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We highly recommend using our SureFit® Calculator as it ensures the perfect custom fit for your pet. It requires a couple measurements, but only so we can provide your pet with the very best experience.

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Other companies simply have you select a wheelchair based on weight, but that often results in a poor fit. Why? A 30 lb bulldog has a very different body type from a 30 lb corgi, but those companies will provide both with the same wheelchair.

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Dog Helmets: Your Dog’s Noggin Needs Protection too

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to invest in one of today’s dog helmets (doggie hard hats). After all, your dog’s head needs just as much protection as yours, especially if they are disabled (head trauma, visually impaired, etc.), spend a lot of time in the sun, perhaps frequently go for a ride with you on your motorcycle (invest in goggle too if this is the case).

Following are just a few of the benefits of protecting your dog’s noggin.

dog helmet zeke
Above: Zeke

Provides Sun Protection

Sun protection isn’t just a consideration for humans. Dogs need protection from harsh ultraviolet rays just as much humans. A lot of people dress their pups in dog clothes to protect them from the sun, especially if they’ve had surgery that required shaving, but most overlook their heads. In the event you expect to be spending several hours out in the sun with your pooch, maybe spending the day hiking or boating, having them sport one of today’s dog helmets, will help protect them.

General Protection

dog helmet brisby
Above: Brisby

Doggie hard hats (along with goggles in situations that call for it), will protect your pet’s head from windblown objects and other irritants they might come into contact with when they’re out and about with you, whether you’re biking or going for a drive. Ear damage is another concern because when a dog’s ears flap in the wind, their soft earflaps can end up swelling, becoming irritated and tender. Worse, repeated damage can result in lifelong problems.

Protection for Disabled Dogs

Dog helmets are ideal for pets that need to have protection from minor head traumas, are visually impaired, or have any disability that causes them from bumping into things. Blind dogs in particular become frustrated when they bump into things. Dog helmets help these pets regain the confidence they need as they explore their world without injury. If you have a dog that suffers from seizures that often falls down as a result of an illness, injury, or disability, protecting their head will play a pivotal part of their healing.

Designed with Your Dogs Comfort and Safety in Mind

High quality doggie hard hats are typically made of high impact plastics, typically the same used in construction level hard hats. Does your dog’s ear’s stand up? No problem. The interior padding used in well made dog helmets is designed with a pup’s ears in mind, so that they don’t rest flat on the dog’s head. In addition, most helmets come with customizable foam pads that fit comfortably between the ears, instead of over them. This feature keeps the helmet from forcing the ears to lay flat on the head. Dog helmets also include a chin strap that’s adjustable.


When it comes to ordering doggie hard hats, to insure a proper fit, you’ll need to measure your dogs head across its forehead, to the back of the head. If your pup has floppy ears, include them in the measuring process. Next, choose a size that closely matches the measurement you came up with. If the maximum dog helmet size is 12 inches and your dog’s head measures about the same, opt for the next size up for a bit of extra room.

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