paralysis of the hindquarters. So that Maggie can still go for long laps, we decided to get her a wheelchair, and she is getting around fast!


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Doesn’t Even Know He Has a Disability

Domino became paralyzed 3 years ago from a bad disc. Nothing stops him and he Loves his Walkin’ Wheels. Domino is full of life and doesn’t even know he has a disability!

Missy 11/15/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Won’t Let His Disability Stop Him

Gunner is such a special boy. He became paralyzed from jumping over logs and landing wrong. He does not let his disability stop him though! He is also my service dog! He is so special to everyone he meets. He loves his Walkin’ Wheels!!

Tyler 11/8/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Getting an Upgrade

Jules got a wheelchair upgrade this weekend. His front end is getting weaker, but luckily Walkin’ Pets makes a front attachment that connects to his rear wheelchair!


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

“2 fast 4U”

Jake suffered an injury to his left hind-leg and pelvis when he was less than 8 weeks old (both were fractured). He was surrendered to Mac’s Mission in Missouri. Another injury to that same leg occurred, and the search was on for someone able to surgically take his case. He was near being euthanized, when at the last minute, he found himself being driven to Woodhaven Michigan Animal Hospital. His left hind-leg and tail had to be amputated, due to traumatic injury and infection. He spent three months at the hospital, healing and making friends. On September 9, 2018, I made the drive from outside of Chicago to pick him up and bring him back to his forever home, which was with me. Jake has an older fur-brother and fur-sister. Of course he gets around amazingly well in his Walkin’ Wheels! One of his going away presents from a Woodhaven staff member was a license plate for the back of his chair that reads “2 fast 4U,” and has his name on it. He has an amazingly happy spirit and a lot of energy. Because he has so many fans from his days at both Mac’s Mission and Woodhaven Animal Hospital, he has his own Facebook page: Jake K9 MacHaven.

Dawn 11/1/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Loves Hiking and Finding Trails

This sweet girl was wandering the neighborhood with her son, Buddy, 12 years ago. She literally left him on our doorstep, while she continued to wander. She would come every 2 weeks to check in on him. After several months, she finally decided to stay herself, and we are so glad she did. She loves to hike and can always find the trail when we go astray. As her back legs began to fail, she took to her “go-cart” quickly and even though she is slowing down these days, she still INSISTS on two walks a day. My husband became ill and passed away. Missy and her son, Buddy, were my support system day in and out. I have many people stop and ask about her and her wheels and I am told what a terrific person I am caring for her. My response is always, she’s done far more for me. Her son, Buddy, passed away in April after an unexpected illness and she has had to power through the loss of her companion. Thank you.

Laura 10/25/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Totally Enjoys the Ability to Walk Again

We adopted Sophia in 2009 after she was kept in a cage for 2 years for breeding. In 2015, she started having trouble using her back legs when walking. Acupuncture helped for 1 year, and then her rear leg mobility totally stopped. Sophia has been using a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair since then, and totally enjoys the ability to walk again!

Jacques 10/18/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

This Spoiled Dog is Full of Life and Love

At 4 weeks old, Boby was attacked by a group of feral dogs in Puerto Rico. He was left with a broken back and was completely paralyzed. Someone found him and took him to a vet to be helped. Unfortunately, the vet wanted to euthanize him. But thanks to a tech working at the vet clinic, she contacted Paws of Hope Puerto Rico (an amazing rescue) to see if they would take them. She told them she could see in his eyes that he was a fighter and wanted to live. Right before he was put down, Paws of Hope came to his rescue and immediately started assessing his injuries and making a game plan to rehabilitate him. After several months of hard work, Boby was able to walk again (not great though). When he was posted for adoption, the rescue reached out to me to see if I would foster him in Michigan or adopt him, having taken a previous difficult rescue before for them. I told them to call me in a few weeks if no one contacts them about adopting him. 4 weeks went by, and anyone who had inquired about him, didn’t want him as soon as they heard he was special needs. So after a long time of thinking it over, I decided to adopt him. But before he could come, the vet wouldn’t approve his papers until Boby got a surgery to remove the head of his right femur. After recovering from that, he was able to fly to Michigan to be with his new family and start physical therapy at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation! Boby has made huge strides since his arrival, and he is a happy, spoiled dog who’s full of life and love!

Emma Grobbel 10/11/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Giacomo, our Featured Pet of the Week!

When Giacomo lost the use of his legs, I thought he would give up living. But as soon as we put him in his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, he took off chasing squirrels & enjoyed long walks like he always did. Dogs are amazing creatures in the way that they adapt to any situation. My wonderful boy was always very active, so when he lost the use of his back legs, I was afraid he would give up on life. But when he got his Walkin’ Wheels, he immediately started running and playing again! Giacomo was such a sweet boy. With the help of his wheelchair, he adapted to his paralysis incredibly well. He passed away exactly 1 year ago, and I still miss him terribly.

Patricia 10/4/19

He Doesn’t Want to Go Inside

Blizzard figured out his new Walkin’ Wheels right away! This was his first time out, and he took to it really fast. He’s so happy. He didn’t want to come in!

@one_and_only_goose 10/10/19

walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Flash Enjoys New Quality of Life

Flash has a history of back problems, and last year his hind legs gave out. He has feeling in his legs, but can’t walk on them. One of my Rover dog clients told me about a wonderful non-profit called Gunnar’s Wheels (who donates wheelchairs to animals in need). I contacted them, and we received the wheelchair this week! He is so happy to be able to run again with his new wheels, and that he can enjoy a quality life.

Tasha McRaniels 9/27/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Always Happy and On the Go!

When I got Porschia, she was so withdrawn, no happy face and always sad. After two months, she was totally unable to use her back legs. After getting her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair and working with her, she is just an amazing little dog, always happy and on the go! She is a star in my eyes. She is also a poster child for a Volunteer Agency in our county. Snippet Citrus is all about spay and neuter. Her picture is posted for fundraising for the nonprofit we volunteer for!

Wanda Sentz 9/6/19

This Little Dog is Just Everything!

If your soul ever needs to see something beautiful, this video will be here. This is Martina, our little Spaniel who was going to be euthanized at the shelter because her back legs were paralyzed. She had to drag herself around on her two front legs. Thanks to a lifesaving foster offer, we were able to save her life. And THIS, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. This is the moment when Martina got her Walkin’ Wheels. Watching her on those little wheels race down the sidewalk and seeing that smile light up her face . . . It’s just everything. Everything. Bless her foster @itsnotsonia. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful dog/angel, apply here. Los Angeles

@jenifaojennyjen 9/6/19

The Happiest Life She Deserves.

Tika lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Canada’s sub-arctic) and will be 13 years young in January 2020. Tika has been an attentive and loyal companion since Day 1, and has brought great joy, love and comfort to her parents. Tika is full of love and personality.

She loves telling stories and has quite a singer’s voice too! Tika’s favorite outdoor activities include playing with sticks, trying to catch squirrels, going for car rides, walks, and swimming, although her activity level has decreased quite a bit due to Degenerative Myelopathy, which she has had for 1.25 years.

