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Walkin’ Hip-EEZ: The First 4-in-1 Hip Support System

Hip Brace for Bloodhound

Hip Dysplasia is the mother of all orthopedic disease, and it is often painful and expensive to treat. Walkin’ Pets is proud to introduce a solution for your dog’s hip pain, the Walkin’ Hip-EEZ Support System. The Hip-EEZ is a hip support device designed to provide support to the hip joint of pets.

The Hip-EEZ system is inspired by Canine Rehabilitation cases that needed something more. Since, joint and pain management play a large role in the needs of pets suffering from Hip Dysplasia, the Hip-EEZ was designed to provide more support and compression to the hip joint while still allowing movement.

How it Works:

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ hip support device provides lift and support to the hip joint for ambulatory pets. Each of the Hip-EEZ leg panels attach above the knee and secure on top of the pelvis to prove a feeling of “lift”.  The combined use of compression and lift are the key to supporting your dog’s hip joint and alleviate their hip pain.

The Hip-EEZ Hip Support System helps the following conditions

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Conformational Deformities
  • Hip Trauma Recovery
  • Post-Surgical Recovery

Hip disease effects many dog breeds, both big and small. The Hip-EEZ is perfect for young dogs with early signs of hip dysplasia through senior dogs who require hip support for improved mobility or those suffering from a degenerative hip condition. This hip brace will help your dog get around with ease and provide the hip stability they need. The Hip-EEZ decreases pain and inflammation in the hip joint, allowing your pet to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Attachments for the Hip-EEZ

The Hip-EEZ is the first 4-in-1 hip support device with three interchangeable attachments for multiple functions. Allowing the Hip-EEZ to accommodate a range of conditions or deficits affecting your pet’s hip joint. The Hip-EEZ attachments are sold separately and designed to work with your pet’s Hip-EEZ system. Allowing you to customize your pet’s care and provide them the hip support they need.

Hip-EEZ Bridge

Hip bridge for dog hip subluxation

With the Hip-EEZ Bridge attachment, there’s finally a non-surgical solution for hip subluxation! The medical grade foam arch attaches to the inside of the Hip-EEZ and conforms directly over the Femoral Head. Applying pressure on the top of the join and pushing inward to keep the Coxo-Femoral joint from subluxating out of place as the pet stands or moves.

Along with the help of your rehab professional, exercise and continuous wear you can help keep your dog’s hip joint in place. Prevent your dog’s hips from clicking every time they take a step!

Hip-EEZ Donut

dog hip donut for pressure sore treatment

The Hip-EEZ Donut is perfect for preventing and treating the discomfort caused by bed sores and Decubital Ulcers. Designed to attach inside of your dog’s Hip-EEZ to create a cushioned barrier between your dog’s hip and the hard surface of the ground.

Protect your dog’s hips by alleviating pressure and protect the hip joint when laying down. Now your pet’s pressure sores or ulcers can heal and the can stop future sores from forming on the hip and surrounding tissues.

Hip-EEZ Cross-Assist

Cross assist helps prevent dog hind leg crossing

The Cross-Assist attachment is the perfect training tool to keep pet’s from crossing their hind legs. The Cross-Assist sits high up between your dog’s thighs and attach to the outside of the Hip-EEZ System.

Once in place, your dog’s legs will be preventing from crossing. Ideal for pets suffering from hind end weakness, neurological disease, strokes, spinal compression and post-surgical procedures that may be affected by hind leg crossing.

More Pet Product Info

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ is available in five different sizes to fit a range of pets.

See the Hip-EEZ in Action:

Walkin' Hip-EEZ Hip Support System

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  2. My Labrador suffers from degenerative muscle disease. He is just 2 years old and weighs 80 lbs. His ability to walk is extremely limited. I mostly have to carry him or wagon him to where he needs to go. He has a good shoulder harnesses but he needs better hip support , so I can move him.

