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JAAN Nonprofit Provides Justice for Animals

National Justice for Animals Week is coming up, so it is especially timely to highlight JAAN nonprofit. Cia Bruno runs JAAN, Social Justice & Advocacy for Animals & Nature, in Howes Cave, N.Y. They advocate for humane care of animals and for animal rights. Walkin’ Pets learned about this nonprofit when they reached out for help with Honey Rose, a rescue dog in need of a set of wheels (pictured above).

An End to Suffering

Honey Rose was rescued in July 2017 after a veterinarian informed Cia that the dog was in very poor condition and required critical nursing care. JAAN stepped in to provide that care and a whole lot more. Honey Rose lost her mobility due to atrophy, and also had a bladder full of stones. After intensive care and surgery, Honey Rose was no longer in pain, although her mobility had suffered. A Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, donated by Walkin Pets, has given Honey Rose full mobility again, and the ability to participate in daily activities.

Honey Rose is just one of many animals helped by JAAN, which often intercedes in severe cases of abuse or neglect. Another dog, Luci, was rescued in December 2017. Luci had swollen, infected, open bloody sores which she chewed into, a ball of pus was removed from her ear by the vet, and a collar that dug into her. She had serious infections requiring open wound care. Cia says,

“I just held her in my arms and promised her I would see to it that the suffering would end.”

Alternatives to Euthanasia

Cia is passionate about the subject of euthanasia and when and how to determine the end of life for an animal. Cia says,

“Euthanasia is not the only alternative and should be left to where there is no hope, not because it is convenient! Honey Rose had every will to live. Even when she was weak, she fought back in that she locked-clenched her jaws. She enjoyed what was left of summer and the entire fall. Now she is recovering again from a setback and hollering in the morning to be a piece of the action with her wheels! Physical therapy now follows with the aid of her supportive front wheels and chin support.

There are times you cannot save them all. The vet bills as we all know are unforgiving — even when vets provide whatever discounts they can. A sick animal requires much, and donations are slim. For this reason, medical care is provided in-house whenever it reasonably can be.”

JAAN Rescue

JAAN is a small rescue with limited resources and is often over extended. They are currently operating at full capacity with 10 bunnies that came from a hoarder; four canines (negligence-abuse cases); two abandoned/feral cats, now domesticated but with respective health issues; one male turkey, rescued from slaughter; five roosters slated for culling (killing) if not purchased; and two large pigs, both abused and rescued from continual breeding that were advertised as ‘ready for sausages.’

Cia hopes to expand JAAN’s campus to allow student interns and the community opportunities to engage further. She says,

“Our goal is to help humans appreciate that our counterpart animals deserve respect and dignity as they age, the same that is afforded to humans. Animals, whether human or non-humans, are not sofas and chairs that get thrown out or replaced when these begin to sag, or otherwise. JAAN, by deed and example, will continue to do all in its power in this endeavor!”

To learn more about JAAN or to make a donation to help this nonprofit in its work, visit JAAN’s website.

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    It was a pleasure talking to you and learning about your passion for compassionate care for all living things!

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