In May 2019, we realized we had to do something to improve Tika’s quality of life. A co-worker introduced me to Walkin’ Wheels (he has two), and Tika got to try one out. She took to the wheels right away, and it was such a heart-warming experience to see my girl walk so happily . . . We ordered one right way! We will do anything for our girl to give her the happiest and most comfortable life that she deserves!

Tawna Brown and Doug Norrad @tcblivingmylife 9/6/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Slow, But Still Going!

Jack is 15 years old, and has been having some trouble with his back legs for quite a while. He is not in pain, just weak and unsteady. Typically, he will take a very slow, wobbly walk to the street corner that often ends with us carrying him back inside. Today was our first time testing out his new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair! He hasn’t sprinted yet, but we did slowly and successfully make it around the block on his new wheels. Hoping to keep him happy and healthy as long as possible!

@murphthemutt 9/11/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

‘Queen Bee’ the Sassy Boxer

This is Bonnie, our Boxer who’s 12 1/2 and has Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), which she’s had for almost 4 years now (it’s very rare for a dog to live that long with this disease). She is sassy as can be and loves people and other dogs. She is such a sweet, funny girl who makes friends wherever she goes. We get stopped all the time and people say what an angel she is. We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old, and she is my best friend. Her nick name is Queen Bee. She likes to talk and is very vocal about what she wants.

@danielle2424 8/30/19

Wheels Allow Him to Do Anything

Check out Charlie’s new set of Walkin’ Wheels!!! I cried tears of joy to see him look so happy. He was the first dog I ever had and one of the best. With old age Charlie has developed bad hips. He is 12-13 years old. But he still has it in him to keep going, so that’s exactly what he’s able to do now. His wheels allow him to do everything without putting too much strain on his hips. He has also run over Louie . . . Payback for Louie being that annoying little brother. Keep up the good work, Charlie, we love you buddy. Thank you dad for keeping him going.

@deerdra_xo 8/23/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Sylvia Will Persevere!

Sylvia is just a baby – only 5 months old and has already been through so much! She was found on the streets of Puerto Rico, completely unable to walk. A good Samaritan could not just leave her laying there, so they scooped her up and reached out to us for help. Despite being paralyzed, Sylvia has the most amazing, persevering soul. She is the gentlest puppy, and you can feel her intelligence in her kind eyes. She just wants to be with people, and typical of any other puppy – loves to play and meet new friends. Life is a little complicated for Sylvia as she does not have a real home. We are hoping she can find her special someone soon! Sylvia had an MRI, and the results were vastly inconclusive as to exactly why she is paralyzed. Physical therapy could help, but she will likely not walk again. She gets along really well despite this and can drag herself around in the house and on grass. She also is getting used to her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair and will take steps towards you for treats. Hopefully soon she will be zooming around. Sylvia needs to wear a diaper in the house. We have a system down for her that works well. She is one of the best puppies you will ever meet, so calm and loving. Sylvia would love a forever home. Could it be you?

@homewardtrailsrescue 8/9/19

For more information about Sylvia, please contact Homeward Trails at: 703-249-5066.

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Best Investment Ever!

Harry says he loves his new Walkin’ Wheels!! I have a dog under my feet again, no matter where I am. He gets to be part of everything we do. Harry is enjoying his walks! Best investment ever!


Already A Pro!

My pug, Rosie, is 13 years old, and her back legs stopped working last week. The vet told us we would have to put her down, but we noticed that she was still eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, and sleeping just fine. My family ordered one of your small Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs for our Rosie, and it just came in yesterday. The assembly was so easy and the instructions were very helpful. We strapped her up and she’s a pro already . . . I cried tears of joy! I prayed for a miracle, and this wheelchair certainly is a miracle! I just wanted to thank the company for making a huge difference in both my dog’s life, and mine.

@marcouxxem 8/2/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Meet Kali, our Featured Pet of the Week!

This was my baby Kali. She was diagnosed with bone cancer and lost one of her rear legs, but that didn’t slow her down. She was the happiest dog and taught me so much about herbeach breed and what loving and amazing dogs they are. She fought hard and eventually lost her battle with cancer. Every day I miss her desperately, and I am thankful for the time she was in our lives. Specially-abled pets are amazing and resilient, and if you have the opportunity to share your life with one, your life will be changed forever. I love you Kali Monkey.

Rest easy, sweet Kali.

@michelleballard91 7/29/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Vera’s Freedom with Wheelchair!

This is Vera’s first attempt in her Walkin’ Wheels… Vera was abused by her owners in April which caused hemorrhaging in her spine, and made her paralyzed. All operations she underwent and therapy were not helping. Now she finally has new freedom thanks to her wheelchair!

@Hunderolli – Rollindogs 7/30/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

His Joy for Life is Unstoppable!

Gil is a 2-year-old lab mix who was found on a reservation in rural Arizona, in the summer of 2018. Gil had been shot in the spine, which rendered him completely paralyzed in the hind-end. Gil is urinary and fecal incontinent, but he has a joy for life that is just unstoppable!

We are three friends who came together to rescue Gil last summer, and we raised enough money to get the bullet removed to see if releasing the pressure would enable him to walk, but now we know he will never walk. We also raised enough funds to get him several rounds of physical therapy and supplies. He is on a special diet, and takes some medication for his pain in his back. Gil is now searching for his forever home, we know it is out there we just have to find the right person to step up and be willing to give Gil the attention, love, and devotion that he deserves! He loves everyone. He loves to play with other dogs and has lived with a cat. He loves to go on walks and play with his doggy friends in his Walkin’ Wheels. To learn more about Gil’s story, please visit his website: or contact us at:

@gilthewonderpup 7/19/19

He Won’t Stop Smiling

I am in tears. After a year of carrying Hunter and lifting his back end, we went out for a walk today. He received so much love and attention. I am beyond thankful and so is he. He’s been smiling all day.

@amyshippiejoystones 7/12/19

Getting Back His Independence

Thank you for all of your help and support. The Walkin’ Wheels give Wally the independence he loves. This was his second try in the wheels!

– Barbara 7/3/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

I can’t help but smile!

When the human brings out the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, I can’t help but smile… Because with the wheelchair, I am invincible. Nothing can stop me… Not even my hips.

@murphthemutt 7/26/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

She Needs Goggles to Counteract All The Wind!

Izzy is getting so good at using her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, she needs goggles to counteract all the wind! Izzy is doing so well in her foster-fail-forever home as well! Her moms adore her, as do her fur siblings! While she is mobile in her wheelchair and can get around using all four paws to scoot, unfortunately, Izzy has not regained her strength or mobility. But, she’s living her best life, and is treated like the princess she is! Thank you for all continuing to support ARC and dogs like Izzy. Because of your generosity and support, we are able to help dogs like Izzy get the care and help they need!

