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Adopting a Dog? Here Are Important Things to Consider!

Thinking of adopting a dog? There are lots of things to consider before taking that leap. We’ll guide you through the process!

Dog Adoption Guide

Adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter can be WONDERFUL! Just make sure you’ve thought it through before you make a final decision.

disabled dog adoption guide

Why Adopt?

Adopting a dog versus buying a dog from a breeder can have many advantages. Please don’t buy a dog before considering adoption!

why adopt a disabled dog

Before You Start Searching for a Dog

Before you bring any dog home, think of all these important variables!

before you adopt a disabled dog

Dig Deeper!

OK, you’re getting excited about the possibility of adopting a dog! Now, dig a little deeper into all the particulars about bringing a dog into your home.

adopting special needs dog

Average Cost of Owning a Dog

Before you go any further, consider the cost of bringing a dog into your family. Make sure that you can give a dog what he or she needs to stay safe, happy, and healthy!

cost of dog adoption

What Is the Adoption Process?

Although the adoption process will differ, depending on the rescue or shelter, it generally follows the following process. 

how to adopt a dog

The Application

Every reputable rescue or shelter will ask you to fill our an adoption application of some sort. Be prepared to supply vital information and references.

how to adopt a dog

Shopping for Your Dog!

Let the fun begin! You will need basic supplies to keep your dog comfortable, safe, and fed. And of course, he or she will appreciate toys and treats for extra fun!

seaching for a dog adoption

Bringing the Dog Home!

The big day arrives, and although it is exciting and fun, it can also be a big adjustment, both for the dog and you and your family.

welcome adopted dog home


dog adoptions references

Thank You for this Infographic:

dog adoption infographic credit

Thank you to Greyhounds As Pets in Australia for this guest blog post infographic on dog adoption! 

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