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Winterize and Accessorize Your Dog Wheelchair

As winter approaches, it is a good time to conduct a tune up on your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

Time for a Winter Wheelchair Tune-up

As the seasons change and winter is fast approaching, it’s time to ask are your dog’s wheels ready to tackle the snow? Would a little more tread on the tires help your dog plow through those snowy sidewalks and icy streets?

Our cars aren’t the only thing that need a quick condition check before the snow falls. Your dog’s wheelchair takes a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. To move across the snow and ice your dog’s wheelchair tires need to have good tread on them. That could mean rotating your dog’s tires, or it’s time for some new wheels.

Understanding Your Wheel Options

Dogs under 49 lbs.

Dogs in the Mini, Small, or Corgi Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs should use our foam wheels. Tiny pups need tiny wheels, although it may be tempting to try to go up a wheel size, we don’t recommend it. Too big of a wheel may make your dog’s wheelchair too tall and too heavy. The same is true for dogs who fit in our Medium wheelchair, weighing between 26 – 49 lbs. are typically have an 8″ wheel. Always call our wheelchair experts before you swap out any wheelchair part.

Dogs over 50 lbs.

Dogs between 50 to 180 lbs. have a few different wheel options available. In addition to getting new foam wheels to replace their old ones, larger dogs can also use air tires. An air tire has a deeper tread, offering better grip on rougher terrain. For most pets, a foam wheel offers enough traction, but your may want to swap out the wheels for the wintertime if you live somewhere icy.

Wheel Options for Walkin’ Wheels

Accessorize Your Dog’s Wheelchair

Don’t get caught in the winter doldrums, your dog’s wheelchair should be as bright and as playful as their personality.

Additional Wheelchair Accessories Your Dog Might Need

Warrior Harness

Warrior Harness for Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Upgrading your dog’s wheelchair harness means more than just a pop of color. A harness can offer your dog additional support, make their wheelchair more comfortable, and make it easier to get your dog into their cart. The Warrior Harness is one of our favorite dog wheelchair accessories. Each harness is available in three fun camo colors to match your dog’s wheelchair!

With both the front and rear lifting harness styles available, choose the harness that will give your pet the right amount of support.

Rear Harness

The Warrior Rear Harness can replace your dog’s leg rings for a more comfortable saddle and be used to lift your dog’s back legs when they aren’t in their cart. Just like a your dog’s wheelchair, finding the right rear support harness can make a huge difference. Not only is the Warrior Rear harness dog wheelchair compatible, it can be used to help your dog up the stairs or lift them into the car.

Front Harness

The Warrior Front Harness fits all sized dogs, and is compatible with the Small, Medium, and Large Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs. This harness slides on easily over a dog’s head and clips directly into the rear dog wheelchair. The harness gives your dog’s wheelchair a real upgrade.

Belly Support

Belly support for dog wheelchair back support

Many wheelie dogs suffer from spinal conditions or a weakened back. A belly support is a neoprene sling that lifts the center of your dog’s body. By supporting underneath the abdomen you can keep your dog’s spine in proper alignment and offer additional support. Mid-body support is especially important for dog’s with IVDD, back pain, or those whose backs dip in the middle.

Although beneficial for all dogs, every corgi, dachshund, or basset hound with a wheelchair needs a belly support.

For questions relating to Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair replacement parts and accessories, we welcome your calls at 888-253-0777.

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