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Tiny Hydrocephalus Puppy Gets His Christmas Wish

Florida Yorkie Rescue President and Founder Kit DeRoche believes that no challenge is too big for her rescue to tackle, “every life is worth living” and this was never truer than when she met Toby.

Meet Toby

Hydrocephalus puppy wearing a drag bag for protection

Toby’s original owners never meant to have puppies, but when Toby was born they knew that they wouldn’t be able to care for him. Incredibly small, Toby only weighed a few ounces at birth. It was soon apparent that his special needs went far beyond his tiny size. Toby was born with rear leg deformities as well as Hydrocephalus.

The hydrocephalus impacts all of his motor functions and coordination leaving him unable to stand, walk, or maintain his balance on his own. It was simply too big of a challenge for his owners, but not too big of a challenge for Kit and her rescue team.

The Gift of Mobility

When the Florida Yorkie Rescue posted Toby’s story, the Walkin’ Pets team was moved and knew that they wanted to help. The Walkin’ Pets team immediately reached out, offering to fly down to Southern Florida and fit Toby for his very first set of wheels!

At 9-weeks-old, Toby is still tiny and weighs only 23 ounces – which means his wheelchair needs to be light weight and easy to maneuver. The Walkin’ Pets team fitted Toby for the smallest size, Mini Walkin’ Wheels. The adjustable frame will allow his new wheelchair to grow with him as he gets bigger. With the support of four-wheel dog wheelchair, Toby will be able to stand and walk while fully supported. With the help of his quad wheelchair, Toby can start to work on building up his leg strength and learn how to walk. Kit is excited for Toby’s future and we’re happy to say that the gift of mobility wasn’t the only Christmas wish Toby had granted this year. Toby has found his forever home too! He will be staying with his mom, Kit where he can continue to grow and thrive with her love and support!

Toby’s Mom Tells His Story

Kit DeRoche shares how she first met Toby and what it’s like caring for a tiny puppy with hydrocephalus.

“I would certainly encourage most people who want to give a little special needs dog a chance. You will never find a more grateful heart than in a dog than one that you’ve rescued.”

Kit DeRoche

To help support the Florida Yorkie Rescue and Toby’s continued care, please visit the Florida Yorkie Rescue website

Special thanks to Wendy Carlson DePinto who graciously opened her beautiful home for filming and throughout Toby’s wheelchair fitting. 

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