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How to Manage Your Puppy Crying at Night

Disabled puppy goes outside to play in new wheelchair

It is normal for young puppies to cry at night when they are in pain, hurting, separated, worried, and for many other reasons. When a puppy has just moved, is in pain, or may have been injured, it is not uncommon for them to cry. 

It can be challenging as an owner because you may need help figuring out what you can do for them or how to make them feel better. If you have a puppy with special needs, sometimes they need a little different care. 

Looking at sites such as The Puppy Mag can help you learn a bit more about what your puppy’s needs might be and how you can work to make them the happiest they can be!

You always need to think about why your puppy is trying at night. There are many reasons and plenty of solutions. However, always note that if they are suddenly acting this way for no foreseeable reason, it is always best to seek out the help of a vet. 

Cute big-eard pupp Suki in her small pink walkin' wheels

When you are unsure of the cause of any behavior change, always make sure to see a vet. While puppies do cry at night, those with mobility issues or a disability may be more prone to crying at night. This is simply because they are struggling and need you. 

There are plenty of other potential reasons as to why. 

It could be as simple as they need to go potty and need your help. Maybe they are hungry or lonely. 

A common reason for nighttime whining is often hunger, which is not uncommon, even in the healthiest, most well-fed pups. However, if it is not hunger, the reasons can include pain, anxiety, itchiness, and even loneliness. 

Let’s take a more thorough look at the causes.

Why is My Puppy Crying During the Night?

frenchie puppy

Puppies will usually always have a period of separation anxiety when they settle into new homes, especially on their first night in a new home. This anxiety is usually amplified for a sick, injured, or disabled puppy. 

We are likely to worry about how long whining like this will last, but look at how you can calm them. 

Do you have any familiar toys or blankets? Can they sleep in the same room as you, so they know you are there? Consider what you can do to make them feel more comfortable and ensure they feel secure knowing you are there. 

However, you should always make sure that you do not fuss with them too much, as they could quickly learn that by crying at night, they signal for you to come, which would result in a lifetime of being woken up by cries and whines. 

Remember, you need to sleep well as well! 

Is It Normal for Puppies to Cry at Nighttime?

Three Legged Bull Terrier Puppy

The reasoning is not complex. Most puppies will cry because they feel lonely, want socialization, love, and comfort, and don’t like being away from you. 

If your pup has a disability or recently got injured, they may rely on you a lot and be very codependent. They may cry at night because they are afraid of being alone without you, even though they are not all that alone. 

Puppies will also usually cry if they need to go to the toilet. Remember that as you toilet train your pup, take into consideration meal times, and try to ensure you schedule their meals, so they do not need to go to the bathroom so much during the night. 

It will be better for you both to do this. 

Proper toilet training is also ideal. It can help with crate training and will make vet visits much easier on you if you can get their toilet training perfected and incorporate it with crate training.

Should You Let Your Puppy Cry at Night?

Any dog expert or dog owner will tell you never to leave your dog to cry at night. Letting them cry will enhance their anxiety and can lead to behavioral problems or even depression. 

If your dog is unwell or suffers from a disability, letting them cry at night will likely make them anxious or depressed. If you ignore it and do not respond to it appropriately, you could miss when something is wrong later on in their lives. 

Let’s not forget the noise. Even if your walls are thick, you, your neighbors, and everyone else will hear it. 

Of course, if your dog is sick or unwell, you can even make them worse by letting them cry through the night. In some cases, puppies have whimpered through most of the night and can eventually get so stressed and scared that they end up having diarrhea. 

They can end up walking in it, it gets in their fur, then their mouths, and before you know it, they could be even more unwell. Distress from being left to cry in the night can cause your pup to get anxious at any form of separation, which is the opposite of progress. 

How to Stop Puppies Crying in a Crate?

french bulldog puppy uses dog wheelchair

When you bring a puppy home, you may use a crate, but when you take them to a vet, you may require a crate, so crate training is essential and can be vital to their health and help to make them more comfortable in all situations.

When you first bring your puppy home, you can keep it in its crate in your bedroom or that of a family member overnight. This is because dogs are clean animals and never like going to the toilet where they sleep. 

In their early weeks, they will often need to go to the toilet regularly during the day and the night. Some sick or disabled pups may need to go even more frequently, or need more help going. 

Being in their crate and near you or a family member can help your puppy know that you are near, and they will be less anxious and less likely to cry at night unless they need to use the toilet.

Since they are in your bedroom, you will also be able to respond fast, so if they cry, you can help them to the toilet fast. 

The Reasons for Puppies Crying at Night

If you only recently got your puppy, no matter any additional factors, they may cry at night for other reasons, including gaining a secure attachment with you. This is especially true in the first weeks. 

You can put them close to you at night, so they know you are there, and you know they are there. Only use a single light source at night so that they can see, but no ominous shadows are there. 

Some pups will find natural sounds, low-fi, or even classical music soothing, much like we do, and it can help them feel safe and sleep better. However, you should also ensure there are no sharp objects or corners near where they sleep. 

If they jump up from their sleep, the last thing you want is them hurting themselves in doing so. 

What We Think

Any new pup will be a challenge. However, pups with mobility issues, disabilities, or illnesses can be more of a challenge. 

Make sure you learn how to best look after them, and speak to a veterinarian to help find out more. Raising a disabled pup can be rewarding as you can watch them conquer their world and restrictions! 

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