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Preparing Pets for Hurricanes & Natural Disasters

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that less than 45% of Americans have an emergency plan for natural disasters. It leaves more than tens of millions of people who don’t have any preparation to help themselves during natural catastrophe – let alone the cats and dogs.But, do you remember Hurricane Katrina from August 2005? Only 15-20% of total 15,000 stranded animals were reunited with their owners.

You do remember the hurricane Harvey, Katrina, Maria or other similar natural disasters, right? These catastrophes taught us to make a priority for the safety of our animals. But it’s a matter of irony that most of the pet owners don’t have enough knowledge about protecting their pets during the natural disasters.

Today, we are here to help you to ensure the welfare of your cats or dogs during the hurricane season. Why are you waiting? Start scrolling and read the following guidelines without any further delay.

1. Microchipping Your Pets

Vet Checkup Walkin' Wheels

You may think that your pet is loyal enough and won’t leave you ever. But when a disaster attacks, there’s nothing to do with the loyalty. The most obedient and loyal pets will also run away from home during the hurricane because of terror. I know the feeling!

Losing a pet is the most heart-wrenching effect of disasters. But, you can easily avoid this problem only by using a microchip. Actually, microchipping the pets is the easiest way to reunite a pet with its owners. Whenever you’ll notice that your pet is missing, inform the lost and found pets section. They will try their heart and soul to reunite you with your pet.

2. Know About Your Local Evacuation Sites

Earthquake is something that cannot be identified before it happens. But the other natural disasters like tornado or hurricanes can be easily estimated nowadays.

So, whenever it seems a natural disaster will hit your area, it’s good to go to the local evacuation sites. Fortunately, you can easily find the list of evacuation sites on government websites.

3. Keep Your Pet Up To Date With All Vaccinations

To keep your pet in a good pet shelter, you have to show the up-to-date vaccination report to the authorities. That’s why your pet must have all of the current vaccination by authorized vets. To get the up-to-date vaccination report, simply ask your vet for an attested copy of the vaccination list. You have completely no idea about how this simple vaccination report will help you during natural disaster emergencies.

4. Prepare The Emergency Supplies

Pets Safe in Tornado

You must keep yourself updated for the worst-case scenarios. Here we have listed a list of emergency supplies to keep yourself prepared during any natural disasters.
(Secret tips: Print this list before, your internet/power goes out.)

  • Enough drinkable water and dry foods (for at least 7/8 days)
  • Large sized water bowls
  • Waterproof containers
  • Flashlights (obviously with extra batteries)
  • Radio (solar panel supported one is recommended)
  • First aid kits for pets
  • Extra collar or harness
  • Disposable trays (aluminum pans will be good enough)
  • Required medications (worth of 2 weeks at least)
  • A recent photo of your pets
  • Blanket
  • Paper towels
  • Pet-friendly cleaning supplies, etc.

These are the basic requirements. If your pet needs any special demands, add that in this list.

5. Arrange a Safe Haven

If your home isn’t safe for you, it’s not safe for your pets too. That’s why you need to arrange a literally safe haven for your pets.
Your pet might be trapped or exposed to hundreds of life-threatening hazards during the disaster. So, now you should treat your dog or cat as well as possible.
Even if your house is damaged too, try to find a better alternative. For example –

  • Any local hotel or motel which treats the animals well.
  • You may seek help from the local animal shelters. Most of the animal shelters provide foster care or emergency shelter during natural disasters.
  • If the upper options aren’t available, you can still ask one of your friends or relatives whether they are willing to take your pet for the emergency period.

We don’t know when a natural disaster will hit us. So, it’s a wise decision to keep your pet prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Stay safe, keep safe!

Guest Author:
Lauretta Williams

Lauretta is a web-addicted blogger. She loves spending her time listening to music, playing with her dog and writing blogs from her computer. She contributes articles about the role of finance in the strategic planning and decision-making process.

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