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5 Tips to Help Your Cat with a Knee Injury

Cats, especially kittens, are cuddly, little bundles of never-ending curious energy. However, this curiosity and high-energy might lead to accidents from falling, collision, or attacks from other animals. Sometimes, it can further lead to serious knee injuries that could be distressing and painful for your feline friend. In such instances, your first move should be provisioning first aid treatment followed by a prompt visit to the local veterinarian.

But, after you are done with the initial health care requisites, what can you do to help your cat have some comfort? There are several home care methodologies that you can opt to ease the pain for your kitten or cat.

Here in this blog, we have listed out some of the best tips for at-home care for a cat knee injury.

1. Restrict Any Unsupervised Activities

Disabled cat walks in new wheelchair

Injuries like fractures or wounds heal best when kept undisturbed and still throughout the recovery phase. Cat owners need to keep these curious creatures as still as possible post the veterinary treatment; it means absolutely no jumping or running. If your cat is prone to exploring every corner of the house, try restricting her to a confined space when you aren’t at home to supervise her moves.

  • If it is possible, try to put the cat in the room that lacks high counters and furniture; it would prevent her from climbing a high ground. Or create a confined space in a large room using a gate.
  • Place your kitty’s favorite toys by her bed to keep her entertained through the recovery phase.
  • There isn’t a set amount for which you need to restrict the cat’s activities. However, you can consult the vet for a recommended time frame.

2. Give Good Feed but Don’t Overfeed

Cat wheelchair for paralyzed feline

As your cat has been advised not to move during the healing phase, it will be sitting for a good fraction of the day. With minimal activity to burn out the energy produced by the food; you need to keep the food to a normal amount.

The food needs to be as nutritious as possible, but make sure you don’t overfeed your feline partner. If you are wondering what human food can cats eat, check out our blog where we decode every food item that is good for you cat.

A broken or injured knee can take months to heal, and minimal activity with a huge plate of food can lead to unnecessary weight gain. It might even become a habit for your feline as she grows out of the healing phase. With abrupt weight gain, your cat might also be susceptible to a variety of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, psychological issues, teeth problems, liver issues, or arthritis. So, make sure you never overfeed your cat.

3. Use an Elizabethan Collar

A cat doesn’t like being restricted in terms of movement. Cats are free beings who love to explore and jump up as high as possible. If your cat is healing from a knee injury or fracture, there will be bandages restricting her movements. She will surely want to gnaw or chew through the bandages to cut herself free.

So, how can you avoid this? As a cat owner, you can opt to place an Elizabethan collar around their necks. It will restrict the cat from chewing off the bandage and ensure the healing process continues smoothly. You can surely remove the collar when feeding the cat, but make sure it is on for almost every other time.

4. Get a Cat Wheelchair

Disabled cat goes for walk in cat wheelchair

You can do so much to stop your cat from moving around during the knee injury phase. Obviously, she will try her best to move around, which can worsen the situation. Your cat might try to jump up on the kitchen counter or try to access the sofa. It can dislocate the knee if there is a fracture.

In the process, your cat might also get grumpy, seeing as she loves to move around. So, the best way to keep her going without risking the worsening of the knee injury, you can buy a cat wheelchair. Having a wheelchair to mobilize your cat will ensure that she does not put unnecessary weight on the affected leg. It can speed up the healing process while allowing your cat the exercise it needs.

  • A cat wheelchair can keep your cat busy as its knee heals
  • She can exercise and keep her weight on a check
  • Wheelchairs can also help keep up the alignment of the knee
  • A wheelchair helps to keep your cat’s body grounded and prevent jumping

5. Keep Bedding Warm and Cozy

Cat knee injuries require rest

When your cat is healing through a knee injury or fracture, your best move is to keep them in their bed. Although cats are known to sleep about 12 to 16 hours daily, there are moments throughout the day when they need to go out. It includes their feces and toilet breaks throughout the day. After they are done doing their business, you need them to come back to their bed.

In order to do so, you should keep their bedding warm and cozy. Depending on the season, you can place a room heating close to your cat’s bed. Remember, cats love their privacy. They are friendly but not in a way that dogs are they generally keep away and show affection to their human friends only when they feel like. So, make sure you keep the bedding in a place that doesn’t receive much foot traffic. However, keep in mind that the bed should always be visible to you!


When handling a cat with a broken or heavily injured knee, you should try to practice caution. Even though your cat is very friendly under normal conditions, pain and restricted mobility can lead to irritation. If your cat doesn’t want to be touched, it might try to bite you or scratch you. So, the best move here would be to wear gloves when feeding or touching your cat. Plus, make it a habit to visit the veterinarian for regular updates on the progress of the healing process.

Remember, handling an injured cat at home can be different than taking care of a dog. You need to check their temperament and keep them as comfortable as possible.

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Guest Author:
Lauretta Williams

Lauretta loves spending her time listening to music, playing with her dog and writing blogs from her computer. She works with PawMaw, that helps you find your lost pet quickly.

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