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Pet Boots: Protect Your Pet’s Paws Year Round

Regardless of the season your dog’s feet need protection. Dog boots protect paws year round. Walking on hot pavement and sidewalks can burn your dog’s sensitive paws, while frigid temperatures can cause frostbitten paws.

Wearing Pet Boots for Paw Protection

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Dry

Every dog needs their paws protected, especially during inclement weather. By choosing a boot with a water proof or water-resistant sole can offer your dog protection in rain, sleet or snowy weather.

Boots aren’t just seasonal! They can protect your dog’s feet year round. Whether battling Spring rain or Winter snow your dog’s boots can help keep them dry.

Tip: Have a dog with sensitive feet? Boots are also great protection against coarse grass, pine needles, or brush!

Help Keep Your Pet Warm

Your pet’s paws are sensitive to drops in temperature. A knit sock will help to give your dog an extra bit of warmth.

The snow, ice, and cold of winter can be hard on your dog’s paws. Causing unprotected paw pads to dry and crack. Soothe cracked paws with paw butter and protect their sensitive pads from frostbite and harsh winter chemicals by wearing boots.

Dog Boot Benefits for Disabled Dogs

Improve Traction: Aging pets or dogs with weak legs may have a harder time moving across tile or hardwood flooring. Wearing boots or traction socks inside the house can help your pet to move around the house with more confidence. The non-slip grip provided by pet shoes helps your dog to keep their feet underneath themselves and helps to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring.

Protect Feet from Scraping: Pet’s with rear weak ends, or paw knuckling will need to protect the tops of their feet from scraping. Boots can be worn to prevent wounds caused by dragging feet. If you dog suffers from knuckling, in addition to boots consider a training device like the No-Knuckling Training Sock. The No-Knuckling Training sock can used periodically throughout the day or during therapy sessions to help correct your dog’s gait.

Tip: If your dog is paralyzed, they may not be able to feel their feet. Making them more prone to injuring their paws.

Encourage Healing: Boots can be worn during post-surgery recovery or during physical therapy sessions to promote healing in your dog’s feet. Boots that wrap above or below an injured joint may provide additional support as well.

Boots can also be worn to prevent dogs from chewing on healing legs or tingling limbs healing from nerve damage.

Choosing the Right Size Boot

Make sure to keep your pet’s comfort in mind when choosing the right boot for your pet. A well-fitted boot should provide a snug fit without being too tight. The boot should never restrict your dog’s circulation. Like-wise a boot that is too big for your dog’s paw can cause problems as well. A loose boot can slip right off your dog’s foot or be pulled off easily. Measure carefully before ordering.

Pet Boot Sizing Guide

How to Measure Your Dog

  1. Have your dog stand on a piece of paper.
  2. Trace around the paw with a pencil, making sure to include the nails.
  3. Using your tracing, measure the widest part of the paw.
  4. Using your tracing, measure the longest part of the paw.

If your dog cannot stand, you can take these measurements by placing the paw on the paper and pressing down to mimic the natural splay of the paw when standing.

Picking the Right Shoe for Your Pet

There are many different styles of pet boots available, make sure to pick one that best suits your dog’s needs.

Dog Boots– These lightweight, protective boots are ideal for a pet with sensitive feet. Providing stabilization on slippery floors and easy to wear. The boots feature a rubber sole for traction and are sold as a set of two so you always get the right fit!

Traction Socks – A non-slip, water-proof sole of the Traction Sock will give your dog the grip they need to cross slippery surfaces. While the knit socks keep your pet’s legs warm and cozy.

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