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Disabled Dog with the Super Smile Visits Walkin’ Pets!

Super Scooty, a disabled dog from California, visited the Walkin’ Pets office in Amherst, N.H., with her owner, Erica Loring and Erica’s aunt, Laurie Nebesky. It is easy to see why Scooty was voted the “Happiest Dog on Earth” by Solid Gold Pet.

Making Friends

happiest-dogThe folks at Walkin’ Pets were thrilled to meet this canine media star with the big “smile.”  They felt like they already knew her from the many photos and videos they had seen of her, but now they got to meet her in person!

With her own website and more than 75,000 fans on her Instagram account, Scooty has lots of friends around the world. She was featured on People Pets, the Dodo, the Hallmark ChannelABC NewsSolid Gold Pet Nutrition, to name a few.

Mark Robinson, Walkin’ Pets founder/Walkin’ Wheels inventor, and Social Media Coordinator Mikayla Feehan welcomed Scooty.

Scooty’s story, her spunk, and her spirit seem to inspire everyone she meets!

mark-robinson-super-scooty  scooty the wheelchair dog visits Walkin' Pets

Love Story

Erica wasn’t even looking for a dog when she happened to spot Scooty online. The stray street dog was rescued by the Baja Dog Rescue in Mexico. Scooty had suffered a broken back and other broken bones incurred from being run over by a car, but all Erica saw were her eyes. She knew she and the dog were meant for each other.

In short order, Scooty was adopted by Erica and brought to her San Diego home. Erica got Scooty a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to enable her to get around. Erica says,

“Day one of putting her in the wheelchair, it was as if she knew that was exactly what she was missing. I put her in the wheelchair, and I took a step back to take a ‘proud mama’ picture, and I couldn’t even take the picture because she took off! She went flying, was doing donuts, and I thought, ‘This is great!’ And then I thought, ‘She’s not on a leash!’ and I went flying after her!”

Life’s a Beach!

dog wheelchair on beachScooty has been racing around in her wheelchair for six years. All the while, she has been building strength and muscle. Acupuncture, as well as laser and hydro therapy, were all utilized to assist her in the healing process.

After about two years of Walkin’ Wheels use, coupled with the various therapies, Scooty is able to walk and even run on her own, albeit with a rear-end sway. When she gets tired or wants to run for longer periods, she uses her dog wheelchair.

One of Scooty’s favorite activities is playing on the beach. Scooty runs right up to the shore when she gets to the beach and is off and running.

Besides Scooty’s many fans and beach buddies, she frequently has foster siblings to play with. Erica has fostered a number of other special needs canines until they find permanent homes.

New Gear for Scooty

Traveling to New Hampshire for a visit from California means heavy-duty boots might not be part of the wardrobe! Walkin’ Pets outfitted Scooty with brand new boots that will be released in 2018. These extra protection boots will help keep Scooty’s feet dry and protected while she’s out East.

Then Scooty was outfitted with a brand new pink Walkin’ Wheels while she was in the office.

Walkin’ Pets Wheelchair Specialist Mimi Brown made sure her new wheels fit just right! Scooty was impatient to get out the door to try them out!

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair  disabled-dog-tries-out-new-wheels

Take a look at this video to see how Scooty is enjoying her new wheels! And hear Erica talk about what it’s like to care for a disabled dog.

Helping Other Special Needs Dogs

In addition to helping other special needs dogs by fostering them until a permanent home is found, Erica and Scooty have found multiple ways to lend a hand to dogs in need. Scooty t-shirts and iron-on patches are some of the creative ways they raise money to help various causes.

They have donated roughly five wheelchairs and over 3,000 pounds of food to the Baja Dog Rescue where Scooty is from. Thousands of dollars have also been sent toward rehabilitation, training, and other expenses for special needs dogs.

And remember Hurricane Harvey in Houston? A donation of $850 was sent to Houston Pets Alive for evacuating animals in Houston, and $250 donated to the ASPCA effort to fly animals out of Houston to be adopted elsewhere during that time.

Walkin’ Pets is grateful to people like Erica who make the world a better place for dogs everywhere! There really WAS magic in that initial “chance” glance that Erica had of Scooty online, and it just keeps working its way into more people and pets’ hearts.

disabled dog rescue Laurie Nebesky (aunt), Erica Loring and Super Scooty

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