@animal_resource_center 6/21/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Its About Quality of Living

This right here is what it’s all about – quality living for Addien. Last evening, she returned to her favorite trails with her pack. It was her first time in in the woods in several months, since even before she became wheelchair dependent. Our logging road trails have been her playground her entire life, and I’m so happy she can visit them again. She has degenerative myelopathy (DM), DM does not have her!

– Amy Cole 6/14/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Indy the Super Dog is not Shy!

Indy is a rescued Pointer mix from Maui, Hawaii. Diagnosed with Neospora Caninum in May, after months of progressive mystery paralysis. Indy is currently training hard to recover his hind leg mobility. He has already received tons of love and support from the community and his friends in Maui, but he needs your continued support to aid his recovery. He’s not shy to wear pink or wear healing crystals. Lets get Indy walking!

@indythesuperdog 6/7/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Not Missing Out on Walks Anymore

Peanut had disc surgery last year, and hasn’t been able to walk since. His hind legs are paralyzed, and we don’t know how long it will take or if he’ll ever walk again. He just crawls and can’t walk or stand without our help. Anyone who knows him can imagine how hard it is for him sometimes. We finally got him his own Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for all the walks that he’s been missing out on. We need a little bit of training, but that’s a piece of cake for this guy!

@ninjafoxi 5/31/19

Little Dog’s First Time in Wheelchair!

Buddha with his new ride. This is the first time that this little guy has really wagged his tail since he lost mobility in his back legs, 4 weeks ago.


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Running so Fast in New Wheels

Got my little man a set of wheels today!!! Will was diagnosed with subarachnoid diverticulum about a year ago. This means his hind legs just don’t function like they used to. There are days when he gets around okay, and others when he just can’t walk well at all. I finally decided to order him a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair to help him get around again, and I haven’t seen him run so fast in over a year!!! Thank you God for these new wheels! Love this little man so much!


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Getting Back to the Fiesta

Nabby is a rescue dog, who began to hop on one side of her body about 4 years after I got her. The Vet said she had scar tissue damage which would eventually make her unable to walk. When this happened, she became depressed and it was hard for her to get around because she lost the use of her legs. This was when I bought her the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Now she is back to the fiesta, loving girl I brought home!

– Ismael, Nabby’s owner 5/17/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Celebrating Another Birthday!

This product is absolutely perfectly suited for my elderly dog’s needs, and though it took some nudging and treats for him to get used to it, he is now getting around just fine with it on his own. It actually serves as a form of physical therapy for him as well, in that it enables him to be able to walk around for a bit without it. With your help, he was able to have just celebrated his 19th birthday! He thanks you all so very much!

– Robert M. Balbi, and, of course, SnowBall 5/15/19

I Get to Play with my Brother Again!

Hi, I’m Duke! I love lakes, tennis balls, and my brother Jake. I am recovering from a spinal cord injury. I am loving my new Walkin’ Wheels, and being able to play with my brother again! Look how happy we are!

@dollars4duke 5/10/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

This Dog is Cruising.

Micah got a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair today! Thank you to everyone that donated to help this man get the very best chair! Thank you to Walkin’ Pets for helping us get his wheels super fast! Now that his chair has arrived, is fitted, and he’s cruising . . . Micah is officially available to be adopted!

– @Kankakee County Humane Foundation 5/08/19

Wheels Help Gypsy Get Up and Go!

Gypsy received her new Walkin’ Wheels yesterday, and boy was she ready to get up and go! Gypsy was diagnosed with a cervical nerve sheath tumor 3 months ago. She has been enjoying her regular rehab to keep her strong and comfortable. A few days ago, her tumor progressed to the point that it has started to affect the nerve function in her front legs and she was stumbling over, sometimes unable to catch herself.

This girl is so bright and happy, and desperately still wants to go for her walks. Her new wheels ensure that she can still enjoy her walks without risk of hurting herself. You are one special girl, Gypsy, and your mom adores you!

@the_vet_practice 5/01/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

My Vet Gave Me Another Chance!

Hello! My name is Kira. I´m 7 years old, and my life hasn’t always been so easy. The first 6 years of my life I lived with a hunter in Spain, back when my name was Zero. Hunting dogs are not treated very well over in Spain. About 100 thousand of us are abandoned each year, thrown from bridges, and even thrown into trash cans, if we don’t “deliver” well enough during the hunting season.

In 2017, I got hit by a car, which left me more dead than alive. The hunter was contacted about the incident but didn’t want anything to do with me since I was not fit for hunting. My spine was completely broken, which left me paralyzed in my two back legs. Luckily, my veterinarian wanted to give me another chance at life. I´ve now lived with the veterinarian who took me in, for about a year now. She pets me and cuddles me, which I had never experienced before in my life. I’ve been named Shakira, thanks to my wiggling hips, and they call me “Kira” for short.

A year after the accident, I can now run around in the yard, chase baseballs, dig holes in the yard, and have no problem going on a 2-hour long walk! I jump around on my very strong front legs, and when we´re taking a walk, I use my Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair to keep my bottom off the concrete.

I moved in with my new Swedish family, and you can follow me on Instagram to see my progress throughout life!

@kirathewheeler 4/24/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Ludo at San Diego St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I wanted to share this photo with you of Ludo at the big San Diego St. Patrick’s Day parade. It is an annual tradition for our family, and we were really blessed that Ludo was able to enjoy it this year. He spent much of the parade in my lap, but his favorite time was when he got to cruise through the crowd in his Walkin’ Wheels! He loved seeing and sniffing all of the Irish setters and wolfhounds. It was such a fun day. Thank you for making it possible for us!

– Megh & Ludo 4/23/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

The Regal Life They Deserve

It’s been a very challenging time as we have watched my heart dog, my everything, my beautiful Sammie, lose her independence. My heart has been breaking every day, and my husband and I have struggled with ensuring that this grand dog has the regal life she deserves. Today was a day where we cried tears of joy, as she gained back some control with the help of her Walkin’ Wheels. I saw the light in her eyes come back. My heart has never been so full. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Molly 4/19/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Enjoying A More Speedy Mobility

Our Wu-Puggy’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair arrived today! So far so good. She isn’t hating it, is moving around great in it, and seems to enjoy having more speedy mobility!

– Roxanne @roxannerossbach 4/12/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Wheels Became a Game Changer

Macy is 5 1/2-year-old mixed breed who loves chasing squirrels! One day this past January, she was very stiff and couldn’t walk well. We brought her to the vet and she was prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. That night, only a few hours later, she completely lost mobility in her hind legs and was in a lot of pain. We rushed her to the animal hospital and they told us Macy had to have a hemilaminectomy, which is a surgery to fix a ruptured disc in her spine. Since then, she’s had very little mobility in her hind legs, but with physical therapy we are seeing gradual improvements. She was so depressed being confined to an x-pen for 6 weeks, and it was difficult to see her go through this. Once her Walkin’ Wheels arrived, it was a total game changer! She was hesitant at first, but she absolutely loves it now! Her favorite things to do are run on the beach and chase squirrels in the park near our house.

