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One Dog’s Journey from Iran to Massachusetts

When PAWS New England first heard Teddy’s story they knew they had to save him. Surrendered by his family, Teddy came to the Iranian rescue severely injured and completely paralyzed. Staying in Iran wasn’t an option for Teddy, with the seriousness of his medical needs, his best hope for survival was to come to the US to search for his forever home. 

Saved in the Nick of Time

iran rescue dog gets new dog wheelchair

Teddy’s trip to the US became a race against the clock. Not only was Teddy in desperate need of medical treatment, the CDC announced a year-long ban on bringing in rescue dogs from 113 countries, including Iran.

The PAWS New England team kicked their rescue mission into high gear, determined to bring him to the US before the ban went into effect. When Teddy flew into Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, he became one of the last international rescue dogs to make it into the US. 

Teddy Gets the Medical Attention He Needs

paralyzed rescue dog searches for home in new england

Once Teddy reached Boston, the rescue was able to uncover the true nature of his medical needs. Learning that he was in far worse shape than they had thought. The rescue team quickly learned that Teddy had been repeatedly abused during his time living in Iran. He had suffered a spinal injury that caused him to lose the use of his back legs. He was nervous and anxious upon arrival due to his lack of a stable and safe home.

The Walkin’ Pets team had followed Teddy’s journey from the beginning and immediately offered to help get Teddy mobile again. Foster mom, Leila, said that Teddy’s transformation into a happy pup began the day he got his wheelchair, “When he got his wheels, he was happier. Teddy doesn’t realize there’s anything different about him, he acts just like any other dog! He deserves to have the same opportunities.”

Teddy Is Ready for His Forever Home

With the help of his loving foster mom and canine foster brother, Teddy has adjusted well to life in New England. Teddy’s foster mom says that Teddy loves being active, and he wants to run! His Walkin’ Wheels allow him to move around independently and have fun in the park like any other dog would do. The best news of all is that with hard work and dedication, Teddy’s neurologist and physical therapist think that this sweet boy will likely be able to walk on his own again soon!

Update: Teddy found his forever home a short time after this article was published.

If you are unable to provide a home for Teddy, but would like to donate to his medical needs, you can contribute to PAWS New England directly.

To follow along on Teddy’s journey, check out @pawsnewengland and @marshallfitzroyhtx

Hear Teddy’s Incredible Story


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