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How to Provide Comfort & Safety for Your Dog on July 4th

July 4th means summer fun and celebrations. For many, it also means fireworks! Thank you to guest blogger Giuliana Ferrero of Relax My Dog for this post about how to help your pets enjoy a comfortable and dog-safe 4th of July.

Relax My Dog keeps all your furry friends at the center of their hearts and believes every dog should be able to enjoy the July 4th festivities of the day in a safe and fun way! Their music has helped over six million dogs worldwide, and it could help you too.

An Idea Is Born!

Loud noises, bangs and crashes are enough to make us jump out of our skin, so imagine how our beloved pups must feel when subjected to these frightening sounds! Dogs can become riddled with anxiety and stress that can be debilitating. This was very much a reality for Zuki, the inspiration for Relax My Dog!

Zuki lives in El Salvador with owner (and co-founder) Ricardo Henriquez. Notorious for its high crime rate and gun violence, Zuki’s neighborhood wreaked havoc on his health causing him to cower and tremble at any noise similar to a gunshot. This is when an idea sparked!

Amman Ahmed (co-founder) and Ricardo began thoroughly researching musical compositions and melodies that could help Zuki with his extreme stress and anxiety. After much experimentation and testing, they got it! The perfect music to soothe and relax Zuki all day and night.

That was seven years ago! Relax My Dog now makes music to help pups in all walks of life, including those dealing with separation anxiety, post-surgical recovery, illness, disabilities, and hyperactivity. With over 87% of listeners confirming that they’ve helped their dogs, here are some ideas to make your 4th of July just as enjoyable for your dog as it is for you!

A Comfortable & Dog-Safe 4th of July

From fireworks and barbecues to toxic drinks and foods, the 4th of July can seem like a minefield of hazards for your pup. Here are some things to consider:

Create a Safe Space

Whether you’re hosting or attending a get-together, crowds of new people can be nerve-wracking for dogs. The best way to avoid causing stress to your pup is to keep them away from overstimulation. Loud crowds and hyperactive children can be all a bit too much. It is recommended that a safe space is created for your doggy, with all their essentials in it. That way, they can retreat to this space if they are experiencing stress.

Keep Toxic Foods Away

We all love to sneak a bit of food down to our pup as they sit by the dinner table, but unfortunately it is in their best interest to avoid this. Some 4th of July foods should be strongly avoided. Onions and corn (popular at barbecues) are toxic and can cause health issues. Alcohol should also be kept well away from your pup’s curious mouth, as it is extremely dangerous for them!

Fireworks Distractions

Fireworks, of course, the pinnacle of any 4th of July party, are guaranteed to light up anyone’s face. But it’s no secret that they don’t appeal to dogs — not one bit! Whilst letting off fireworks, it is best to keep your dog safe indoors. The loud bangs strike fear in many pups. Keep your dogs in their safe space, and hit play on some Relax My Dog tracks or on TV to keep them distracted and calm throughout the fireworks show.

Head over to our Youtube Channel, RelaxMyDog for further tips on a doggy-safe 4th of July and some specially made 4th of July music.

We hope you have an amazing Fourth of July. Tag Relax My Dog in your Instagram or Facebook with party pics of your pup @RelaxMyDog. We’d love to see all the fun you’re having!

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