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Breaking the Chains: Daring Animal Rescues in War-torn Ukraine

Found of Breaking the Chains International with rescue dog

When the war in Ukraine broke out, animals and pets across the country found themselves homeless and alone. Many animals were abandoned and left to fend for themselves in dangerous territory. Tom, a documentarian and British Army Veteran, sprang into action, forming the organization Breaking the Chains International to bring the Ukrainian animals to safety.

Breaking the Chains is comprised entirely of volunteers who find themselves on the frontlines and in direct crossfire daily. Every day, Tom and his team sacrifice their lives to extract animals from dangerous situations. Over the last few months, the BTC team has dodged mortars, airstrikes, bombs, and gunfire.  Their goal is to save pets from the Ukrainian war zone and reunite them with their owners whenever possible. They are working with animal shelters across Europe to coordinate their efforts, other animals will become available for adoption. Breaking the Chains has saved thousands of dogs. Additionally, since the start of the war, they have fed and cared for thousands of animals in Ukraine. Two of their very special rescue missions included those of Johnny and Phoenix.

Two Disabled Ukrainian Dogs Transform from Underdogs to Wonderdogs  

Meet Johnny

Disabled rescue dog in Ukraine

Johnny is a true underdog, two months ago, he was shot by Russian soldiers and left for dead. Badly injured, both of Johnny’s back legs were paralyzed from the gunshots. Johnny kept himself alive and crawled over a mile until a Ukrainian rescuer discovered him and brought him to safety. When Tom heard about Johnny, he and his team went on a 22-hour rescue mission to bring him safely to their shelter.

After healing, Johnny is truly on the road to recovery. He even got his first set of Walkin’ Wheels! Tom says, “Johnny took to his wheelchair immediately setting off like a NASCAR driver. Johnny loves his wheels and enjoys nothing more than running around in them, showing off his skills in his new rims. The wheelchair will also help him gain some strength in his back legs. It will be a great tool for them both mentally and physically.”

Meet Phoenix

Disabled Ukrainian dog first time in dog wheelchair

Phoenix was severely injured by a Russian airstrike. During the attack, Phoenix lost both of his back feet, and injured his front left paw. A medical team was able to reconstruct and save his front foot, but Phoenix’s back feet were unable to be saved.

Even after treatment, Phoenix’s injuries severely impacted his mobility, his wheelchair allows him to walk without placing pressure on his back legs and is supporting him throughout the recovery process. The Breaking the Chains team is optimistic, “we are making progress, and each day Phoenix is a little better!”

Ready for Their Forever Families

Now healed, both Phoenix and Johnny are available for adoption. Breaking the Chains is searching for loving families who are willing to provide them with ongoing care and tend to the dog’s special needs. Both dogs have suffered through the trauma of war and are looking for compassionate homes and a family to call their own. Walkin’ Pets has donated both pups their own wheelchairs, so they are ready to take the next step towards their forever home!

Breaking the Chains Founder Tells His Story

How to Support Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains is a volunteer organization run solely from donations. Visit the Breaking the Chains Facebook page to learn more about supporting this incredible organization. BTC mission is far from over, there are still incredible animals in the Ukraine and around the world who need their help.


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