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Why this Cat and Dog Shelter Needs YOU!

The Manchester Animal Shelter in New Hampshire was on the “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast, sharing news about their upcoming “Mutt Strut” and more. This cat and dog shelter needs the ongoing help of the community to do the great work it does!

Municipal V. Private Shelters

walking shelter dogsWhat’s the difference between a municipal versus a private shelter? Laura Gilman, who works part-time and also volunteers at the Manchester Animal Shelter, explained the distinctions.

Most importantly, a municipal shelter cannot take surrendered animals directly from pet owners. Municipal shelters take in animals who are brought in by the local animal control officer(s).

Municipal shelters must also operate within the physical space determined by the city. In the case of the Manchester Animal Shelter, there is room for about 14 dogs and more than 50 cats. They must always allow for space in case a dog or cat is brought in.

Services Provided

The no-kill Manchester Animal Shelter provides a safe place off the streets for pets brought in by animal control. In addition, food, exercise, and attention are provided.

The cats and dogs are cared for by a cadre of volunteers who come in daily to clean stalls and litter boxes. They also walk the dogs and give the animals socialization time.

The shelter also provides full medical care for every animal brought in, including spay/neuter services. Laura spoke of two cats who needed leg amputations and were even provided with that necessary surgery; the animals are given all the care they need!

Raising Funds

annual mutt strut fundraiserFood, shelter, and medical attention require more funds than is available through the municipality. Therefore, the gap is filled through donations and fundraisers.

The Manchester Animal Shelter is holding their 7th Annual Mutt Strut fundraiser on September 24, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST. This will be a fun-filled event for the whole family to enjoy.

Everyone is welcome to join in the stroll around Dorrs Pond at Livingston Park. Dogs are, of course, encouraged to attend! Besides the fun of showing off your pup, there will be vendors of all sorts, raffles, and food trucks.

More information on the Mutt Strut can be found at this link.

Volunteers & Fosters

The Manchester Animal Shelter couldn’t exist without a loyal troop of volunteers and foster families. More than 100 volunteers fill numerous capacities, including tasks like working directly with the animals, helping out at events, and doing office work. You can give a few hours a year, or a few hours a week!

Additionally, foster families are crucial to the work of the shelter. Foster families provide many pets with a home life until a suitable forever family is identified. Fostering allows the shelter to have more space to take in more pets.

Cat & Dog Shelter Help Is Welcome!

annual mutt strut fundraiserVolunteers and foster families are always needed. If you are considering either option, please contact the shelter:
(603) 628-3544 | |

Donations are always welcome, as well. And don’t forget to come to the Mutt Strut!

Finally, hear Laura Gilman from the Manchester Animal Shelter on the “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast: “Dogs in China/Manchester Animal Shelter” episode.

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