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What You Need to Know About Personal Protection Dogs

Personal protection dogs are a specialized type of service dog. They are not police dogs. Rather, they are trained to stay with the person they are protecting, instead of chasing after a “bad guy” like a police dog would. Protection dogs are also loving family pets who would give their life to protect their family.

“Protection Dogs Elite” Dog Training Company

german shepherd protection dogRubix, a majestic German Shepherd, was trained as a personal protection dog years ago. He is owned by Tom Antion, the marketing director of the protection dog company Protection Dogs Elite.

Nicole and Stephane Hubert, owners of Protection Dogs Elite, breed German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Nicole and Stephane train the dogs to be in service as protection dogs.

Protection dogs are trained to protect their owner’s home, as a workout buddy when jogging or cycling, and as a bodyguard when in unfamiliar or unsafe places, to name a few scenarios. Additionally and of equal importance, personal protection dogs make great companions.

Protection Dogs Protect Their Families

Personal protection dogs are trained thoroughly to protect their families. And we mean trained! The dogs are trained using the latest knowledge in dog training, behavior, and learning theory. From the Protection Dogs Elite website,

“We truly hope you never have to put your dog into action in a real life violent encounter, but by using our professional staff and facilities, you will get a reliable defender in life and death situations, along with a highly social companion and friend to you and your family.”

personal protection dog training
Rubix in training
personal protection dog training
 Rubix doing the work he loves!

Training begins with a full year of obedience and beginning protection training. Then, training goes on at Protection Dogs Elite several times a day for four to six weeks before a dog is ready to go to his/her home. Protection dogs must be ultra obedient to their handlers. Once home, the training continues.

Training, Training, Training

personal protection dog trainingPotential owners of these highly trained dogs should be willing to train with the dog, and train all his/her family members to work with the dog as well. Hence, personal protection dogs should only be considered by pet owners who are highly responsible.

Tom created a “Protection Dog Glossary” on the Protection Dogs Elite website. The Glossary explains the unique terminology used for this specialized form of dog training, and includes many helpful videos.

German Shepherd Gets DM

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a common canine disease that attacks certain breeds more aggressively, such as German Shepherds. Sadly, Tom’s dog Rubix, now age six, developed DM and started losing mobility. Tom says,

“It’s tearing everyone up around here, especially me, because he’s my personal protection dog. Besides the enormous amount of training he has had to defend against home invasions, carjackings, and all kinds of threats, he’s my best friend who demands his hugs before bed and first thing in the morning.”

Fortunately for Rubix, Tom outfitted him with a dog wheelchair. Most importantly, the Walkin’ Wheels allows Rubix to stay active and continue to do the things he loves. Here he is, pictured in his Walkin’ Wheels having a good time playing ball!

dog-with-dm-in-wheelchair  german-shepherd-with-dm-in-dog-wheelchair

Per Tom,

“Rubix took to the dog wheelchair like a fish to water. There was zero acclimation period for him, other than he had to get used to how wide the wheels stick out on the sides.”

Tom makes sure Rubix still gets in training time, even in the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

“To the dog, it’s fun. Since he’s worked his entire life, I want him to have some fun before he passes.”

This video of Rubix before and after contracting DM, and then before and after getting his Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is a must-see for anyone who has a dog with DM. Be prepared to get out the hanky — this will make you cry with joy!

And be forewarned: the video also shows Rubix in action doing his dog protection training work. The trainer is wearing heavy protective gear. He acts as if he is in pain, but that’s just part of the training!

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