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How to Prepare Your Home to Accommodate a Pet in a Wheelchair

Making the decision to get your pet a wheelchair can be a tough one, but it can also be a necessary one. It may be the best decision to help your pet continue living a comfortable and happy life.

Along with them being physically more comfortable, there’s some responsibility that falls on you as a pet owner to make them more comfortable in your home. Once you make the decision that it may be time to get your pet a wheelchair, you may also have to look into making some adjustments to your home. Follow the tips below to make your home more welcoming for a pet in a wheelchair. 

Limit Obstacles in Your Home

Small dog in Walkin' Wheels wheelchair

If your pet is new to using a wheelchair, maneuverability may be tough for them. Do what you can to limit any obstacles they may come across. Things such as coffee tables, television stands, and end tables can be easily moved around to create more space for your pet if they enjoy being in that area of your home.

Things such as thick carpet and rough or uneven flooring are things that you can’t just move out of the way for your pet, though. You may want to replace your floors with something that’s much more accommodating if your pet spends a lot of time in a certain area. Your flooring can be a tripping hazard for a dog with mobility issues, and may be too slippery for your dog to get enough traction.

Although it may be a pricier option, getting new flooring installed will make your pet’s life in your home much easier. And if you’re worried about the financial aspect of getting new floors, you could apply for a home equity line of credit and utilize the money built up in your home to get a lump sum of cash to use. Or, if you can afford to wait a little longer, you could save up just a little from each paycheck to create a new floor fund and make the purchase when you have enough money saved up.

Avoid Stairs

French Bulldog uses wheelchair inside home

One of the biggest adjustments your pet will need to make once they have a wheelchair is to avoid stairs. Stairs can pose a serious risk to pets that rely on a wheelchair for mobility. This may be difficult for them, and it may be a challenge to adjust to it if you live in a multi-level home.

One of the easiest ways to prevent pets from going up or down stairs is to insert a pet gate at the top or bottom of the stairs. If you do live in a multi-level home, a pet gate can be easily purchased and set up to prevent pets from being able to access the stairs and potentially cause another injury.

Depending on the layout of your home, you may have some smaller sets of stairs that could lead to the inside of your home from the garage or front entryway, or they could provide access to outdoor living spaces such as a porch or deck. To allow your pet to continue to access these areas, you could purchase or make a ramp for them to use. Ramps are a great way to combat stairs and are easy to acquire and set up where you may see fit.

Keep Outside Accessible

Paralyzed cat uses Walkin' Wheels cat wheelchair in her home

It’s important to try and allow your pet to still live as normal of a life as they can while they have a wheelchair. If your pet enjoys being outdoors, as many pets do, then keeping your outside space accessible to them is an essential part of allowing them to continue living a normal life.

If your home has an outdoor living space that your pet would spend time in prior to needing a wheelchair, it’s important to ensure they can continue to access that space now. For deck and patio spaces, that could include having a ramp to get up the stairs or having a gate that you can put up to prevent your pet from injury while around stairs.

If your pet likes to explore your yard and outdoor space, make sure to keep your yard open and well-groomed to allow easy maneuverability for your pet. If you have a crowded yard, consider clearing some space out to make it easier for your pet to move around and keep your yard well-kept to allow them to walk or run around easily with their wheelchair.

Just because your pet is now in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they shouldn’t continue to have easy access to things they had before. By following these tips, you will create a home that is accommodating to your pet that has a wheelchair.

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Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
large dog uses rear support harness for back legs
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drag bag for paralyzed dog
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