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Things That Can Make Your Dog Uneasy and What to Do About Them

Dogs are amazing creatures that have a lot of things that make them uneasy. Some things are out of their control, while others can be changed to keep your dog happy and healthy. This blog post will discuss things that generally bother dogs, what makes them uneasy, and how you can fix it!

Lack Of Attention 

Dogs, especially puppies, require a lot of attention and they expect someone to be around them at all times. If you hear your dog barking it’s very likely that they want you to spend time with them. They become anxious when they feel that things are out of the ordinary, or when there is a lack of attention from you. If your dog barks at things that aren’t really present, it’s likely because they see something in their imagination and want to get rid of what bothers them.

When your dog starts barking excessively it will be necessary for you to go over and reassure him/her with some petting or treats so he/she knows everything is okay. You can also give them commands such as “quiet” if they bark on certain occasions like visitors coming into the house.

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Seeing Something Unfamiliar

Dogs often get uneasy when they see things that are unfamiliar to them. This is a common reaction because they can’t understand what it means or why it’s happening. In the dog world, seeing things like this could be dangerous, and as such dogs take precautions against these things in order to keep themselves safe from harm.

Here are some things they get upset about:

  • another animal (especially cats, dogs, and squirrels)
  • an unfamiliar person  
  • new objects (furniture and tools)
  • sudden movement

For example, if you have a brand new couch delivered to your home but there isn’t any packaging around for the dog to smell then he may get very anxious about being anywhere near this thing. This will be so until his mind has been put at ease by giving him time to investigate and learn more about the object so he understands how it fits into his environment without harming him.

A Need For Relief

Dogs get very upset when they are in need of relief and need to go outside. If you notice that your dog becomes uncomfortable, it is time to take him out for a walk, or if your weather permits let them play in the backyard. They will try to hold it in very long, but it is better not to let them suffer because the things that make a dog uneasy are endless.

Make sure you walk them outside frequently. Two times a day should get them to empty themselves out completely. If you don’t have time for this, consider hiring a pet sitter to visit your home every few hours so that they can go outside and stretch their legs.

The Vacuum Cleaner 

Dogs get really upset when they see a vacuum cleaner in motion. If your dog sees one, it will most likely bark at the vacuum cleaner. This causes problems because neighbors may complain about barking or they think that you are scaring your house pet when you use a machine to clean things up. 

To help with this type of situation try putting an end table over the power cord so that the bottom is covered and inaccessible for curious dogs to get tangled around their neck while trying to chew on something like this. Then place some things around like books and other things on top of it so it looks natural. 

Loud Noises 

Loud noises like thunderstorms or firecrackers can make a dog uneasy. The best way to deal with this is by training them so they get used to loud things and learn how to behave when these things happen. You can also use calming products or consult your vet in case of severe anxiety problems for dogs.

Shelter them away from these things because they can suffer a heart attack if they are very close to the noise.

Being In An Unfamiliar Place 

An unfamiliar place usually makes the dog feel uneasy or nervous. When you want to take your dog somewhere, make sure that the place is animal-friendly and allows pets in their facilities (if possible). It can be a public park, beach, or simply someone else’s home. 

If things do not turn out well and your pet gets anxious, it is best if you leave immediately without trying to calm them down with treats, etc. Treats encourage your dog to behave similarly next time around (they will expect rewards for being ‘good’ when feeling uncomfortable). 

You always want to care for your dog and knowing what makes them uneasy you should know how to fix it. Lack of attention and unfamiliar things make them bark a lot so make sure to know what to do. When they need relief they will be whining until they can hold it in so walk them regularly. Vacuum cleaners and loud noises from outside make them very scared and angry so be with them and make sure they are safe. When bringing them to a new place don’t stay if they start behaving badly!

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