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Unlikely Friends: Pigeon Takes Handicapped Chihuahua Under His Wing

Rescued around the same time, an unlikely friendship blossomed between two unusual friends at the Mia Foundation in Rochester, NY. When weeks old chihuahua puppy who can’t walk met a pigeon who can’t fly an instant friendship was born.

Meet Lundy

Disabled rescue puppy Lundy is looking for his new home.

Born to a breeder in South Carolina, Lundy’s life started very normally. There was nothing visibly wrong with Lundy in his first few weeks of life.  Until suddenly Lundy lost the ability to walk.

Due to his special needs, the breeder was unable to care for him and contacted the Mia Foundation, a rescue out of Rochester, NY specializing in pets with special needs. A rescue volunteer flew immediately to pick Lundy up, learning that Lundy’s rear leg paralysis is likely linked to spinal cord damage. Only 8 weeks old and weighing under a pound, Lundy spends a lot of time resting on his dog bed.

A Special Relationship is Born

Chihuahua and pigeon make unlikely friends

One day, rescue founder Sue decides to introduce Lundy to an unusual resident of the rescue, Herman the pigeon. Left flightless, likely due to West Nile Virus or a brain injury, Herman likes to come out of his playpen to explore throughout the day.

On one of his many adventures he found himself on the same bed as a tiny chihuahua. Herman’s paternal instincts kicked in, and he instantly started snuggling and caring for baby Lundy. When Sue snapped a few photos of the two, she never expected the friendship would go viral.

Lundy Learns to Walk

Tiny disabled chihuahua gets his first wheelchair.

Just like the rest of the world, Walkin’ Pets was touched by the adorable friendship and wanted to help. Gifting Lundy with his first Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. Lundy is so tiny, that everyone at the rescue was surprised that a wheelchair small enough existing.

But, now with his Mini wheelchair Lundy will be able to walk for the first time in his life, and with his buddy Herman cheering him on he’s going to be unstoppable! Once Lundy is mobile and used to his new wheels, he’ll be ready for his next big adventure, finding his forever family.

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Want to Learn More?

For adoption information about Lundy or the Mia Foundation, please visit the rescue’s website or Facebook page.


This adorable duo is staying together! The Mia Foundation announced that both Lundy and Herman will become permanent residents at the Mia Foundation. Lundy and Herman will be sharing their incredible story with local school children.

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