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Morocco Dog Sanctuary Gives Second Chances

The SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco, is the forever-loving home to over 500 animals. Many different animals are being cared for by the sanctuary, including dogs, cats, donkeys, wild boars, sheep & even a rabbit!

Wheeling Rescues

Tangier Wheelchair Dogs

Among these lucky animals are 15 happy, disabled dogs who spend their days scooting around in their Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs. Many of these dogs have amputated limbs, and many more require ongoing, expensive medical care that the sanctuary is happy to provide. Every life at the SFT Animal Sanctuary is precious.

Rescue wheelchair dogs thrive

The weather is challenging in Tangier, as they battle cold nights and warmer summer days. To keep the dogs comfortable and safe at night they’ve created a special sand-filled enclosure that helps to regulate the temperature of the paralyzed dogs. Each day starts with a high-quality, nutrient breakfast to ensure everyone stays healthy. After breakfast, everyone gets put into their wheelchairs and has free reign to roam the sanctuary. They love to play and chase, racing each other to see who’s fastest—returning to their sand pit to rest for a bit when they need to, before another playtime in the afternoon. The sanctuary provides a loving, safe home where the dogs are given a chance to live their best lives.

How One ‘Lucky Puppy’ was Saved

Lucky Puppy at SFT
SFT Mascot: Lucky Puppy

Abandoned on the streets of El Jadida and left to fend for herself, a small three-month-old puppy is run over and left for dead. When a video of Lucky Puppy dragging herself through the streets went viral, a French charity encouraged the filmmaker to bring Lucky Puppy to SFT Animal Sanctuary, where she could get the care she desperately needed. Loving her new home and all the attention, she quickly bonded with Sally, the sanctuary’s founder, falling in love and following her everywhere. Used to scooting around on her own, Lucky Puppy wasn’t so sure about her new dog wheelchair at first. But once she got the hang of it, she took off! Quickly becoming the fastest dog on wheels!

The sanctuary estimates there are over 30,000 stray dogs on the streets of Tangier and more than 3 million homeless dogs across Morocco. Sally and the rest of the SFT community work daily to change the attitudes toward the care and treatment of animals. They are making the time to educate their community and help the people in rural Morocco to feed and care for their pets. SFT will never walk away from an animal in distress; its mission is to improve the lives of as many animals as possible.

To learn more about the amazing work at SFT Animal Sanctuary, please visit their website.

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
drag bag for paralyzed dog
Walkin’ Drag Bag

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