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Disabled Farm & Wild Animals Using Carts!

Seeing farm animals in wheelchairs is becoming an increasingly familiar scene, as well as the occasional wild animal! Check out the photos and video below to see goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, a mini horse, and even a wolf and fawn on wheels.

Let’s face it, goats are adorable!

Disabled goats use pet wheelchairs to enable them to walk, just like dogs or cats do. Goats who suffer from frostbite can lose their hooves or legs (or parts thereof), or they can become disabled due to a variety of injuries or disease.

A wheelchair allows goats to enjoy life, and indeed have a life, because without mobility there would be little quality of life. What is it about goats that makes them extra super-duper photogenic?

goat-in-walkin-wheels  disabled-goat-in-wheelchair

The goat pictured in the upper left is from Izzie’s Pond rescue in South Carolina. They help injured or orphaned wildlife, farm animals, or waterfowl. Winslow, upper right, is from Goat Tails sanctuary in Southern Ontario, Canada.

disabled-goat-in-wheelchair   disabled-goat-in-pink

The two goats pictured above are from the very popular rescue Goats of Anarchy (GOA). Located in New Jersey, GOA is a sanctuary which started out to help goats, but now helps many other animals as well.

Not to be outdone, here come the sheep!

Lambs and sheep can lose mobility for many reasons, including infection, spinal cord trauma, or lesions. The sheep pictured below are all from Santuario Igualdad in Santiago, Chile. This refuge provides a permanent, safe home for abused or neglected farm animals.

sheep--in-walkin-wheels  handicapped-lamb-wheelchair
disabled-lamb-wheelchair  disabled-lamb-walkin-wheels

Get ready to go hog wild!

Jojo, also pictured at the top of this post, is a potbellied pig recovering from spinal surgery. She will hopefully regain use of her rear legs. A pig wheelchair makes getting around a breeze! Walkin’ Wheels are made tough enough to take whatever this pig can dole out:

disabled pig wheelchair

Rabbits are a very popular pet, just behind dogs and cats. Disabled bunnies also benefit from wheels when they have mobility challenges. Bambam, on the left, is in a mini Walkin’ Wheels, and Aslan from Germany is in a small Walkin’ Wheels:

bunny-in-wheelchair  rabbit-in-cart

Birds Take the Spotlight

Birds of a feather walk together in their Walkin’ Wheels. Merlin the Pekin Duck was the very first bird to ever get his own custom Walkin’ Wheels! Since his story went viral Walkin’ Pets has helped countless ducks get their own wheels!

Duck Wheelchair Merlin  
  Hope Pekin Duck Wheels

When 10-year old Alora Wood wanted to get her Chicken Granite Heart back on her feet, she contacted Walkin’ Pets for the first-ever Chicken Wheelchair!

Chicken Wheelchair
This mini-horse Romeo in Montana gets the support he needs to keep his muscles exercised and strengthened:

mini horse wheelchair

And Turbo the mini horse was born without patellar groves. When he tried out his Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for the first time, Turbo was able to stand, run, and gallop for the first time!

What about animals found in the wild? FURWIN (Friends United for Rights of Wildlife In Need), located in Kentucky, is the nonprofit that rescued this sweet babe. Meet Clarice the fawn:

baby deer wheelchair

This beautiful wolf named Leon was rescued by Wolf’s Hall, Russia’s first rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for abandoned and injured wolves. Many people in Russia and eastern Europe try to domesticate wild wolves, only to later abandon them. Leon has unfortunately passed from cancer since this photo was taken:

wolf wheelchair

Don’t forget about our Rollin’ Reptiles!

Not all animals on wheels have four legs, don’t forget about Scoot Reeves! Scoot is a Florida Tortoise who was saved by the Hillman Veterinary Clinic and now zips around in his own custom Turtle Wheelchair!

 Turtle wheelchair scoots across grass  Turtle wheelchair rolls through life

Do animals in carts interact with other animals?

Yes, indeed! Diego the sheep and Olivia the goat from Santuario Igualdad are fast friends:

goat wheelchair

Aslan the bunny loves his canine siblings:

disabled rabbit wheelchair

The wolves don’t seem to care if one of them is on wheels:

wild wolf in dog wheelchair

Foster siblings Rosalie and Scoot Reeves live together and roll together:

Walkin' Wheels friends Rosalie and Scoot

And I don’t know about you, but Pam the lamb seems to have fallen in love:

disabled lamb wheelchair

Let’s see them on a roll!

Do you know of a farm animal or wild animal who uses a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair? We want to see them! Share videos and photos in the comments below!

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  2. I have elderly ewe that she loss the use of all 4 legs. She has been down about 5 weeks. She has the will be live. She eats well and kicks but she can’t stand up. I need help or I will have to put her down. I don’t want to do that!

    • Hi Vickie, please give us a call at 888-253-0777 we work with sheep often, and can certainly help answer any questions you may have about a wheelchair and how it can help your ewe.

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