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How to Really Enjoy Travel with Your Dog

When we travel with our pets, their safety and comfort is our top priority, especially when it comes to pets with disabilities. Many factors need to be considered, from mode of travel to campgrounds, hotels, pet friendly parks, beaches, necessary medications, and more. Oh, and don’t forget a trip to your vet to make sure that your pet is fit enough to handle the trip.

Here are a few tips for traveling with pets, including those with special needs:

Air Travel

dog-790853_640Pet safety and comfort is high on the list of priorities, especially when it comes to air travel. The fact is that millions of pets travel safely and comfortably every year on airplanes. Airlines today go above and beyond to ensure the care and safety of their passengers’ pets. Just be sure to have your veterinarian give you a health certificate for your pet in case health officials and/or the airlines ask for one.

Don’t Forget Medications

Same as you would with your own, remember to bring along any vital medications that have been prescribed for your pet. Keep them within easy reach, and bring them in your carry-on bag, if you can.

Make Pit Stops

Stress shows itself in different ways with animals, including developing a surplus of nervous energy. If you’re traveling with a dog(s), make frequent stops, especially during the early stages of your road trip. Let your pet burn off pent up energy and sniff around. This will help make him/her feel safe and curious instead of uprooted and scared. Making frequent pit stops helps develop a sense of comfort, making the trip a lot easier to deal with.

Finding Pet Friendly Accommodationsdog in hotel

Fortunately, the number of hotels and other accommodations that accept pets has grown, but it’s still a good idea to make arrangements ahead of time. If that’s not possible, at least have a good idea of where to stop along the way.

There’s No Place like Home

Pets definitely have a good idea of what home is, which means they also know what it smells like, which is comforting for them. Make a bed in the car or pet carrier using a blanket that smells like you and the family. This will help put your dog at ease, reducing the amount of stress experienced along the way.

Protective Travel Aidsdog seat belt

There are a number of products available that offer protection from weather extremes and changes in terrain that your pet’s paws may not be ready for. From pet boots, dog seat belts, and specialized carriers that hold them safely in place, you’ll find what you need to ensure safe travels for your pet.

Consider a Prescription

Your veterinarian may want to prescribe something to make traveling easier for both you and your pet. You may want to consider this if your pet has a particularly hard time adjusting to travel.

With time, patience, and consideration, your pet will discover how much fun traveling with you can be!

Travel with your pet

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