I can’t even explain how happy she was the first time we brought her to the beach after her surgery last weekend. She was literally smiling! It was like she was her old self again. To see her happy again after feeling so hopeless and scared about her quality of life, is incredible.

Thank you to all that had loving, positive and supporting words.

@rollinwithmacy 4/05/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Wheels Help This Queen Run Again

Lilo has degenerative myelopathy, and has been showing signs for about 9 months, she just got her Walkin’ Wheels 3 days ago, and on day 3 is already running in them. She is so happy to be able to run free again. Lilo is still wheels-free at home, she is still going to the restroom on her own and can walk around fine. Her wheels give her the opportunity to exhaust herself the way she used to. The wheelchair also helps rebuild her muscle atrophy in her back legs.

Her condition will slowly get worse. I understand that there is a limit, and when that time comes, I will make that hard decision, but not now. I got a dog to give it it’s best life from start to finish, I won’t give up because things get hard. In my 10 years of having Lilo, she has very rarely missed her daily walks. She goes by the name of ‘Miss Queen Lilo’ at home, because she comes first (just as a child would), and that’s what I signed up for when I got Lilo. I spend a large amount of time by her side, caring for and loving her the way she deserves. This is also more work for me, but I love it, and for as long as I am happy doing it, and Lilo is in good spirit, it will remain that way.

Take a minute and think if your legs went funny and someone said ‘I am going to put you down,’ would you just give up and let them? Or would you fight and get yourself some shinny wheels and carry on with life doing the things you love?

Thank you to all that had loving, positive and supporting words.

@a_pinch_of_peace 3/29/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Can’t Wait to be Chased Again

Mr. Oden is walking! We are so pleased with his recovery thus far. With his Walkin’ Wheels, he is taking small walks to motivate blood stimulation, but still needs his rest, and time to heal. I look forward to the day he takes off running in his wheels, and for his Momma to chase him!

@rescuedogsrocknyc 3/25/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Handsome Dog Loves Making People Smile!

Connor had such a great time at New Year for the Strays Trivia Night last night! He loves nothing more than rolling around creating smiles and meeting new people. This handsome man has been with us since he was a tiny puppy. Look at him now, 3 years later! So strong and such a ham! We are grateful to his foster parents for being so dedicated to him. One day, some day, he will find his forever family.

@gatewaypets 3/24/19

goat in Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Goat Finds the Perfect Fit

Thank you to Walkin’ Pets for donating this tiny cart! It is the perfect size for our little Timmy who only weighs around 4lbs! Baby Timmy is learning to walk. His front legs are slightly contracted so we are doing PT to work on them. Good job Timmy!

@goatsofanarchy 3/22/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Regaining His Normal Life Again

Igor is a 6-year-old jack russel mix, who had a spinal injury when he was just 6 months old. He regained his ability to walk but needs his Walkin’ Wheels for longer walks and races. Thanks to the wheels, he can live a normal doggie life. His favorite things to do include cheese, long walks with all his doggie friends, and cuddles with his mum. Igor comes to work with me every day, as I am a vet, so he has lots of friends he can play with there!

@emilieroyaux 3/12/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

This Pup is Unstoppable

Miracle is a 1 and a half year-old chihuahua mix. She came into my life after being purposely thrown out of a moving vehicle in Donna, Texas. This cruel event left her with a severed spine and injuries that caused two abscesses. Soon after her recovery, Miracle showed signs that she could move on from bed rest and try moving around again. She slowly progressed from wagon rides to dragging in the house wearing her Walkin’ Drag Bag.

As soon as the Vet gave the OK, we ordered a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for Miracle. She had worked so hard to get to this point, and now she is unstoppable! Life is so much easier for her now. She is my Miracle!

@miraculous_miracle1 3/01/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Showing Off My New Wheels!

I was in the local newspaper in Ontario again today, getting to show off my new Walkin’ Wheels! Remember, euthanasia isn’t always the right option. I’m very happy to still be here!

– Eddie @eddiessecondchance on Instagram 2/30/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Missy loves her “go-cart!”

Missy’s back legs began failing a year ago. She is approximately 13-14 years old, and besides becoming a little hard of hearing and a little more determined to do what she wants these days, she is in great shape. couldn’t imagine putting her down because of her back legs. I purchased a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, which we call a “go-cart,” and she is loving her freedom. She loves to hike and we recently got back out on the trail and she walked 2.5 miles! More than I thought she should, but she just wouldn’t stop! I love this girl, and I love this go-cart! Give it a try, you won’t be sorry. She’s got her smile back!


Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Free-Spirited Terrier Keeps Walking

Paddy is a 12-year-old Wheaten Terrier. He has always been our little free-spirited explorer. Last year, he was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, which is a disease that causes weakening of the back legs. Getting Paddy his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair was the easiest decision to make; it has allowed him to continue his journey, and have fun with his younger brother, Bill! He has always loved to stand and watch the world go by, and now he still can. Thank you to Walkin’ Pets, for allowing us to continue creating memories with our prince!

– Meg @megf123 2/15/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

DJ can’t be stopped.

DJ’s full name is Detective James Carter. He was born on 4/20/18 and was adopted from Tiny Paws Pug Rescue on 9/15/18. DJ was born with a condition called hemivertebrae. Although his hind legs do not work, he doesn’t let that stop him from doing anything. DJ LOVES going on walks and playing with his brother, Chief! His Parents names are Bobby and Anjelica, and DJ has brought so much love and joy into their lives.

@chiefanddj 2/10/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Pumpkin Explores the world in his Walkin’ Wheels!

Hi everyone! My name is Pumpkin. You see, I am a special dog. I was found by animal control, roaming the streets of El Paso, TX with my hind legs paralyzed and wounds from dragging myself around. A wonderful rescue called @muttlovin took me in and found a great foster for me. Together, they were able to nurse me back to health until my new family was able to meet me. So now I have a great life full of treats, cuddles, and siblings to play with . . . I’m a lucky pup!

However, not all pups like me get so lucky. I do need a bit more attention and care than your average dog, but I am happy, give so much love, and with my wheels, I can keep up with the others pretty well! I would love to help people see how great dogs with special needs are! My family says we are so special and deserving of love! Follow my journey as I explore the world in my Walkin’ Wheels!

@pumpkin_on_wheels 2/08/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Won’t Give up on this Lovebug

My sweet Belle came to us about 11 years ago, covered in fleas and ticks . . . There she was, just standing in our yard wanting to be loved. It was love at first sight. She is such a lovebug and needs human attention 24/7.

Fast forward 11 wonderful years later, at the ripe old-age of around (our veterinarian’s best guess) 12, she sadly suffered a stroke. For about a week, we were unsure if she was going to survive . . .

The stroke caused her to lose the use of her back legs (amongst other things), but we told ourselves we would never give up on her. So we decided to get her a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, and I am so thankful that we did. I believe the only reason Belle has the strength to walk today, is due to her being able to gain muscle strength by using her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

I hope this can be a lesson to someone about not giving up, on themselves, or on their pets. Also, it’s pink . . . Totally cute! Thank you to Walkin’ Pets for helping my Belle walk again!

