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Meet Kiki: The Little Lamb That Can!

Disabled lamb tries out new wheelchair

Meet Kiki, a farm-born 3.5-month-old lamb was born without the use of her legs. So often, when an animal cannot care for themselves, the mother will “reject” them at birth, which sadly is what happened in Kiki’s case.

A lamb needs to get the necessary nutrients from its mother to grow and lead a healthy life. Unfortunately, Kiki was abandoned by her mother and her growth was severely stunted. Weak, malnourished, and unable to walk, Kiki struggled to survive. The farm realized that they could not care for an animal in this condition and thankfully, Don’t Forget Us Pet Us Sanctuary stepped in and offered to give Kiki the life she so desperately deserves.

Meghan King, a board member of Don’t Forget Us Pet Us Sanctuary, was contacted by Founder, Deb. Deb informed Meghan about the lamb’s situation and was able to come to Kiki’s rescue. At just 11 days old, Kiki found herself a new place to call home at the sanctuary in Massachusetts. Kiki would not be alone as she is now with many other rescues farm animals that came from similar situations.

Will Kiki Walk Again?

disabled lamb is carried with lifting harnesses

Though Kiki has overcome one of her roadblocks, there was still the uncertainty of her ever walking on her own. Kiki’s legs are badly contracted, leaving her unable to stretch her legs out to stand up. She has spent much of her young life lying down and only comfortably lay on one side of her body causing painful pressure sores to form. Even with the amazing medical care and physical therapy the sanctuary team knew they needed to find a way to help her stand and walk on her own.

Luckily, Walkin’ Pets discovered Kiki’s story and knew they had the resources to help Kiki find her freedom. Walkin’ Pets worked with Deb and Meghan to get Kiki a harness system and a Full Support wheelchair getting Kiki upright. Kiki’s new lifting harnesses and sheep wheelchair are vital tools for her rehabilitation.

The Walkin’ Pets team drove to the sanctuary to hand-deliver the equipment and get eyes on Kiki’s very first steps! It’s not every day they get to see farm animals get a second chance at life on wheels. So when they heard about Kiki they had to witness this incredibly loving moment for themselves.

Kiki Stands for the First Time in Her Life!

Meghan says, “The wheelchair is huge for us. We are so, so grateful for this opportunity from Walkin’ Pets.” The wheelchair will help alleviate the pressure on her limbs and help stabilize and support her. With her sheep wheelchair, Kiki’s therapists can now begin to improve her leg function and work towards her taking her first steps. Although the team knows that the rehabilitation will be a long process, they are ready to do whatever they can to help Kiki.

Now that Kiki can be upright, physical therapy will be a lot easier, and she will be able to get some traction with her one working leg. Getting a wheelchair is Kiki’s first step towards standing up on her own four feet! Mikayla from Walkin’ Pets says, “We cannot be more proud of her. She is the most precious soul, and we cannot wait to see what her future holds for her. She is one resilient little lamb, and we are her biggest cheerleaders!”

Kiki the Sheep’s Incredible Rescue Story

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