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How To Help Your Cat Used To Having a New Puppy Around

We all know puppies are absolutely adorable and they can be a lot of fun for adults and kids alike. But what about the cat? Helping your cat adjust to your new puppy is just as important as any other family member. Bringing a new puppy home is an adjustment for everyone. It’s important to understand that some cats may not take too kindly towards the puppies when they first arrive. However, it is possible with some patience and time to turn things around so your cat becomes more comfortable with these furry friends! 

1. Allow your cat to get used to the smell of the new puppy

introducing a disabled cat with a new puppy

A new puppy means a lot of changes in your home, and one of the biggest changes is the smell. Both cats and dogs rely heavily on both sight and smell to assess the world around them. Give them both a chance to accept each other’s scent, this can go a long way into them adjusting to their housemate.

Your cat will get used to this change if you give them a toy that has been near the puppy. Leave a blanket or dog bed with the puppy’s scent on it in a common area. This allows the cat to investigate the new smells on their own time and give them the time they need to adjust.

2. Blankets can help your pets get used to each other quicker

Another tip is to bring in a blanket and put it by the puppy’s bed. Then, when you think your cat will be around, hang out with the puppy near the blanket so that he can get used to their smell together.

It sounds like puppies can be destructive when they are really young. It is recommended to put some extra toys in the room for them to play with, along with some dog-proof litter boxes, so that your cat is not disturbed by their behavior. There are also steps you could take before bringing home a puppy, such as getting your cats used to new smells around the house.

For example, you can take a blanket from where the puppies will be sleeping and put it in your cats’ favorite room or near his litter box so that he gets used to their smell.

3. Let your cat play with you and give it lots of attention when you’re home

Lead by example. Give your pets an opportunity to see you interact with the other pet. Show your puppy how you interact with your cat. Another way to make your cat used to your puppy is by letting it play with you and giving as much attention as possible. It will be helpful if the two pets can interact more, getting along well together. Your cat might not be interested in puppies at first, and if your cat runs away from the puppy that’s ok. Never force them to interact with each other but after a while, they should get familiar enough that there won’t be any problem around the house.

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4. Feed your cat and dog at different times

When puppies are very young, they do not have good control of their “prey drive” and may take food from a pet’s dish. This can lead to your cat feeling threatened or attacked by the puppy if he is eating when it comes near him. Avoid the issue by feeding your dog separately from the adult cats in the house. Separate feeding times lowers the risk of aggression and eliminates a sense of competition over dinner time.

Feed your puppy and cat at separate times (before bed). Have fresh water available all day long and make sure you remove any uneaten dry food after 20 minutes. Also, try filling up two bowls of different types of treats – one for each pet – and place them on opposite sides of the room to help them get used to being around each other.

5. Don’t let your pet get too close to any food that is on counters or tables

disabled cat and dog getting used to each other

You should try to keep your cat away from high places. Your pet shouldn’t be around food that is open or wet as this could create a negative association with puppies and the experience of eating. Your dog might want to eat all of their food, which can lead them into taking it off counters or tables! Cats should also not have access to any other animals’ water bowls for obvious reasons. 

If you’re expecting someone new over at your home, make sure that they are aware of these rules before having them come inside so there won’t be any confusion between pets or people’s belongings getting broken by mistake. This will help everyone stay happy!

At first, it may seem like your cat and puppy are doomed to be enemies forever. But if you take the time to understand how each pet’s brain works, there are some simple adjustments that can make them coexist peacefully. Be patient and gave them time, it may take a few weeks, but eventually your cat and puppy will get used to each other. It starts with understanding their needs for food, attention, entertainment, and territory at different stages of life. Once these things are in place, they’ll both live happily ever after together!

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