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Why Owning a Dog is Great for Your Health [Mental & Physical]

Canines have long deemed as “man’s best friend” and for many good reasons. Studies have shown that owning a dog can be good for us. Pets require care and love, and in return, they offer physical and mental benefits to us. Their soft fur and listening skills are unmatched! It’s no wonder we humans love them so.

Physical Benefits

health-benefits-of-walking-dogsThe number one physical benefit of owning a dog is exercise! Most dogs want to play at some point! Getting up to throw a ball or Frisbee in the park, or even playing with a toy in your home or yard gets both of you moving. Dogs need exercise, which can improve your level of physical activity.

Another benefit of owning a dog is that it helps reduce your stress level as well as your blood pressure. Pets provide happiness, and their presence helps reduce anxiety and stress, which helps get your blood pressure down. This is why animals, especially dogs, often become part of a therapy program.

Owning a dog can improve your success rate after a heart attack. People who own pets have shown that after a heart attack, their survival rates increase to 1 in 87 compared to those who do not own pets, who have a 1 in 15 survival rate.

Dogs can help improve many aspects of our physical health whether you own, foster, or just play with them.

Emotional Benefits

Dogs are often used in therapy as service animals, and in many settings such as in hospital and nursing home visits. Their presence excites people and brings them happiness. There are not only physical benefits to owning a dog, but there are many emotional benefits too.

Pets and dogs provide a sense of companionship. They can help people feel less lonely and depressed and give them something to look forward to and to care for. People who own pets are more likely to be happier and have a sense of purpose, because they feel their pets need them to care for them. They become more than pets in many cases; they become furry family members.

Pets provide stability. Pets and dogs need to be fed and watered at certain times and also let out to go potty as well as exercise. It helps establish a routine, one that we may look forward to each day. They contribute to creating consistency and responsibility in our lives through their companionship.

Which Pet?

What dog or pet you need depends on your time, schedule, and space. A Great Dane in a tiny apartment may not be the best fit, but a cute, snuggly Chihuahua can be a better match. Whether big or small, dogs are loving animals that will appreciate you and look forward to seeing you each day, just as you do them.

Pets need room to move and play, whether it is inside your home or outside at a dog park. Take a good look at what you possess and what kind of lovable dog you would like. The perfect match is waiting for you!

Dogs are amazing creatures. They help people in so many ways, and in turn, we can assist them by offering them good homes, even if it is fostering one for a short while. Dogs improve our physical fitness and make us feel loved and whole. People who own pets are less likely to be stressed or anxious, and they can help our social outlook because people love to see and talk about dogs, especially if they see you out with yours!


Guest Author:
Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is a pet lover that knows that you need enough information to take care of your furry, scaly, or feathered friend. This is why she started Crazy Pet Guy.

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  1. I like how you said that dogs give a sense companionship, and people feel less stressed and lonely when they have dogs to look after and care for. My sister has been sad for more than a few weeks now because she lost her job and car. I don’t want the situation to get worse, so I think buying her a dog will be the best way to bring her back to her feet. Thanks! I’ll get her a really cute poodle.

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  3. I liked how you explained that because pets need their owner to take care of them and feed them, having them around gives a person a sense of purpose and companionship. Seeing this made me realize that perhaps, what my brother needs a dog to be able to recover. He recently lost his job and started losing a sense of self-worth. I think he needs to get his groove back, and a dog will help him do it. Thanks. I know he likes cute things, so perhaps, a Teacup Yorkie will be the best fit. Thanks!

  4. I have never had a pet before and my husband has been talking about getting a dog, so I am glad that I found this article. You make a great point that there are a lot of emotional benefits because dogs provide a sense of companionship and give a chance for exercise. I think that this would be a great benefit for us because we would walk our dog every day and this would ensure that we are getting fresh air and exercise!

  5. Thank you for mentioning that having a dog can actually make a person feel less lonely and depressed because they will have something to care about and look forward to. A friend of mine has been a bit down lately, and I want to help him out. He has been the breadwinner of the family and now that no one really requires his help anymore, he feels a bit worthless. If he has a pet with him that relies on him, I am sure he’ll be happy again. I’ll give him a pup as a gift.

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  7. It’s great that you pointed out how owning a dog could help reduce your stress level as well as your blood pressure. I’ve done nothing but work at home and it is making me quite stressed, so I am thinking of getting a pet dog as a change of pace. I’ll try to look for English cream golden retriever puppies for sale since they look really cute.

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