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How To Plan A Road Trip With Handicapped Pets

Having a handicapped pet doesn’t mean you should isolate or keep them from living their best life. On the contrary, you should involve them in all the fun activities they would enjoy if they weren’t handicapped.

A great example of such is taking them on road trips. Here are ways you can enjoy a road trip with handicapped pets.

1.  Come Up With A Checklist

To avoid forgetting vital items when traveling with handicapped pets, write a detailed checklist. While you’re at it, don’t forget to load your pet’s mobility products on a 4runner roof rack to create more space for your pet.

You’ve probably lived with them for quite a while; you know what they need better than anyone else. Go through their daily routines and see what you’ll need for a successful and enjoyable road trip.

Get a separate bag for all other smaller items that you are likely to misplace. When you’re through writing your list, assemble all your pet’s items in one place, and get specific bags for each. Tick off your list just to be sure that you’ve catered to each of your pet’s most needed items.

2.  Put Your Finances In Order

As you travel with your pet, be prepared for unexpected expenditures that may arise in the course of the journey. Put your finances in order and be flexible enough to cater to the needs of your pet and yours too.

Traveling with a disabled pet takes months because you may need more money than you think. Put in all the savings you can for you and your pet to be comfortable when the material day comes.

If possible, buy a notebook specifically for this project and note down all the milestones on your forthcoming project. This move enables you to employ the highest levels of discipline, even in future endeavors.

Another convenient alternative to a notebook is an app on your smartphone that will facilitate your financial ambitions. An efficient app will help you keep track of the budget for your upcoming road trip.

What’s more, you may not need to go through the hassle of using a calculator. The apps do the calculations on your behalf and are quite accurate.

3.  Invest In Mobility Products


Carry out in-depth research on what exactly your pet needs, especially if you’ve never been on the road with them. Check on the credibility of your sources first before implementing your findings.

A wheelchair should definitely be a top priority. Your disabled pet will need to move around while you take a break from the vehicle. Moving around in its wheelchair is healthy for your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing.

 There are harnesses specifically designed for disabled pets. You could bring this along, too, in case your dog becomes overburdened when moving around on their own.

Harnesses are useful when your dog’s condition is critical. It’ll help you lift and carry your pet around for them to get some sun as well as fresh air. However, seek the professional advice of your pet’s vet.

Not all harnesses are as straightforward as some may end up causing physical harm to your pet. Your pet’s vet should advise you on the mobility product that would be most suitable for your pet.

4.  Book An Appointment With The Vet

There are plenty of issues to discuss with your vet over your pet’s condition. Top on the list is how to handle your pet in the course of the journey. Also, your vet must have a say on the kind of medication to bring along.

Most preferably, see a vet who has your vet’s medical history intact. This will help them keep track of your pet’s condition and administer the correct medication for their upcoming trip.

You may need to have a list of questions to ask away to guarantee the safety of your pet. This way, you’ll know what to do in case something beyond your control happens. Keep the communication between you and the vet alive.

Traveling with a handicapped pet can be quite involving because anything might happen. Whichever the case, always be prepared to combat anything that comes your way. Share your concerns and let the vet address them while there’s still time.

5.  Prepare For Accommodation

The road trip may take longer, and you may go further than you planned to. In case this happens, make plans for comfortable, warm, and spacious accommodation for you and your pet.

Make these arrangements a month before your road trip or so. The essence of early bookings is to secure a decent place and avoid the last-minute rush that other pet owners may be facing.

Another benefit you stand to gain is that you save on costs.

The rates may be on the lower side once you’re deliberate about making early preparations in this aspect.

One of the factors to consider when looking for accommodation is whether disabled pets are welcome. Some hotels and lodgings have a policy that doesn’t favor or regard handicapped pets.

Last but not least, ensure that there’s plenty of space for your dog’s mobility products.

Squeezing yourselves in a tiny room wouldn’t be a healthier option but would only aggravate your pet’s current situation.

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