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New Wheelchair Leash for Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

The Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash makes walking your dog in their Walkin’ Wheels a breeze!

dog wheelchair leashNew Product to Help Exercise Your Dog

Many handicapped dogs haven’t needed a leash in years, and the first time using their Walkin’ Wheels, they take off! With the new Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash you can safely guide and control your dog on walks. This leash clips directly onto the back of your Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair in one simple step, clip each of the dual leash attachments onto the Eye Pads on your wheelchair and you’re ready to go!

The new wheelchair leash attaches to all Small, Medium, and Large Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs. Additionally, the leash can be used as a tangle-free way to walk two dogs at once or even as a standard leash, by removing the dual leash attachment.

BenefitsPoodle using his Wheelchair Leash

  • Easily control your pet while using their Walkin’ Wheels
  • Keep your pet safe on their daily walks
  • Improved visibility with reflective stitching

Styled for Safety and Comfort

Mesh Handle of Wheelchair LeashThe Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash is designed with both safety and comfort in mind. Made from high-density 1″ nylon webbing this leash features vibrant orange detailing ensuring your dog is always seen. The leash’s double-sided reflective silver stitching provides maximum visibility, so both you and your dog can be safely seen on nighttime walks. Our padded mesh-lined handle will keep your wrist and hand comfortable, even when your dog pulls. The leash length is incredibly adjustable, the leash is 4-feet long with a dual leash attachment that adjusts an additional 11 to 20 inches for total leash length of 6 ½ feet!

More Pet Product Info

Visit the Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash webpage for more information.

See the Walkin’ Wheelchair Leash in action!

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