–Brandi @bstarj2001 1/25/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Getting a New Lease on Life!

Born the runt of her litter in 2008, Boots was given a special mission in this lifetime to “be loved,” regardless of what life presents her. Diagnosed with a heart murmur, accidentally pregnant less than a year old, giving birth to 9 boxer pups, and challenged with various anti-inflammatory issues, Boots approached life head-on. She was determined to never give up. Shortly after her life partner and best boxer friend, Prince, passed away, she was diagnosed with a slipped disc in her spine, causing paralysis of her back legs.

When she had her first experience with her Walkin’ Wheels, it was like she got a whole new lease on life! She was excited to play and live life to the fullest again . . . She can play ball, go on long hikes, keep healthy with her aqua-swim sessions, spend social time with her puppy friends, and have regular cuddles with her mom and dad.

– @IamDavidPineo 1/20/19

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Still Able to Do What Other Dogs Do

Lt. Dan came to me in August 2016 as a foster dog. He was rescued from the San Bernardino Shelter by the Barking Lot Rescue, minutes before being euthanized due to his spinal injury. Our guess is that he was injured from being hit by a car. I brought him to a great neurologist when he first came to my home, and she said his paralysis was irreversible, but that did not mean he couldn’t live a happy and full life. She taught me how to express his bladder and bowels, gave me some great advice on caring for him, and recommended a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. We purchased Lt. Dan a wheelchair shortly after that, and he adapted to it in minutes! The Walkin’ Wheels lets him do what every other dog does. He hikes, he visits the dog park, and strolls around San Diego every weekend. I adopted him officially in January 2017, because I couldn’t imagine him going to live anywhere else!

-Kendra, @Kmoney0628 on Instagram 1/11/19

Ruby Gets Her Wheels

Ruby is a Fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi that lives in The U.S. Virgin Islands with her biological nephew, Turq. Shortly after her 13th birthday, she started showing signs of lameness in her back leg. We discovered that she had degenerative myelopathy, and I quickly reached out to Walkin’ Pets to get her a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. I wanted her to get used to it early on while she could still walk on her own, so that she would love it and know how to use it. I am so glad I did because the disease progressed rather quickly, and even though she is still able to take a step or two on her own, it is such a comfort to know that she has complete mobility with her new wheels. I am astounded by the way she is able to maneuver the cart, the places she can get to, and the things that she can do. Her spirits are good, and she is a happy 13 1/2-year-old pup. Thank you for a wonderful product that has changed our lives!

Heather Courtney, Ruby’s owner 12/28/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Lt. Dan Found his Forever Home

Lt. Dan is a sweet boy who has had a rough past, but has now found his forever home. He loves being with his humans and just hanging out. His Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has helped him be more mobile, and to be able to go on much longer walks. It also prevents more damage to his front joints and back in general.

@lt_dan_the_2_legged_dog 12/18/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Meadow has no Limitations

Meadow was found on the side of the road in a very rural part of South Carolina, in April of 2018. She was taken to a shelter, where they posted photos of her. It broke my heart knowing that she would have to stay in the shelter Saturday, and all-day Sunday, so I contacted the shelter and picked her up Sunday morning. We saw a specialist on Monday, and found out that she had a broken back. We were told no surgery would get her walking again, so a wheelchair was her only option for true mobility.

Ever since the first moment she was placed in her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, she has been GO, GO, GO! She hikes, swims, uses a ramp to go into the house, climbs stairs (with assistance), runs, plays, and is just like any other dog. She doesn’t recognize her being different and is not babied just because she is in a wheelchair. She has a zest for life, and her wheels have made that possible for her. She can do everything and more than your “average” dog.

Meadow has no limitations, all thanks to her wheels. Her future holds many more adventures.

@willowhavenk9 12/10/18

Leaving Siblings in the Dust!

I was so excited/happy during my walk! My fur siblings ate my dust! Anyways, everyone was so proud of me because it was my longest walk to date, and I didn’t get too tired! I definitely feel way stronger than I did a couple of weeks ago!

@pure_mandyxo 12/04/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Rosie Loves Doggy Daycare

Rosie was originally found on the streets of Mexico, and it was presumed that she had been hit by a car. She had clearly been making it by on her own for some time and had bruises and cuts from dragging herself around on the dirt streets.

Rosie was taken into care by a lovely rescue group called Paws R Us, and later transported to Canada. Just 3 weeks later, she met her forever family!

Rosie’s life has changed immensely since her rescue in Mexico, and her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has played a huge part in that! Rosie lives for her play time and her walks with her wheels. She even wants to run with her new papa! We are amazed by her speed and her energy every day!

While mama and papa are at work every day, Rosie spends her days at doggy daycare, where she is always thrilled to run and play with her friends. It’s so great to see her alongside all the other dogs, just being part of the gang! Despite her paralysis, she is a regular dog!

She has always showed herself to be a truly joyful soul, and she somehow becomes even more so when she puts on her wheels and gets moving. We can’t wait to try her skis, too, now that winter has covered our trails with snow! Thank you, Walkin’ Pets, for being such a huge part of Rosie’s second chance at life!

Barbara @rollinwithrosie 11/30/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Jumpin’ for Joy!

Hello! I present . . . Me! I am Jump, a 4-year-old male living in France. I am full of life and energy! About 7 weeks ago, I suffered grade 5 fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), and I lost the use of my hind legs. Thank goodness it never caused me any pain and I was able to keep my joy of life despite everything. For my owner, Lucie, who is a young French veterinary student, it was obvious to her that my life could continue happily even though I have this condition. Also, thanks to our family, our friends, and the veterinarians who supported me, we discovered the great Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Without it, I could not have resumed the walks, games, and adventures that I had before. So now I continue with life, happy and healthy.

Jump, and owner Lucie @lucii.e_njoy on Instagram 11/27/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Dramatic Transition

His attitude and emotional state underwent a dramatic transition after his mobility was restored. Truly amazing! The sock on his back foot protects his nails from dragging on the concrete. Thanks again for your help.

Shane’s Owner 11/25/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Bobby Can Still Enjoy Daily Walks

Bobby is now 13. Like many old dogs, he doesn’t want to move much. However, we believe a daily walk is important to keep him healthy, and slow down his aging problem. We are glad that we bought this cool Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for him in 2012, after Bobby lost a back leg because of bone cancer. Even though his legs are not as strong as before, Bobby continues to enjoy his daily walk in his wheelchair. He is so happy and doesn’t want to go home after about an hour of walking!

Alex @bobbysmartie 11/21/18

Rescue Dog Nova Immediately Takes to Wheelchair

Nova was a rescue. He’d been hit by a car, and taken to the pound in Aurora, Colorado. The veterinarian listed him as a Labrador mix, because Aurora has laws against pit bull breeds (He’s dangerous. He drools on your feet, making them slippery. You could fall and get hurt). My wife was a volunteer for Rocky Mountain Rescue, and we took Nova in to foster him.

