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Mini Dachshund Wheelchair by Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets is proud to announce the launch of a new size Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair! The NEW Mini Dachshund Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is specially designed to perfectly fit your Miniature Dachshund.

Mini Dachshund CartNew Doxie Wheelchair

Due to their characteristically long torso, the dachshund is prone to back problems, spinal injury and disc disease all of which can impair mobility. Walkin’ Pets has designed the Doxie wheelchair specifically fit the mobility needs of the miniature dachshund. With mobility assistance, dachshunds can continue to live healthy and independently active lives.

The new Mini Dachshund Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has the same great features available as the larger-sized Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs, but the frame is even lighter to accommodate the doxie’s smaller build. The wheelchair frame is fully adjustable in height, length, and width. The longer side extenders were designed to perfectly accommodate the needs of your dachshund. For dachshunds with paralyzed rear legs, the stirrups hold rear legs off the ground to protect against dragging. The removable harness and leg rings are washable and adjustable to give pets maximum comfort and support.

Benefits of a Dachshund Wheelchair

Dachshunds are prone to mobility issues and spinal issues. In fact, dachshunds are 10 to 12 times more likely to be impacted by Intervertebral Disc Disease than other dog breeds. The dachshund wheelchair gives them the support they need to continue to run and enjoy life!

How to Measure a Dachshund for a Wheelchair

The dachshund wheelchair fits miniature dachshunds between 2 and 10 lbs.

Larger, standard sized dachshunds will fit comfortably in our Small Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

Only two simple measurements are needed to determine the perfect sized Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

Step 1. Measure your dachshund’s length: measured from armpit to rump

Step 2. Measure the height of your dog’s leg (or fold of flank)

Once you have measured your dog, visit our Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair Sizer to select the perfect size, or contact on of our Wheelchair Specialists at 888-253-0777 who are happy to help you.

Dachshund Wheelchair Accessories

Designed to work with our current line of Mini Wheelchair accessories, you can customize your doxie’s cart with these options:

Walkin’ Wheels Mini Front Attachmentnew-pet-product-for-mobility

A full support wheelchairs helps dachshunds suffering from front leg difficulties, as well as in the rear. The Mini Front Wheel Attachment allows you to easily convert the Doxie cart into a full support/quad wheelchair. This is an ideal solution for dachshunds needing support in both the front and rear legs.

Walkin’ Belly Support

Back problems are common in the dachshund breed due to their long body.  Many dachshunds need additional support in the center of their back to protect their spine. The Walkin’ Belly Support wraps around the wheelchair frame creating a comfortable neoprene support in the middle of the body. The belly support relieves undue stress on the back and keeps the dachshund’s back in alignment.

See How the Dachshund Wheelchair Works!

Dachshund wheelchair for IVDD and dachshund mobility loss

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