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Dachshund Wheelchairs Help These Rescues

How does a family wind up with 13 Dachshunds under one roof? Well, it happens with one rescue dog at a time. And it could never happen were it not for Carole Rowlette’s extremely large heart and the support of her husband David.

blind dogCarole lived much of her life as a nurse in California. She then retired and moved to Wyoming 10 years ago, where her sister and brother-in-law were living. Her background as a nurse is no surprise, given her natural inclination to nurture and tend to those in her care. Carole adopted many of her dogs from the Wyoming Dachshund Rescue.

“They’re like little children; you love and protect them,” says Carole.

Yes, indeed, and she doesn’t just choose to love the ones that most people might think are easier to fall in love with. Carole rescues many Dachshunds with various types of special needs.

Take Lily. Carole and her family adopted Lily when she was three weeks old – born deaf and with bad vision. Now she’s five years old.

“Lily sticks to me like glue,” says Carole.

One of her other dogs was born with one ear, another lost his eye to a cat. Another, a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, was rescued after being hit by a car, fracturing her humerus and pelvis.

“It was love at first sight,” Carole says matter of factly.

Dachshund Wheelchair to the Rescue!

Dachshund cart for rescue

Three of her Dachshunds are in Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs.

“I’m a big advocate of these Walkin’ Wheels,” says Carole. “If the dog is injured and gets laser therapy and acupuncture in time, they can often walk again, because you take the pressure off the legs.”

She has seen real-life evidence of this on three occasions. Most recently, Carole had a foster dog in a Walkin’ Wheels. After exercising in the cart in addition to getting laser therapy and acupuncture, he was able to walk again. At that point he was given a forever home by another family.

With 13 dogs, most of whom have special needs, Carole certainly has her hands full. But she does it all with no complaint, making it seem natural to be so selfless and to take such good care of her canine family.

There is a financial cost as well. The average cost is about $1,000 a month for all the veterinary care that is required, but Carole doesn’t let anything compromise taking care of each dog as a beloved family member.

Dachshund wheelchair for long-haired DoxieCarole and her husband sleep with nine of the dogs each night in their king-sized bed. The other four have their favorite sleeping spots elsewhere in the house.

“We love every one of them,” says Carole.

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