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Help Find a Home for Disabled Rescue Dog!

Walkin’ Pets by was contacted by a Georgian rescue, 2 Hands Saving 4 Paws, about a disabled rescue dog named Petunia. Veterinarians suggested euthanizing the disabled dog, but rescue Director Maria Salvaggio wouldn’t give up on Petunia.

Early Life for Disabled Rescue Dog

disabled rescue dogIn June 2017, one-year-old Petunia was rescued by the nonprofit. At that point, it was determined that Petunia’s spine had been broken.

The spine then fused, causing neurological damage. Months of chiropractic care and laser therapy did not improve Petunia’s ability to walk.

In view of that, the rescue posted this video to try to enlist help for the sweet, disabled rescue dog:

Wheelchair to the Rescue

paralyzed dog wheelchairThen, Maria reached out to Walkin’ Pets by to tell them of Petunia’s need for a dog wheelchair to enjoy a full, happy life.

Maria also sent the video link to Walkin’ Pets. Shortly thereafter, they sent a Walkin’ Wheels donation to the rescue.

Maria emailed,

“Please thank everyone in your company who’s made this possible. And I personally thank you for taking the initiative to help Petunia have a life and not be euthanized as all the veterinarians suggested to do here in the south. I’m a Boston native rescuing here in Georgia for the past five years. I’ve even moved here to rescue. I am proud that your company, based in N.H., was the only one willing to help.”

Petunia quickly learned how to walk and run in the Walkin’ Wheels. Within days, Maria sent this message,

rescue-dog-with-canine-friend“Petunia is so happy now. She’s exploring everything and taking in all her new surroundings. Amazingly enough, she is getting along better with the other canines.

When she was unable to stand and run and they approached her, she was fearful.

Now she goes over to our farm dog and licks her. She has already gained confidence and will bloom as such.”

A video of her progress shows how quickly this disabled rescue dog learned to navigate in her new set of wheels. Be sure to watch to the end! See Petunia go from her first tentative steps to literally running in her Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair:

Goals and Mission of 2 Hands Saving 4 Paws

2-hands-4-paws-rescueFrom their first rescue in February 2013 to the present, this compassionate rescue has saved the lives of over 3,000 animals from euthanasia. They pull dogs primarily from high-kill shelters in McDuffie County, Georgia. No rescue dog is left behind based on medical needs, as is evident from Petunia’s case. 2 Hands Saving 4 Paws strives to give each and every rescue the medical care, love, and devotion they desperately seek and deserve.

But the rescue’s mission is not only to save the abandoned, abused, and neglected animals in shelters. They also want to make a difference within the community. McDuffie County is the poorest county in the state of Georgia. That being said, they find it very difficult to give them the medical care they need, although there are many animal lovers there.

Spaying and neutering is a big factor within the community, since low incomes prevent many families from being able to afford this procedure for their pets. Therefore, the rescue is looking into initiating programs to help the community cut down the pet population and reduce the high-kill rate that is associated with unaltered animals.

Petunia Is Looking for Her Special Family!

paralyzed rescue dog Petunia is thriving now, ever since she has been utilizing her new wheels. She has gained much needed confidence and has been interacting with other pups and adult rescues. Her quality of life has improved dramatically. But she needs a forever home to enable her to take the final steps toward a truly full and happy life.

A rescue setting is not a place for a special needs dog to stay indefinitely. To that end, immediate placement for Petunia with an understanding forever family willing to acquire knowledge about her condition is being sought. Maria says,

“Thank you, Walkin’ Pets, for helping Petunia have a long life ahead of her. We love her so much! Now we are looking for a forever family to adopt her and love her, too.”

Due to the neurological damage to her spine, Petunia has some minor issues with incontinence. These issues arise when she is picked up and her rear legs become uncontrollable. Therefore, she may benefit from use of a doggie diaper.


If so, please submit a pre-adopt questionnaire through the rescue’s website! Or forward this information to someone you think might have interest in giving Petunia a lifetime of love!

Editor’s Note: Petunia enjoyed mobility in her Walkin’ Wheels for awhile, but sadly, her medical condition changed dramatically. She has crossed the rainbow bridge. 

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