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Tips to Design a Playroom for Senior and Handicapped Dogs

It has been said that pets are like family members, and this statement rings true with many pet owners today. Pet owners include their dogs in family activities as much as possible, and even share a room with them. In addition to having a canine or feline companion sleep with you at night, you may have noticed that now more than ever there are products available for those who want to design their living space or possibly a playroom around their pets.

This article provides a list of tips to design a playroom for senior and handicapped dogs. It also includes what is required when designing the space, considerations for safety, and suggestions about what you may want to include in designing your pets playroom.

Make Sure the Playroom Space is Comfortable

If you have a handicapped dog, you should take steps to make sure the room is comfortable. For example, soft surfaces such as carpets and rugs can help an older or handicapped dog get around easier because it cushions their joints.

Another consideration is to place a comfortable and supportive bed or couch in the room so they can rest in comfort after all that playtime. There are many options available when it comes to pet furniture, and you can even purchase a miniature sofa for your dog. In addition to making the room as comfortable as possible, if you want the room to be truly theirs, you can also get a special portrait of your dog for the wall. This is a nice way to make the room unique, and a great keepsake.

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair
large dog uses rear support harness for back legs
Warrior Rear Harness
drag bag for paralyzed dog
Walkin’ Drag Bag

Make the Playroom Easy to Navigate

For senior and handicapped dogs, make sure the room is easy to navigate. This means that there should be plenty of clear space for them to maneuver without bumping into obstacles. Dogs that use a wheelchair to get around need even more space. Make sure to leave a clear pathway for your dog to turn around easily while in their wheelchair.

Keep in mind that any furniture or equipment placed in the room will need to be kept safe and sturdy. If it falls over, it could injure your dog, so this is another important factor to keep in mind when designing the layout of the playroom.

And remember your dog’s wheelchair is wider than them. Make sure to leave enough space for your dog and their wheelchair to move around easily. Leave a foot of space on either side of their wheelchair so your dog can safely maneuver. So, when designing a room for seniors and disabled dogs, keep these two things in mind.

Make Sure There Are Plenty of Toys 

This is especially important for senior dogs because it will help to stimulate their minds. If your older dog has become rather sedentary or spends long periods of time alone sleeping, you may need to give them more opportunities for playtime. However, you need to make sure that you choose toys that are appropriate for a dog that is older or disabled. Gentle toys with minimal noise are best, and toys that can be carried around easily. You can also use interactive toys to stimulate their minds and exercise their brains. Just make sure that you choose the right size and type of toy for your dog.

Getting a Doggy Door

One very important consideration for senior and handicapped dogs is installing a doggy-door so they can go outside whenever they please. This is not always an option for everyone, but it can be very handy if you are home most of the time. Pet doors allow your dog to come-and-go on their own, however, if you have a tall dog they may not fit through a standard pet door. In this case, you will need to have it custom built. If you are gone all day, make arrangements with friends or neighbors to come by and let your dog out at certain times.

Considerations for Safety in Your Dog Playroom

Paralyzed dog plays safely inside

In addition to designing the playroom with your senior and handicapped dogs in mind, there are also safety considerations to take into account when remodeling any room for your pets. For example, if your dog is older or disabled, adding rubber flooring can help to prevent falls.

Put the room together so it’s sturdy, especially if you have a larger dog that might knock things over. Place heavy objects on bottom shelves so they don’t fall over. If you have stairs in your room make sure that they are stable, and keep them covered to prevent any tripping. Be sure that there are no sharp edges or other features that could cut or injure your dog.

Get Your Dog the Necessary Equipment

If you have a handicapped dog, then the chances are they will need some special equipment to get around. This could include a wheelchair, ramps, or other devices that help them function better at home or when outside. You should also think about getting your dog a coat or sweater that is designed for your weather. Senior dogs, especially those with arthritis, may need help staying warm on extremely cold days. However, before buying anything, you should always consult with your veterinarian first.

Set Up a Dog TV

Leave a TV on for your senior dog. This is a great way to keep boredom or loneliness at bay when they’re home alone. The channel you choose should have plenty of shows that are designed for dogs. One that will be engaging enough so they don’t get distracted. This tip is especially helpful for those who have older dogs that might not be that active and can’t go outside on their own. 

When it comes to handicapped dogs, their needs must be taken into account when designing or remodeling a room for them. Make sure the space is comfortable and easy to navigate. Consider their security, safety, and special equipment. By following this advice, you should be able to create the best playroom for your senior or handicapped dog. We hope this article has helped you learn some tips to design a playroom for senior and handicapped dogs effectively.

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