Well, that was 2012, and he’s still here. He’s a 65-pound American Staffordshire Terrier, who loves sleeping on my lap, playing with his five canine brothers and sisters, and eating almond butter. I was apprehensive about the whole wheelchair thing, but Nova took to it like a duck in water. He’s mellow, but still hardheaded, yet he let me buckle him in, no problems. When he saw that he could go out on the acreage with no problems, well, that’s all it took.

Curt Dillahay 11/20/18

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Celebrating Another Birthday!

This product is absolutely perfectly suited for my elderly dog’s needs, and though it took some nudging and treats for him to get used to it, he is now getting around just fine with it on his own. It actually serves as a form of physical therapy for him as well, in that it enables him to be able to walk around for a bit without it. With your help, he was able to have just celebrated his 19th birthday! He thanks you all so very much!

Robert M. Balbi, and, of course, SnowBall 11/18/18

Rusty’s Rear Leg Substitutes

Adaptability at its finest. Old man Rusty will be 15 years old in January. He used to run and jump off anything into the water, including the cliffs at high rocks. I found his Walkin’ Wheels on Craigslist last spring. Recently, Rusty decided his wheels were his rear-leg substitutes. Now we are back at it, and his life is back to normal. He wants to chase the ladies. Currently, he gets to do that, so I don’t see him leaving this world anytime soon.

Sandrine @sandrine.503 11/15/18

Happy German Shepherd Dog!

Thank you for the prompt parts delivery. Here is a picture of a happy Sara! We got a call from Sara’s vet and he has another German Shepard that lost the use of her hind legs. We encouraged the vet to have the owner call us so we can show her that there is life after legs!

David 11/10/18

This Stray Became the Perfect Dog

My dog’s name is Ernie. He was found as a stray, picked up by animal control, and brought over to ARF by me in Cincinnati. I volunteer with Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue and was contacted by our coordinator about this old guy. I agreed to take him in as a foster and picked him up from the shelter. That was 3 1/2 years ago…

He was the perfect dog right from the beginning. He loved toys (was a toy hoarder), but most of all, he loved playing fetch! Someone must have taught him the proper way to fetch and retrieve, because he would bring the ball right back to me and place it in my hand every time.

About 2 years ago, I noticed him dragging his back paws a little bit and losing his footing here and there. I took him to the vet to get checked out, and that’s when he was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. Typically, once they start showing signs of this disease, it progresses quickly (usually within 6-12 months) but he didn’t start getting worse until about 4 months ago (2 years after his diagnosis.) He can’t walk much anymore, so we just use the Walkin’ Wheels mainly for potty breaks and meal time.

I am not 100% sure how old he is since he was a stray, but I would guess 13-14 years old. I’m not sure how much longer he has with me, since he has declined quite a bit over the last couple months, but he’s still such a good boy and gives me lots of kisses.

Gina @g_schu 11/06/18

Maya Was Born to Move

This girl. I tell you, we have been through so much together, and I couldn’t be more impressed with your resilience. Today marks 4 months since you woke up paralyzed and went in for emergency surgery. Since then, we have managed to put in countless hours of physical therapy, followed by endless amounts of cuddles and kisses. You continue to amaze us with your patience and strength; everyday becoming more fluid in your movements and balanced on your toes. You’ve made it very clear to us that you were born to move! While you sometimes get thrown off because your left side is lagging a bit, your right leg picks up the slack by making almost complete steps as if riding a scooter!

As I type this, I catch you munching on my huckleberry bushes with pure delight (it’s a good thing you’re cute!) and there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re living a pain-free, happy life. You see, that right there is enough for me, and I know that whatever becomes of all of this we’re going to be A-OK. So, here’s to embracing this healing journey, and to the many precious moments of basking in your presence. Maya, you are pure love.

Lora @lorageneva 11/02/18

Disability Won’t Stop Peanut

Peanut is a happy, smiley dog who has never let her disability stop her from anything before. However, with her new set of Walkin’ Wheels, she can run even faster, and grow stronger in her front legs. She loves to race the other dogs, and is a sweet, kind-hearted girl with an inspiring zest for life.

@petes_mission (animal sanctuary) 10/29/18

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair was a No-Brainer

Scout is 12 going on 3. Up until about a year ago, she was always the fastest dog at the park. I know this because she was always out-running all the other dogs while simultaneously herding them. Then about a year ago, we started to notice her gait was a little off. Eventually she got to the point where she couldn’t walk without her back end betraying her. It has always somewhat had a mind of its own, as most corgi owners can attest, but this time we knew something was off and had to admit to ourselves that something more was wrong. We did not know what Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) was when we got the diagnosis from the vet and didn’t quite grasp the seriousness of DM until we did hours of research. It seemed like the blink of an eye that she went from flying around the house, to visibly frustrated to the point that she wouldn’t even try to walk without some sort of provocation. It was heartbreaking to see the frustration in her lack of mobility. By the time we went from debating our options to acquiring her cart, she had gone from steadfast shadow to ambivalent observer. You could tell she wanted to be right there, but didn’t trust herself to get there. At that point, the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair was a no-brainer.

We were a bit nervous at first. We had read about some dogs being terrified of such a foreign contraption but were soon thrilled about her new lease on life that we were witnessing. In all the 30 seconds that it had taken to throw the harness on and clip it to the wheelchair, she was flying around as if she had never missed a day. We had our shadow back, and Scout had her mobility and confidence back once again. We immediately started going for walks and to the park again. She was back to challenging dogs ten times her size. It took a few days for her to learn to navigate corners and curbs, but she was a pro in no-time. We honestly couldn’t be happier or more grateful to have her back because ‘with her, life is routine, without her, life is unbearable.

Ryan Robertson and Rachel Haveman @rrrrrrayray_scout 10/26/18

Excellent Customer Service

I think your company is great! The customer service is excellent, and I feel you go above and beyond. Our German shepherd dog Mace suffers from degenerative myelopathy – “DM”, and I didn’t realize how sad and depressed he was until we got the wheels.

The very first day we received the wheels, he went to the back gate and wanted to go for a walk. Mace has his tracking dog title, and he is also a canine good citizen. And, most importantly, he plays ball again.

He was given a second chance and I cannot thank you enough!

Jodi and Tim 10/2318

DM can’t keep Ronin down.

Ronin is 11 years old, and has had Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) for about 6 months now. We bought his Walkin’ Wheels back in July, and has been so happy in them ever since. He has always been a forever puppy. He loves to jump, run, and hike at all times, so having DM has been really hard on him. We can finally see him run again in his wheels!

Ronin’s owner @ronin_on_wheels 10/19/18

Determined Boxer Refuses to Slow Down

“Some pretty incredible people we are lucky enough to call friends & neighbors, purchased this Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for our sweet Triumph. I have no doubt this will improve his quality of life as we battle Degenerative Myelopathy. He is already cruising around like a pro. We went on our very first walk and it left me speechless. He’s one determined pup and he even ran! We took a wagon in case he got tired, but he refused to slow down. We don’t deserve dogs.”

