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Baby Goats in Wheelchairs Show Fighting Spirit

A few staff members of Walkin’ Pets visited the Goats of Anarchy (GOA) animal rescue in New Jersey at the end of April. They brought with them a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair donation for a little goat named Lawson. There were four other baby goats in wheelchairs, bringing the tally to five goats on wheels.

About GOA Animal Rescue

Leanne Lauricella founded the Goats of Anarchy nonprofit rescue for special-needs goats in 2015. Leanne rehabilitates the goats, who she rescues from all over the country. After rehabilitation, the goats can then live out their lives at her beautiful sanctuary.

goats of anarachy rescueThe grounds contain spacious barns, meadows, wooded areas, and a goat playground! Swings, climbing structures, and a trampoline weave through the trees, complete with happy goats romping about on them.

goats of anarachy rescue

An incredible number of supporters and fans follow Leanne and the goats in her care on her Instagram and Facebook social media sites. Whose day is not brightened by an adorable goat photo or video?

In addition to 20 or more goats, there are dogs, a donkey, pigs, chickens, and a mini-horse to round out the animals found enjoying life at the Goats of Anarchy rescue.

goat sanctuary     disabled goat sanctuary

rescue pigs   goats of anarachy rescue

Baby Goats in Wheelchairs

goat wheelchairWhen Walkin’ Pets staff arrived at the rescue, they were greeted by four goats in Walkin’ Wheels. Walkin’ Pets quickly got to work making adjustments on the wheelchairs so that they fit the goats just right.

wheelchair adjustment   baby goat wheelchair

Then they put together the donated wheelchair, and Lawson was popped in. He adjusted to it very quickly! Lawson is going to have heart surgery very soon, and we all wish him well. Follow GOA’s social media for frequent updates.

disabled goat wheelchair   special needs goat wheelchair

goats of anarachy rescue    goat wheelchair

Sadly, one of the little goats, Emma, passed away the day after the Walkin’ Pets visit. Watch the video for a mini-tribute at the end for this sweet little goat, and to see why Walkin’ Pets fell in love during their visit.

GOA’s Messages

goats of anarachy rescueLeanne has several key messages that she imparts to the many people who follow her work:

  1. To encourage people to follow their dreams. Leanne went from being a New York City career girl to founding and running this rescue. Dreams do come true!
  2. To educate the public that goats are not just livestock, but can also be great pets — but only if pet ownership is taken very responsibly. Goats have distinct personalities and also bond well with humans.
  3. To cultivate compassion toward animals (and maybe particularly goats!). Animals want to live, and they have a great capacity to love.

A Life’s Worth

disabled goat life has value“These goats are worth it,” says Leanne.

They’re worth the work. They’re worth the expense and the heartache — and they’re obviously worth the joy!

Leanne shows the world that even the smallest, neediest little animals are to be valued and loved.

And the world, will indeed, change as a result.

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