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Meet the 2024 Calendar Winners

Every year, Walkin’ Pets hosts our annual calendar contest where we get introduced to hundreds of animals from around the world and we get to celebrate how incredible they are! Selected by popular vote, here are this year’s winners and their stories!

Cover Dog: Pepe from Germany

Pepe was rescued from a terrible situation where he was left outside with very little love and care. Now, after 2.5 years in his forever home, Pepe is happy, active, and loved by his family!

Walkin' Pets 2024 calendar cover

Scoot from Hong Kong

Rescued in 2022, Scoot is a double amputee senior pup who needed to build trust with humans and his wheelchair. Scoot started out slowly with his Walkin’ Wheels, but over time (and plenty of treats!), it was only a matter of time before he walked around the whole park, and then he happily built up to doing a 4km coastal walk along Hong Kong’s stunning harbor front.

Small dog in pink wheelchair

Oliver Paddington from Pennsylvania

Oliver the opossum, loves using his wheelchair, and with his wheels, was finally able to run! Olli’s incredible life journey serves as a reminder that ALL species of animals deserve care for their disabilities and injuries! Olli wants to remind everyone who might find an injured wild animal not to try to care for it themselves but to find a local wildlife center or licensed rehabilitator who can offer professional assistance.

Olli the opossum in his wheelchair

Rio from England

Rio is a crazy wheelie boy who, due to IVDD became paralyzed in August 2021. This doesn’t stop him from living his best life always! The most loveable, precious boy. He loves adventures, which means he has actually had the chance to meet 13 other wheelie dogs from around the UK!

French Bulldog goes to beach in dog wheelchair

Mily from Florida

Born in 2005, Mily was rescued from the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico. Miley’s family has cared for her through many health scares, including seizures, cancer, and, later in life, mobility loss. Mily was loving and loyal until her final days, and she will always be in her family’s hearts.

Paralyzed dog lies comfortably on bed

Frankie Blue Eyes from Ohio

Frankie came to F5RS Rabbit Rescue & Sanctuary in November 2022. He was found paralyzed and covered in matted leaves. Now, Frankie Blue Eyes is strong enough to pull himself around and use his brand-new bunny wheelchair! Frankie “writes” cards to kids with osteosarcoma to encourage them and wears his gold cape for cancer awareness.

Frankie the rescue bunny in his wheelchair and yellow cape

Gracie from Canada

Amazing Gracie is a 1-year-old gorgeous tortie cat with severe cerebellar hypoplasia (CH or wobbly cat syndrome). While Gracie cannot walk or stand on her own, she lives a beautiful life. From day 1, Gracie was a fighter and with her wheelchair, the whole world opened up for her. Now, she can stand and take steps for the first time and build muscle.

Gracie the cat in her wheelchair

Henri and Daphne from England

Henri is 8 years old and has had IVDD for three years. As soon as he was in his wheels, the old Henri was back! Daphne was born with Swimmer’s Syndrome, with physio, time, and her Mini wheelchair she took her first steps! Henri and Daphne James share a special bond and love each other so much!

French Bulldogs Henri and Daphne pose in their Walkin' Wheels wheelchairs

Tank from New Jersey

Now 10 years old, Tank was diagnosed with IVDD four years ago and lost the ability to use his hind legs, but he never let that slow him down! The wheelchair gave him his freedom back. He loves his daily walks and enjoys ripping the squeakers out of every toy! He is a pretty big deal with really cool wheels!

Tank the Pit Bull is all smiles in his dog wheelchair

Ladybug from Illinois

Ladybug is 16 years old, before she received her cart, maintaining balance while walking was a constant struggle, causing frequent falls. She yearned to walk and enjoy her life, but her neurological condition made it extremely challenging. The moment she’s in her cart, she starts walking, bringing newfound happiness and mobility to her life.

Ladybug the terrier walks outside in her full support cart

Maxwell Pigsworth from Kansas

As a piglet, Maxwell suffered a spinal cord injury that was left untreated. At the time of rescue, Maxwell was unable to walk and had no access to food or clean water. Within a month of trying his wheels for the first time, he realized they provided speed, support, and freedom he’d never known before! Maxwell LOVES his wheels now and looks forward to getting in them every day.

Maxwell Pigsworth enjoys his pig wheelchair

Mokie from Germany

French Bulldog Mokie became paralyzed after a herniated disc in 2021. But she’s never let that get her down! Mokie is still the same funny clown, always on the go, and loves meeting new people and dogs! Her wheelchair gives her the chance to be a normal dog. When we go on vacation, she loves to run on the beach!

Paralyzed French Bulldog Mokie loves his dog wheelchair

Saint from Tennessee

Saint is a friendly boy with Cerebellar Hypoplasia! Rescued by Stray Rescue in St. Louis and adopted when his post appeared on! He loves his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, stuffed animals, (mainly hedgehogs!), relaxing with his mom, and peanut butter!

Rescue Pitbull stays active in his full support wheelchair for dogs

The Unstoppable Dogs: 2024 Walkin’ Pets Hero Recipient

Debbie and her Unstoppable Dogs are changing the world one day at a time by teaching compassion, kindness, and inclusion. Dream Fetchers and the Unstoppable Dogs are rescue pups given a new leash on life dedicated to the idea that through unconditional love, these incredible animals can connect with adults with similar challenges.

Four unstoppable dogs on a hike in wheelchairs

Broken Biscuits: 2024 Miracles in Motion Recipient

The Broken Biscuits organization works tirelessly to educate pet parents about the incredible quality of life that is possible for their pets with the help of a wheelchair. The Broken Biscuit Sanctuary is the full-time home to four wheelie pups that help to promote the options available to treat and rehabilitate injured animals and restore their mobility so that they can return to active lives.

French Bulldog at beach in pink whelchair
Happy paralyzed dog in wheelchair
Small terrier poses in dog wheelchair
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