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New Mobility Assistance for the Smallest Disabled Pets

Now teacup and small breeds can get the support they need by turning their rear wheelchair into a quad wheelchair! The Mini Front Wheel Attachment was created for the smallest disabled pets, allowing them to get the front leg support they so desperately need.

This adjustable piece of canine equipment converts the Walkin’ Wheels Rear into a Full Support/4-Wheel pet wheelchair. Now the smallest furry family members have the help they need!

New Pet Product for Mobility Assistance

new-pet-productThe Mini Front Wheel Attachment was created to help very small pets with front leg difficulties, as well as in the rear. This new pet product is designed for pets weighing two to ten pounds.

Now pet owners of dogs, cats, and other very small animals have an option to euthanasia when their pets’ front legs become weak.

Many animals lose mobility in their rear legs first and use a Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair. A smaller percentage eventually lose mobility in their front legs as well. At that point, the Mini Front Wheel Attachment can be added to create a Full Support or Quad cart.

mini-walkin-wheels-pet-wheelchairThe Mini Front Wheel Attachment is adjustable  in length, width, and height, just like the Mini Walkin’ Wheels Rear.

Both products come in three Mini sizes so that the smallest pets can get just the right fit.

Sizing & Shipping

To order the right size, two measurements are needed.

First of all, the “fold of flank” (FoF) measurement is needed. The FoF measurement is the distance from where the dog’s rear leg meets the body to the tip of the dog’s toe on his/her rear leg.

Secondly, the “armpit to rump” measurement is needed, which is the distance from the back of the front leg to the back of the rear leg. Of course, the Mini Front Wheel Attachment is adjustable, so when it arrives, it can be adjusted to tweak the fit to perfection.

The Mini Front Wheel Attachment typically ships on the day of order, with overnight shipping also available. Pet owners don’t need to wait weeks for a custom cart to be built!

More Pet Product Info

Go to the Mini Front Wheel Attachment webpage for even more information.

Two Rescue Chihuahuas Walk Again in Their New Mini Wheelchairs:


Learn more about the Mini Rear Walkin’ Wheels.

And for those who need it, there is a Mini Walkin’ Belly Support if a little extra mid-body support is needed. 

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