Triumph’s hospice foster parents @boxergirladdi 10/17/18

This Dachshund is thrilled to be outdoors again!

We tried out our wheels today! Duck is a BIG fan! He took to them quickly after some pepperoni motivation! He was absolutely thrilled to be outside too. I was so happy to see my baby happy again! Thanks, Walkin’ Pets!

-Erin 10/15/18

New Lease on Life for Olde English Bulldogge

This wheelchair has given my 9.5-year-old Olde English Bulldogge a new lease on life. She normally could drag her legs about 100 yards, and now she goes on full walks and runs. The wheelchair can go through dirt piles with ease and rocky gopher mound fields!

Karen Heisick 10/10/18

Globe Trotting Dog in Walkin’ Wheels

Riley was born in Kentucky but loves to travel! He has lived in Panama, Peru, and now is residing in Bogota, Colombia.

Unfortunately, Riley had a herniated disc last year that left him paralyzed, but his Walkin’ Wheels have kept him mobile! He enjoys picnics in the park, eating at outdoor cafes, and barking at people zooming by on roller blades!

Joey, @joeybonura IG 10/05/18

“Old Self” Again with Walkin’ Wheels

Badger is a 12-year-old German Shepherd Mix who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a puppy. I have kept him healthy and happy on a raw natural dog diet for 12 years without issues until this past June. It was like a light switch, and he started going downhill FAST. After a couple of months, it was as though he had no idea where his legs were, no stability, and became sad over not being able to do the things he used to do. I tried working with the vet with pain medication, but nothing worked. That is when our local animal hospital told me about your company and the products you sell.

After a couple of hours thinking it over, I decided it was worth the try for Badger, because other than his back legs, he is strong and healthy. As soon as Badger’s wheels hit the ground he was just like his old self. These wheels literally took years off, and after getting home, he flopped down on his dog bed and still has a happy look on his face because he had the best time with his new wheels. He looks satisfied! I can’t tell you how amazing your product, process, and people are.

Julie Garley 9/30/18

No Limitations for This Survivor!

Hops is a survivor. At the age of one, he survived being hit by a car which resulted in back-end paralysis. He was saved from being euthanized at his owner’s request at the shelter they brought him to, but he was not adopted at the shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized yet again. Farfel’s Farm and Rescue in Boulder, Colorado, received the urgent plea for his rescue and brought him to Colorado from Texas, where we were fortunate enough to become his new family.

He is the most resilient, happy, sweet dog you will ever meet. Being paralyzed has not stopped him from being incredibly active – he does not realize he has any limitations. His Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair allows him to hike and run and go on walks with his fur siblings. He is so fast in his wheels that he easily outruns me when he wants to. He also uses his Walkin’ Pets Drag Bag when he is outside hanging out. Hops will be two in November and there is no stopping him from enjoying life to its fullest, and we are lucky to be beside him as he does just that.

Rebecca Wooldridge, @gogo_hops 9/25/18

Dachshund Loves Going for Walks Again

Sammy is our six-year-old male. About a year and a half ago he lost use of his back legs. We followed doctors’ instructions and kept him in a crate, limiting his movement and giving him steroids, pain killers, etc. – with no luck. He’s still a happy boy, and fortunately our house is mostly tile, so he can scoot himself around pretty well, just allowing his back end to slide around behind him.

About 6 months ago, we got a set of your wheels for him, and within 5 minutes of being in the wheels, he was running up and down the hallway in the house (chasing the liver treats I was throwing for him!). He loves going out for a walk now, and walks proud, not even seeming to notice (or care) that he’s got these wheels instead of functioning legs.

Your product is great – very well built, great instructions, and a good value for the quality. You don’t just sell wheels – you sell freedom for our pups who are limited. Thanks for providing such a great product to help dogs like Sammy stay mobile!

Sammy’s Family 9/20/18

Golden Shepherd Gets Moving Again

Meet Marcus! He’s a Golden Shepherd mix and is 10 years old this month. This July, he slipped a disc that left him paralyzed, completely unable to use his back legs. While we all started to adapt to this new normal, @joeys_paw was kind enough to send him a wheelchair to get him moving again!

Marcus is much happier when he’s able to walk around, and we are so grateful for their donation and support through this.


Retired Police Dog Has Quality of Life Again

Shadow is my retired Police K9 that I worked with on the street for approximately 8 years. Shadow retired due to age and because he was beginning to have issues with his back half. He now stays at home with our other four dogs. Approximately 6-8 months after his retiring, he got to the point where he could not stand on his rear legs. This condition was being caused by the sheath around his spine deteriorating and causing nerve issues. He still has the same personality and wants to go to work with me. My wife and I hated that he could not get outside and move around with the other dogs, so we bought the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair from your company. My only regret is that we did not do it sooner.

The wheelchair allows Shadow to get out and move around the yard with our other dogs, and he gets to barking up a storm! Shadow, with all his years of working and wearing a harness to track, took to the wheelchair with no problem. He enjoys getting out in the yard, but I have to keep an eye on him because he actually starts chasing our other dogs around. He can move quite quickly in the chair. Shadow’s quality of life is greatly improved due to the chair and his ability to move around outside again. Thanks!

Officer Rob C. 9/10/18

Dog Hits the Trails Again Despite Mobility Challenges

His name is Indiana Bones, and he’s 14-years-old. We adopted him when he was 11-years-old, and we were surprised by how energetic he was when we’d take him out on the trail. It became our favorite thing together: hiking and camping.

Just a few weeks ago, his back legs started to rapidly give out – the result of a degenerative condition. It limits his mobility to mostly dragging his hind legs, making it a challenge for him to go very far. We decided to get him wheels so he could still get his energy out and hit the trails – and he loves it!

Katy, @katydaily 9/05/18

Happy as Ever with New Walkin’ Wheels

Shea is enjoying her newfound independence with these new wheels. It’s been a rough week, but she’s never stopped smiling and is as happy as ever. But gosh, I miss those tail thumps.

Starting Monday, she had stiffness in her back legs, and by mid-day Tuesday her back legs and tail were paralyzed. This all came completely out of nowhere. Most likely this was a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), essentially a stroke in her spinal cord.

We are incredibly grateful for the team at PetPT who are helping us to get her back up and moving. And until then, she’s got some spiffy new wheels!

Sarah, @salt_jar 8/30/18

Airedale with DM Gets Mobility Back

Oliver was a rescue. We got him when he was a year old, and he will be eight-years-old in March. He is the largest Airedale I have ever seen — not fat, just large! Tips the scales at 104 lbs.

Six months ago, while walking him, we noticed he was dragging his right rear foot, so we took him to the vet and the another and another. We had numerous blood tests done looking for TBDs, as well as X-rays, an MRI, and finally a test for Degenerative Myelopathy, which he tested positive for. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease.

We were devastated when we found out his diagnosis, so I vowed to make the rest of his days with us as pleasant as possible. That’s when I found Walkin’ Pets and the carts that you provide to help us to make our boy’s remaining days more enjoyable by having his mobility.

