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How to Use a Walkin’ Wheels to Help Dogs with DM

Nobody likes to see the signs of degenerative myelopathy (DM) in their dog. Jay Rule, of Jay Rule Productions, noticed early signs of DM in his dog Akira back in July 2017. By October 2017, it was full blown. His story can help you learn about DM in dogs and how a dog wheelchair can help.

Combatting DM in Dogs with Wheels

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a genetic disorder. This progressive mobility disease eventually leads pets to paralysis. Jay wanted to do everything he could to assist Akira, his beloved brindle Boxer.

Akira and Jay love hiking together and going to the beach. Jay wanted her to be able to continue to enjoy these activities for as long as possible.

Jay was carrying Akira up and down stairs and in and out of the car when he contacted Walkin’ Pets for a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair for her. Here is a video Jay made of Akira before she got her wheels, and then taking her first steps:

Closer Look at Walkin’ Wheels

Jay then made a video showing various steps in the process of outfitting Akira with a Walkin’ Wheels. He demonstrates how to take the measurement needed to get the right size. Then he shows how to assemble the cart.

Finally, Akira is seen going on her first long hike — and what a hike it is! Set in the beautiful woodlands of Washington state, Akira and Jay make their way up hills, over tree roots, and along ledges. Akira is quite a trooper!

Here is the video Jay made, from taking wheelchair measurements, to assembling the cart, to hiking:

Jay’s official video review of the Walkin’ Wheels may also be found here:

Happy Hikes

Jay and Akira continue to enjoy the beauty of nature together. To be sure, Akira is one tough cookie! Watch the video to see the various terrains she powers through in her dog wheelchair:

By all means, Walkin’ Pets wishes Akira and Jay many more happy hikes together, as they rise to meet the challenges presented by DM.

dm dog wheelchair

Dog Wheelchairs Help DM Dogs

Degenerative Myelopathy is a progressive disease that typically begins with small signs of mobility loss, such as paw knuckling and eventually leads to complete loss of mobility. If your dog is diagnosed with DM, they will need a wheelchair at some point. Choose one that can adapt as their mobility needs changes. The Walkin’ Wheels Rear dog wheelchair can be converted to a full support wheelchair. Perfect to keep your DM dog moving.

dm boxer dog wheelchair

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  1. Akira really loves the wheelchair and thank you so much for giving her hope and the freedom to do the things that she loves such as hiking and playing at the beach.

    • Hi Trista,

      The Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is designed to help your dog get the exercise they need and is designed so that they can relieve themselves while standing in the wheelchair. You can see video of how here: or

      Depending on the level of incontinence some dogs do need to be expressed to relieve themselves, but that depends on the dog.

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