    • Hi Bob,

      The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ will help to support his hips and help with his hip pain. Is he having trouble getting around? It’s not uncommon for Labs with degenerative diseases to need a little extra help getting around, have you considered a wheelchair for him? We would be happy to discuss your Lab over the phone, and make sure he gets exactly what he needs, please call us at 888-253-0777. Thank you!

  3. Hello,

    my chow has been diagnosed with both dysplasia and torn ligaments fo both of his back knees. He’s been getting around extremly well (thus why his condition was lately diagnosed) He’s 4 years old and it would be great to ease his pain. Especially he needs extra help walking up the stairs

  4. My German Shepherd is about 12 and her back leg(s) aren’t functioning very well anymore. She has trouble getting around, and sometimes just doesn’t get up, it’s a struggle for her. She’s a mix (a rescue so we don’t know what) and about 70lbs.
    We’re concerned with utilizing a wheelchair because she keeps letting herself into the pool (she keeps outsmarting our barriers). We assume the cool water/weight off her leg is a big relief, she swims in a quick circle, but can’t get out on her own, she can’t put all the weight on her back legs to get up the stairs. We are worried she will try to get in the pool with the wheelchair and drown 🙁
    Is the Hip-Eez something that could help her? What if her back muscles are weakened too, will this strain them?
    Also, how lightweight is the product? Would it potentially be okay if she let herself into a pool with it?

    • Hi Nikki – the Hip-EEZ is very lightweight, and is designed to help support and lift the leg allowing for easy movement while supporting the hip joint. It can go in the water but it should be removed afterwards and laid flat to dry. If she’s dealing with muscle weakness and struggling on the stairs, she may benefit from a lifting harness that will allow you to support her and give her a boost in the hind end. Please call us at 888-253-0777, we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have.

    • Yes, the Hip-EEZ is designed to accommodate a range of dog breeds. I would recommend contacting us at 888-253-0777 to make sure your bulldog gets the correct size.

  5. I have a St Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. She is about 8 years old. She can walk when up, but she now cannot put weight on her back legs to come up the stairs. And when she walks in our kitchen with hardwood floors, her back legs go out from under her. Is this something that can help her? She weighs about 145 pounds. She also has trouble getting up when laying down.

    • Hi Joe – it sounds like your pup needs a little more support to help her get up stairs, around the house, and to stand. The Hip-EEZ will support the hip joint, but it sounds like more than anything she would benefit from a rear lifting harness to help support her. We have the Combo Harness which is designed specifically to help support and lift large breed dogs. If you have any questions or need help figuring out what would work best for her, please call us at 888-253-0777, we’re always happy to help!

  6. My dog is 7 years old, she is a bull arab crossed with a bull mastiff and weighs about 42kg. She has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her back legs and is starting to struggle to stand from a sitting stance. Does she need a hip support or leg brace?

    • Hi Sarah – If your dog’s arthritis is in her hip joint – the Hip-EEZ will help to relieve her arthritis pain and keep her active. If her back legs are weakening she may need some additional support. Please call us at 888-253-0777 and we can help get her what she needs.

  7. Hello,
    Mike is a lab/pit mix and are unsure of his exact age. I would guess about 9 years old and weighs 107 lbs. He hardly puts any weight on his left hind leg when standing and walking. He is a champion and still goes on a daily hike and walks 2-3 times per day ranging from 1-2 miles. He is taking Gabapentin and Meloxidyl for pain and inflammation, which seemed to help in the beginning, but he still struggles when getting up from laying down. Also, sometimes his left hind leg will give out when he’s walking. I think your product will give him the needed support. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Jonathan, it’s important to know where your dog is feeling pain and where he needs support most. Struggling to stand up after resting for awhile is very common in dogs as they age. If once your dog gets up, he’s able to stand and walk unassisted he may just need a lifting harness that you can help stabilize and support him as needed. With his leg giving out every once in awhile, it sounds like at some point he will need a wheelchair. Along with supporting him, a wheelchair will help him maintain his balance and relieve the pressure being placed on his back legs. He can still walk on all four legs while using a wheelchair, but the wheelchair will help him to move with ease. Give us a call at 888-253-0777, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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