It took a few weeks to get Oliver used to the cart. Now he goes . . . goes . . . goes in it! The problem we have is that when we turn him around to head home, he puts the brakes on because he doesn’t want to go back home.

Happy Owner 8/25/18

German Shepherd with DM Keeps Mobile!

My name is Kaiser. I am a well-loved German Shepherd mix who was adopted 9/17/2009 from Clover Run Rescue (a no-kill shelter) in Jefferson, GA. I was ~9 mos old at the time and had been surrendered months earlier by a student who could not care for a high-energy puppy. When I was 8, I started lightly dragging my right rear toes after a day of lots of walking. My mom kept watch. When it didn’t get better, she took me to the vet. My x-rays were clear so I was trialed on Rimadyl and Neurontin.

My condition did not improve so the vet recommended acupuncture. As my condition continued a slow decline, the vet decided it could be degenerative myelopathy. Mom’s boyfriend removed the back steps and built a ramp just for me. Mom had already been looking into wheelchairs (and reading up about DM) and Walkin’ Pets was recommended by a friend, so after much deliberation on which wheels and extras to purchase, mom bought me this awesome set of blue wheels.

She also has this front and rear combo harness that helps her lift my 70 pounds in and out of the car since I can’t climb in on my own anymore. The wheels were awkward at first (mostly for mom) because we tried it out in the back yard. When she took me into town and I had pavement, I took off!! I’m still full of life and energy, I never stop smiling, and I love giving kisses. My mom says I’m the goodest good boy.

– Leslie Trivett, @lrtrivett on Instagram 8/17/18

Getting Rear-Leg Function Back

Milo, our nine-year-old Boxer mix, was felled just one month ago by a FCE with instantaneous total rear leg paralysis. Luckily, he kept bowel and bladder control along with his tail wagging ability. We received our Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair just a few days after his spinal stroke. This dog was completely paralyzed in the back legs, and now he is getting function back, and we are amazed with his progress.

I know that this progress is in large part due to keeping him active, happy, and exercised in the Walkin’ Wheels. It’s the perfect rehabilitation tool, allowing him to exercise in comfort, preventing muscle atrophy, joint stiffening, and depression. Most importantly, it provides stimulation of the nerves lost to the emboli, providing physical therapy just as we would in humans with a functional deficit or injury. We worked with the wheels daily, gradually improving his technique and stamina.

Now, only 3 weeks later, we are taking long walks in it, and he is almost back up to his normal trotting pace of before the stroke. At about week 2, we noticed his back legs suddenly were starting to move while he was ‘wheelin’ one day, and now he is getting some function back. It seems he gets more back every day, and the wheelchair has been a huge part of that.

Dawn Meicher, RN, MSN, ARNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, Washington State 8/10/18

Boxer is full of life and spunk!

Melody is a 9-month-old Boxer, who is full of life and spunk! She was born with spina bifida. Three months ago, she had to have a bilateral rear leg amputation. Before her amputation surgery, her legs were pulling on her spine, causing pain while she was in her wheelchair. Since the surgery, she loves her wheelchair and is able to be part of the pack! She is able to go everywhere in her wheelchair, and loves it. Melody even pulls on her leash, wanting to run. Her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has given her life as a dog back to her. She’s no longer a disabled dog, she is part of the family and can do everything that the other dogs do! She is currently training to be a therapy dog to visit hospitals to serve as an inspiration to others. She loves new people and going places.

~Debra Thompson and David Allen 8/03/18

Amputee Dog Regains Independence

Thank you for giving Little Bit her independence again. Little Bit came into my life when a former student brought her to me when she was one week old. He thought a rat had chewed her foot off because he pulled her and her siblings from under a storage building. She would later need to have her leg amputated above the knee due to the lower bones growing outward.

Little Bit recently tore her ACL and collateral ligaments and will later need surgery. She has been using Walkin’ Wheels for one month and uses the Walkin’ Wheels optional harness because of her amputation. The harness is great because I can transfer her in and out of Walkin’ Wheels.

Little Bit goes everywhere now, has complete confidence, and has gained her independence through using the cart. She has her mobility back thanks to Walkin’ Wheels. Thank you again for making Little Bit’s life better. Your product has made both of our lives happier. Walkin’ Wheels is very easy to assemble, adjust, and lightweight to transport.

Anna Parker 7/26/18

Wheelchair Is Best Dog-Lover Tool

Lucy has a trailing left hind leg which is becoming progressively worse, most probably due to degenerative neuropathy. She is not in pain but lacks strength and balance and falls many times. Besides that, her trailing paw is prone to many abrasions and cuts. I tried helping her with traction boots which at least protect from the abrasions, but it didn’t help the balance issue much.

That’s only one of Lucy’s problems; she was found by my girlfriend, Therese, three years ago in the street with a severe chest infection for which she now requires daily inhalers and bronchodilator pills. She has to eat moist food, as she has mildly impaired swallowing reflex, cataracts, and breast lumps. Nevertheless, she is always so happy and full of life, and it kills me denying her the ability to walk properly.

That’s where the wheelchair came in. She immediately got used to it with food reinforcement, as she is very greedy! She is now able to walk long distances. It’s great because it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, very user friendly to set up, practical as you can adjust the height, and she can do her needs without any difficulty at all. God forbid, if both of her hind legs eventually become out of use, there’s always the suspending hind leg loops which I can use. It’s really the best tool any dog lover could ever have. So thanks again, and keep doing a good job for all pets out there.

Mark from Malta 7/19/18

Tail Wags Non-Stop!

Lula loves her new Walkin’ Wheels! Lula is a permanent foster of the Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of WI (CRROW). She came to the rescue from Duluth, MN, with severe hip dysplasia and two ruptured ACLs. She is about 10-years-old and 115 pounds; she is often accused of being overweight, but she has very large bones and a very fluffy coat.

Lula LOVES to go for walks. She likes to walk at least 3-4 times a day. At the beginning of February, Lula’s right hip started to give out on her and she would fall. We had not considered wheels until we saw Walkin’ Wheels at a pet show.

Thanks to donations from many of Lula’s generous Facebook friends and her blog followers, we were able to purchase the Walkin’ Wheels. Lula is once again enjoying her walks multiple times a day. Her tail wags non-stop as she rolls around the neighborhood!

CRROW 7/12/18

Quick Study on Wheels!

We got Winston set up in his wheelchair, and he is learning very quickly! Within five minutes he was already walking around, smiling, and enjoying himself. Look at that smile! Thanks again for helping us with this wheelchair. You really are the best.

Elice 7/05/18

Boxer with DM Loves Independence

Here’s our boy Kiefer. He’ll be 11 in June. He has DM, which has been progressing since about May last year. He can still get around on his own on all four legs, (some days are better than others). Previously we had been using the slings, harnesses, and rear leashes to take him for walks. Although they work pretty well, it limits their independence. Kiefer loves the independence he gets on wheels. Each day we get to spend with him is a gift.

Beth and Steve Yeatman 6/20/18

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