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Community in China Bands Together to Save Injured Husky

Dogs touch our hearts everyday. No matter where we live in the world our love for animals transcends our differences and brings us together. There has been a global shift and realization that all pets are family. And an even greater change in how we care for handicapped pets. No where is this compassion more apparent than in the story of the incredible Chinese pup and the community who changed her life.

Meet Duoduo

Only a year and half year-old, husky puppy, Duoduo is lucky to be alive. After being severely injured in a car accident, she was abandoned by her owner. Duoduo was left to die along the Guangyuan river in the middle of China. All alone with little chance of survival, Duoduo waited. She might have died until a chance encounter with a stray dog changed her life forever.

It’s believed that her new dog friend, protected Duoduo and even brought her food to keep her alive. Their luck changed again when a Chinese fireman was in the area. The little stray dog heard the fireman nearby and led him directly to Duoduo.

It Takes a Village

This news spread quickly to Chengdu, a big city 3 hours away from Guangyuan. Concern and support from the community grew, everyone wanted to help save Duoduo. Volunteers reached out to the fireman and coordinated their efforts to send Duoduo to Chengdu for much needed medical attention.

Once hospitalized, Duoduo underwent major spinal surgery as well as treatment for bedsores. The severity of her injuries made for a slow recovery and a challenging time ahead. Everyone at the hospital pitched in and worked together to form a plan. Along with medical care and surgery, she received daily massage, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and tuina therapy.

Slowly Duoduo was able to rebuild her strength and recover. Throughout the course of her treatment, her veterinarians became her family and knew they wanted to keep her. Surrounded by their love and kindness, Duoduo began trust and smile again. Wanting to give Duoduo her best chance at, her caretakers had one more wish for Duoduo, that she could walk again.

Duoduo Walks in New Wheelchair

Duoduo’s medical team (turned loving family) knew one thing for sure. If they wanted to give Duoduo the best life possible, they needed to get her back on her feet. After scouring the internet they came across the perfect solution, a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

The first time Duoduo tried out her new wheels, the doctors were amazed by her transformation. Her wheelchair gave Duoduo back her freedom and her smile! Now, with the help of her wheelchair Duoduo can run, play, and enjoy life again. Duoduo’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair has improved her quality of life and allowed her to be happy and healthy.

Duoduo’s doctors hope that by sharing her story other dogs in the world can receive the same level of care and compassion that changed Duoduo’s life.

Watch Duoduo’s Incredible Transformation:

Has caring for a special needs dog changed your life? We want to hear about it! Share your dog’s story in the comments below.

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