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Writing Comprehensive Pet Sitting Instructions

Whether you’re leaving your dog overnight or heading off for a week, there are some things that only an owner can know. Dogs are as much a part of the family as anyone else, so ensuring your pet’s needs are taken care of will not only lead to a happier animal but will put your mind at rest, leaving you free to enjoy your well-earned break.

Never Assume

No matter how experienced your sitter is, you don’t want to assume they have the low down on your particular pet, especially if your dog is older, has a physical disability, or needs special medical treatment. There’s no harm in writing down exactly what needs to be done to give your dog the best care.

Each breed is different, so let your sitter know the basics to keeping your pup happy and the things it doesn’t like, to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

So start with the basics by writing down the itinerary for your trip and how to reach you if there’s a problem. Also, provide an alternative number for a friend or relative in an emergency.
Then make sure you’ve provided the basics: food, lead, and instructions on where to get food if it runs low.

Dogs With Needs

Pet Care Giver for Wheelchair Dogs

You will, no doubt, have left your dog in capable hands, but for dogs that require a little bit of extra care, make sure any particular issues are apparent. Firstly, consider any medication your pooch takes. Make sure that clear instructions and clearly labeled bottles are easy to find and read if you have any top tips about getting those tablets into your dog, then even better.

The same goes for any dietary requirements, and if there is a limit on the amount of exercise your should dog should have each day. In case of a problem, leave your vet’s name and number.

It can be a little bit worrying leaving an older or disabled pet for any length of time, but as long as you have the instructions, there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Checking Tools

Not everyone is confident in their writing abilities, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from creating a comprehensive pet sitting list of instructions. If you struggle with spelling or grammar, use tools like Essay Writing Service to help create a document that is easy to follow and leaves no room for error.

What’s Off Limits

Labrador in Bed

Do you have rules about where your pet can go in the house? If the couch is off limits or they’re not allowed in your front yard, then make sure your sitter has a low-down on the rules of the house. You might consider other places that are off-limits, such as any nearby parks that don’t dog friendly or that your dog finds too physically challenging if they’re older or disabled. Are you allowing your sitter to have visitors to the house, or is that a no-no because your dog reacts badly to strangers? 

For disabled pets, the rules may be even more critical. How long can your dog be in their wheelchair? Are they allowed to use their wheels inside the house?

Your dog is a big part of your world and deserves the best care and attention even when you’re not around. Finding a trusted sitter is the first step, but ensuring they have everything they need to look after your pet to your standards is equally as important.

By writing everything down and creating a list, you’ll make sure you don’t leave anything out and risk forgetting to include something as vital as medicine or a contact number. Have a friend read over your list to see if you’ve missed any information. With all that in place, you’re bound to come back refreshed and ready to be greeted by a happy, healthy dog.

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