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Sturdy Dog Life Vest for Safety Protection in Water

As you prepare to enjoy the months ahead when people and pets take to the water, be sure to ensure your dog’s safety with a quality dog life jacket. Here are some features to look for in a good safety vest.

Bright Color & Reflectivity

dog-life-jacketA bright color is important, so you can easily spot your dog, whether in or out of the water. Reflective trim or strapping is also useful if you’re planning to go out after dark.

But never rely entirely on a safety jacket to take the place of keeping a watchful eye on your pet!

Reinforced Strapping & Lightweight Shell

Look for reinforced strapping that will stand up to rigorous use. Adjustable straps will ensure that the safety jacket will give your dog a snug fit without being either too loose or uncomfortably tight. A lightweight shell will enable your dog to move freely in the water and will also dry quickly when out of the water.

Grab Handle

dog-life-jacketA grab handle is important in the event that you need to assist or rescue your dog if s/he is experiencing difficulty in the water. Look for a reinforced handle that can provide an easy place to take hold of the dog. A place to attach a leash or boat hook is another important feature in a pet safety vest, in case you or someone else needs to pull your dog to safety.

Poolside Fun in a Dog Life Jacket

A safety vest can provide peace of mind if your dog has ready access to a pool. Keep in mind these other safety tips for your poolside pets.

Take a look at the video of this dog having fun by the pool in his backyard.

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