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How to Help Your Pet Recover Quickly from Injury

Horse ‘N Hound Physical Therapy was a recent guest on the Happy, Healthy Pets radio podcast, talking about the benefits and various modalities of animal rehab and physical therapy to promote healing. Jennifer Brooks, owner of Horse ‘N Hound, now works with animals, after many years as a physical therapist for humans.

What Is Animal Physical Therapy?

Jennifer Brooks

Physical therapy for animals utilizes manual therapeutic interventions, just as with humans. In addition, Jennifer and her staff utilize modalities such as ultrasound, heat and cold, low level light LASER, and electrical stimulation. A combination of these treatments helps dogs, cats, horses, and farm animals at the facility.

Exercise equipment and the underwater treadmill are popular and effective methods to promote healing and improve muscle strength. The ultimate goal of animal rehab is to provide the fastest route to recovery from injury or ailments.

underwater treadmill for animals
Underwater treadmill
exercise balls used in animal rehab
Exercise balls

Equine Rehab Services

Jennifer originally began her animal rehab practice with a focus on horses. The facility at Horse ‘N Hound is in a pastoral setting in a refurbished 1857 barn with a 3-stall equine rehab center. A 10-acre walking field surrounds the facility, where clients can exercise their pets.

horse-n-hound-equine-rehab   equine-rehab-services

Working Together for Pets

Jennifer works in conjunction with pet owners’ veterinarians and the pet owners themselves to achieve the best results for pets. She teaches the pet owner what exercises, massage, or other methods to use to promote healing. These methods can and should be done with their pet at home. This is essential for the fastest route to restored health.

Horse ‘N Hound also runs educational workshops at their facility, bringing in speakers to talk about different healing modalities. The facility is located at 288 South Merrimack Road, Hollis, NH, (603) 465-4444,

Senior Pets

gentle massage therapy for dog
Gentle massage can be helpful

Pet owners of senior pets have much to gain from a professional animal rehab practice, such as Horse ‘N Hound. As pets age and reach their twilight years, regular visits to an animal physical therapist can be helpful in assessing a dog, cat, or horse’s level of pain or discomfort.

Pet owners can be taught simple things to do at home that might improve a pet’s quality of life, like gentle massage or exercise. Exercising is key to keeping an aging pet in optimal health.

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