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Understanding Pit Bulls and How to be a Responsible Owner

Responsible Pit Bull pet ownership and breed-specific legislation were topics on the latest episode of the Happy, Healthy Pets radio podcast. Pat Bettendorf, a Pit Bull owner and author of two books about a Pit Bull named Ruby, was the podcast’s special guest.

Breed-Specific Legislation

Pit Bulls have historically been bred to be fighters. As a result, they are very strong, muscular animals. Because of this, they are sometimes banned by breed-specific legislation.

exercise large dog breedsAnimal legislation is important to protect property and people, but wholesale vilification of Pit Bulls is unfair!

Firstly, Pit Bulls are not inherently violent. However, they do need to learn how to channel their energy. Pit Bulls can be trained to be superb family members when pet owners behave responsibly.

Every dog breed has its own temperament and needs. Pet owners must be held responsible for treatment of their animals. Consistent training and opportunities to get lots of exercise are essential for Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull Owner and Lover

Pat Bettendorf and his wife, Lynn, rescue Pit Bulls and other large breeds, like Rottweilers. They maintain a “tribe” of five to six dogs at a time. Their daughter, Sadie, has been raised amidst these canine siblings!

pit bull laws  pit bull laws

Ruby, a beloved Pit Bull and tribe member was also a service and therapy dog. Accordingly, she visited schools, nursing homes, and hospitals, comforting people of all ages. Her calm demeanor helped those she met feel calm, too.

Seeing Ruby in action changed many people’s minds about the Pit Bull breed. Most importantly, her gentle presence showed what a Pit Bull can be with love and proper training. A great pet is the result of responsible pet ownership.

pit bull therapy dog    pit bull therapy dog

Pit Bull Tales

walkin' wheels dog wheelchairPat Bettendorf wrote two heartwarming books, Ruby’s Tale and Ruby’s Road. These true accounts describe life with the sweet-tempered Pit Bull and the “tribe.”

The books are sure to entertain and educate readers. The adventures never stop, whether it’s being on the road, doing book signings, or finding Ruby on television.

Ruby eventually used a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair when Cushing’s Disease took its toll on her rear legs. However, Ruby didn’t let that stop her therapy work. She continued to connect with people wherever she went.

Cushing’s disease isn’t the only health condition that can impact the pit bull breed. Pit bulls are prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia, cerebellar hypoplasia, and knee injuries, all of which can greatly impact a pit bull’s mobility.

If you would like to order an autographed — and “pawtographed” — copy of either book, email the author directly at:

To hear the full radio podcast with guest Pat Bettendorf, listen at this link:
Select Breed-Specific Legislation and Pat Bettendorf to tune into this episode!

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