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6 Things to Think About Before Getting a Puppy

When it comes to getting a new puppy, there are many things to consider. You’ll need to decide on a breed and calculate how big of a dog you can handle. You’ll need to consider expenses and have a place to let the puppy run around. You might even want to consider getting a spayed or neutered pet. The list can go on and on. Nevertheless, if you are fully prepared for the commitments these bundles of joy can provide, a puppy might be the perfect thing to bring into your life. Read on to find out some vital points you must first consider before taking the next step.

1. Choose The Breed

Disabled puppy wheelchair

Choosing the right breed is one of the most important decisions to make when getting a new dog. Many different dog breeds are available to you, but not all are suited for every home and family. If you’re considering getting a new dog, it’s essential to understand the needs of the animal and your own before picking a breed. Different varieties come with different personalities and traits that make them the best option for a particular household. 

Certain breeds are great at being active, while others are more prone to getting sick. Some may be better at playing with children, while others may be better at hunting. Knowing what is available and what will fit into your lifestyle when choosing a breed for your family is crucial. If you are looking for a dog suitable for families, you might consider choosing a poodle mix. Poodle mixes make excellent companions for people who want their dogs to have good social skills but remain loyal to their owners. Owners should not consider buying this type of dog if they require a lapdog because this mixed breed is typically a poodle mixed with other (usually active) species. For example, a Labradoodle will still have Labrador traits, which include the need for regular exercise and mental stimulation.

2. Think About Visiting Your Local Dog Shelter

The benefits of adopting a dog are incalculable. Today, puppy ownership is plagued by the fact that people don’t take the time to think about the consequences of their actions. When they realize how much work it is, they dump them at the nearest shelter. This results in numerous unwanted puppies and fully grown dogs being put down if not housed within a reasonable timeframe. As a family, it could be an excellent way to teach your children about the endeavor you are about to undertake. By visiting a shelter, your children will see how the consequences of poor decisions affect real, living things.

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair
drag bag for paralyzed dog
Walkin’ Drag Bag

3. Consider The Financial, Physical, and Emotional Costs

You cannot avoid the fact that dogs are expensive in terms of money, emotional and physical exertion. But what are some of how they will cost you these things? 


french bulldog puppy uses dog wheelchair

Some estimates put the yearly costs of owning a dog at between $1,500 to $9,900, Which is an utterly insane amount of money when you think about it. Some of the significant costs involved typically include:

  • Food: Your dog needs to eat. While it isn’t as much as a hungry child, dog food tends to be on the more expensive side of things. Therefore, you should budget for feeding it at least once per day, every day for the rest of its life.
  • Vet bills: Medicines, spaying, or neutering are just some of the many expensive bills that a veterinarian is more than happy to provide you. In the best-case scenario, your dog will be healthy, and you will rarely need to visit the vet, both other times you might not be so lucky.


Depending on your chosen breed, you will most likely have to give them regular walks and exercise. While this is a good thing in increasing your health, you must take the time to walk them. This means in summer as in winter. A well adjusted and well behaved puppy needs training.


The more attached you become to your dog, the more emotional pain you will suffer when their end ultimately arrives. IF you look after your dog, they should live a long and happy life, but the fact remains that their lives are drastically shorter than humans. It can be emotionally devastating to watch your best friend succumb to illness. Although you shouldn’t dwell on this fact, there will come a day you will have to deal with it.

4. How Much Time Can You Dedicate To Your Puppy?

If you’re asking yourself how much time you can dedicate to your new dog, the answer depends on many things. First, think about how long it’ll take for your dog to adjust. Then, consider the amount of responsibility you have compared to the time you are dedicating to your new pet. For example, do you need to go into the office almost every day, or do you work remotely? The answer to that question should let you know if getting a dog is a good idea. You don’t want to be the kind of person who buys a dog and then leaves it locked up all day, only receiving interaction for a few hours per day.

5. Who Will Look After Them When You Travel

Despite COVID-19 seemingly never-ending, there will come a time when you can travel again, and it is almost sure that you will take the chance! Therefore, you should think about who you know who can look after your dog while you are away. Relatives would be the best choice, but if you don’t know anyone, you will need to hire a pet sitter who is yet another expense.

6. Do You Have Enough Space?

Most of the points in this post are somewhat dependent on the size and breed of your dog, and this one is no different. You should consider if you have enough space to keep your dog active both mentally and physically. Having a house with a large garden is ideal, but if not, you should think if you have any natural trails or parks where your dog can stretch their legs. If you end up with a pug, you won’t need to worry so much, but if you opt for a husky or border collie, you had better have enough space unless you enjoy coming home and seeing your furniture ripped to pieces.

The decision to get a new puppy shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s vital you fully understand all of the factors involved. Nonetheless, if you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself into, you will discover yourself with a loving companion, unlike anything you can imagine.

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