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Can Dogs Pee or Poop in a Dog Wheelchair?

Yes, dogs can pee and poop in a wheelchair. In fact, dog wheelchairs are specifically designed to make it easier for dogs to relieve themselves. 

Paralyzed pets and those dealing with weakened limbs struggle to stand and walk on their own. Due to their mobility problems, many special needs pets will spend more time resting and laying down than other pets. This inactive lifestyle can make it harder for a dog to pee or poop. Regular exercise actually encourages a dog’s body to work naturally, so getting them upright and walking in a wheelchair can stimulate a bowel movement making it easier for them to defecate or urinate naturally. 

How Do Dogs in Wheelchairs Poop? 

No, wheelchair dogs can’t squat or lift a leg the way they used to, but they are easily able to relieve themselves with the support of their cart. Whether a dog has to pee or poop, wheelchair dogs relieve themselves the same way, standing up with their legs spread. 

How It Works:

The Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair provides support from directly underneath the dog. The dog’s legs are placed through a set of leg rings in their wheelchair. The leg ring supports leave space in front and behind the dog to let them relieve themselves cleanly. Both pee and poop will drop to the ground missing the wheelchair frame and the leg rings. 

How to Train Your Dog to Go Potty in Their Wheelchair

In most cases, pets learn to poop and pee in their wheelchair very quickly. Because they are now able to stand up in a natural position and are moving more they may even find it easier to go. If your dog is unsure if it’s “OK” for them to potty while in their wheelchair, they might need a little encouragement and training. Here are few tricks you can try to get your wheelchair dog to pee or poop:

Potty Training Tips for Wheelchair Dogs

German shepherds extend life expectancy by walking and staying active with a dog wheelchair
  1. First, once your dog is in their cart, bring them to their favorite potty places. Most dogs have routine places that they like to pee or poop, bringing them to familiar potty spots will subtly encourage them to go. 
  2. Go for a walk or play fetch. The more your dog moves, the more likely they will relieve themselves naturally. Getting their body moving actually encourages their body to move internally as well. 
  3. Does your dog have a regular potty schedule? Most dogs have a time of the day where they are likely to pee or poop. If there are certain times of the day that your dog is used to going outside to pee or poop, stick to the schedule. First thing in the morning is a great time to take your dog out to pee. 
  4. When they do go potty, be ready to give them praise and treats. Most pets are food motivated and respond well to encouragement from their favorite person. If you make going to the bathroom a positive experience for your dog, they’ll have an easier time understanding that when they go outside in their wheelchair it’s time to pee and poop.
  5. Go out more often and be patient. With regular trips outside repeated throughout the day, your dog will go potty eventually. 
  6. If your dog has a long tail, lift it away from their hind end and place it over the back bar of the wheelchair. This keeps their tail out of the way, away from any mess as well as encourages the dog to poop. 


With a little practice, patience, and lots of treats your wheelchair dog will be able to pee and poop while using their cart. Even in completely paralyzed pets, with the support of your dog’s wheelchair and regular exercise in their wheelchair your dog will be able to relieve themselves naturally while in their dog wheelchair.


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