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About Us

Walkin’ Pets was created in 2001 to support the caretakers of aging, injured, and disabled pets. We have all of the products you’ll need to best care for these pets, while making life easier for you!

Our Mission

We believe that our aging, disabled, and injured pets are family and deserve to live happy, healthy lives.

Meet Our Team!

All Life Is Sacred

There was a day when injured pets were “no good anymore.” When an animal was hurt, became lame or incontinent, or was for any reason no longer wanted, they were put down. Not anymore.

People are becoming more aware of the sacredness of all life. Furthermore, we are beginning to understand the power of the loving bond that is created when one living thing cares for another.

Help at Hand

As a result, our pets have become family members and deserve to be loved, respected, and cherished. Consequently, Walkin’ Pets endeavors to help people learn that there are alternatives to euthanasia, and that aging, disabled, and injured pets can often live a high-quality life for many years.

They might just need a little help, e.g., diapers, a rear-support leash, or a wheelchair. You’ll find lots of information on helpful products in this blog.

Proven to Move You: Stories of Hope and Healing

This blog is filled with inspirational stories of pet owners and rescues that have given animals the chance they need to live great lives. We hope these stories will inspire others to reach out to animals in need. Finally, we wish everyone will give the pets in their care the chance to live a full and joyful life.

Share with Us

If you have a story, or information that will make life easier for aging, injured, and disabled pets, let us know! We are happy to talk with you, or post stories from guest bloggers.