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New Blind Dog Halo by Walkin’ Pets!

Blind or visually impaired dogs can be helped with the Blind Dog Halo from Walkin’ Pets by The Blind Dog Halo is an easy way for blind dogs to gain confidence in navigating their surroundings.

Meet Sterling, Our First Product Tester

Kelly Arsenault brought her dog, Sterling, to Walkin’ Pets to inquire about any means of assisting him. Kelly, the president and founder of the Papillon Rescue of the North East (PRONE), said Sterling began to lose his vision rather suddenly over a period of just two weeks.

Initially, Kelly noticed that he was keeping his tail down, which was very unusual for him. Kelly brought him to the veterinary ophthalmologist who diagnosed Sterling with Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) and a prognosis that he was likely to lose all his vision within a few weeks to a few months. Unfortunately, the origin of SARDS is unknown and there is no cure.

Walkin’ Pets was honored to meet Sterling, who became our first Blind Dog Halo product tester. Listen to what he had to say!

Assistance for Vision Problems

There are many reasons why a dog might lose vision:

  • glaucoma
  • cataracts
  • retinal diseases (such as SARDS)
  • vision loss due to diabetes
  • trauma

blind-dog-halo-product-testerIf the vision loss is permanent, a device such as a Blind Dog Halo can help a dog overcome some of the fear associated with bumping his/her head into unseen objects, furniture, or walls.

The Blind Dog Halo bumps into things before the dog does! This helps to restore a visually impaired dog’s sense of confidence and security.

Depending on the dog’s size, the Blind Dog Halo comes attached to a comfortable harness or vest. Sterling’s halo is attached to a vest.

Sterling Does a Sterling Job

Kelly reported on how Sterling did with the Blind Dog Halo once he was home:

“My husband came home and put the halo on Sterling. He called me immediately after and said, ‘Sterling is doing amazing; his tail is up and everything!’ Doing great again this morning.”

Sterling and Kelly worked with Walkin’ Pets after that to work out a few tweaks, as did other product testers who subsequently worked with us to give their feedback. The feedback was invaluable in developing the final design for the Blind Dog Halo, one of optimal comfort and functionality.

How the Halo Can Help Your Pet:

  • Allows your pet to move with confidence
  • Provides blind pet with freedom and safety
  • Prevent your dog from injury
  • Gives you peace of mind that your dog can get around on their own!

Different Sort of Halo

It was with great sadness that we learned that Sterling recently crossed the rainbow bridge. We had all grown to love him.

Walkin’ Pets thanks him from the bottom of our hearts for serving as an angel of a product tester. We like to think that he is wearing a different sort of halo now!

blind dog halo
Sterling and Kelly

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