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7 Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair

Pets are family. Having a canine best friend is an amazing experience, they love unconditionally and bring so much joy into our lives. The only thing not to love, might be the pet hair!

The only downside of pet ownership is cleaning up after them and their hair. We all want a clean and healthy pet and to keep them so, they need our help. Through good hygiene and regular grooming, we can avoid dirt and hair that usually sticks on the floor and other surfaces. While it’s easy to clean visible pet stains, removing pet hair can be a challenge. We’ve all experienced finding your suit covered in pet hair while leaving the house, in your car seats or on your furniture. Sometimes, this situation could also become a little embarrassing. Here are some of the easiest ways to clean pet hair.

1. Groom Your Pet Regularly

Small Dog BathLimit the amount of pet hair in your house by keeping your pet well groomed. Whether you own dogs or cats, your pet will benefit from regular grooming and brushing.

Apart from natural shedding of hair, pets may also lose hair because of inadequate omega-3 oils in their bodies, fleas, and poor diet. Managing the health of your pets is the right way of preventing hair loss. But if you want to reduce the amount of hair in your carpets and furnishings, then you should regularly wash and brush the pet.

De-shedding is vital because it addresses the problem of pet hair from the source. You should use the right brushes as de-shedding depends on the size of the hair.

2. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaning is the easiest way of removing pet hair from floors, but pet owners have to vacuum at least twice as often as their non-pet loving friends do.

If you have a busy schedule and have no time to clean your floor often, see this comparison for pets may be the solution. It will surprise you how efficiently a robotic vacuum cleaner performs. And can work on any surface, gliding across rugs or carpets collecting all the hair in one go.

Apart from hair, vacuums also remove dust, pollen and other types of dirt. A great way to reduce allergens and improve the air quality in your house!

3. Use a Lint Roller

Lint rollers are a pet owners’ best friend! Rollers can be used to remove hair and lint from carpets, car seats and furniture and clothes. Rolling the fiber on targeted surfaces easily removes hairs because they stick to the roller. Keep one in the car or at work to avoid pet hair emergencies!

4. Furniture and Seat CoversPuppy on Couch

Rather than waiting and leaving your seats open to pets, you can protect them by using easy to clean covers. The fur sticks on the sheets whenever pets sit on your furniture. By using multiple covers you can switch one set is wet. Not only do they protect your furniture or car seats from fur, but they also keep your furniture free from dust and stains.

5. Use of Rubber Gloves

Whoever thought of using rubber gloves to remove fur is God send. Rubber gloves are probably the cheapest way to stay pet-hair free.

Rubbing rubber gloves together or with any surfaces produces static energy, which you can use to collect hairs by moving your hand where you want to clean. Another way of using rubber gloves is by dampening them. Fur easily sticks to damp rubber.

6. Use Dump Mops

The right time to use a mop is after vacuum cleaning your floors. A dry mop is likely to disperse fur rather than collect it. Dampening the swab makes the hairs more massive and hard to blow, they in-turn roll together into manageable lumps.

7. Pet Hair Remover

Use a specially designed pet hair roller, created to collect stray hairs, pollen, and dander. By just moving the pet hair roller back and forth, you quickly trace and pick up pet hairs buried deeply in sofas, couches, beds, carpets, and more. The goodness of the roller is; it is durable and has a dirt compartment that you can empty later. It is 100% reusable, does not requires any power source, and is clean and convenient. These qualities make this one of the best option to remove pet hairs.

Parting Thought

Maintaining a pet hair free environment is possible through regular cleaning of both the house and the pets. Excessive pet hair in the home can cause allergic conditions like asthma, sneezing, and itching. Like if you have a furry dog, then you might have experienced the struggle, you can prevent this by regularly grooming your dog. Grooming your pet will also keep them healthy and happy.

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