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7 Healthy Treats for Pets

Nutrition is a crucial factor that governs your vital functions. With a proper diet and regimen, you can ensure adequate blood circulation and immune responses. If you own a furry friend, then you must consider the nutrition aspects. Dogs require an ample amount of nutrients like proteins, fiber, and carbs per day. Also, a well-balanced diet is likely to curb microbial attacks and frequent infections. In case you wish to reward your pet for a recent achievement, the healthy treat options for pets may be of great help.

Here are the delicious and nutritious treats for your furry friends out there.

1. Apples

One of the best snack options for mid-meal hunger is a small to medium-sized apple. Furry animals often like the sweetish delight of apples. Also, the snack is relatively easy to digest due to high levels of simple carbs. The abundance of fiber improves your dog’s digestion and may prevent constipation. Research suggests that the antioxidants present in apples prevent inflammatory attacks in animals.

Some antioxidants present in the fruit are quercetin, flavonoids, and catechin. Get your hands on the apple-infused snacks for your animal companion. Not only will it ensure faster assimilation of food, but it also adds to the nutritional reservoir.

2. Sardines

If you’re looking for a quick-to-prepare and nutritious snack option, then frozen sardines are the answer. Dogs love the crunchy yet appealing taste of sardines, that too, the deep-frozen ones. Also, the high nutritional values make it quite suitable when you need to reward your pet. It contains some essential nutrients like omega-3-fatty acid that improve the quality of your pet’s fur.

Along with this, it boosts the immune system and increases stamina levels. You may give your dog a bowl of sardines to maintain glistening white teeth and healthy gums. Don’t forget to couple up the snack with some authentic U.S. soy products for a rejuvenating meal.

3. Bananas

Another healthy yet easily available snack option is a medium-sized banana. The fruit satiates the hunger pangs of your pet with ease. Also, it contains many nutrients like carbs, proteins, and minerals. Due to the high potassium levels, the banana makes the perfect snack to control lethargy amongst dogs. It may improve digestion, promote immune functions, and increase stamina. But, make sure to limit the portion size as the snack is quite high in sugar. You may add some peanut butter along with bananas for additional health aid.

4. Cabbage

Did you ever think of giving your furry friend a cabbage meal? If not, then you must include the vegetable in your dog’s snack options. Cabbage belongs to the Cruciferae family and helps fight off the neoplastic growth amongst animals. Also, it improves the cardiological functions of your dog. With the high levels of beta-carotene, it ensures a smooth cellular process. Try to add some boiled cabbages in your dog’s dinner meal for maximum benefits. It eases inflammation and provides stable cardiac output for energy. You may sauté the veggies together for an instant boost of nutrition and stamina.

5. Pumpkins

Here’s the bright orange vegetable that might ensure your furry friend’s health. Pumpkins are rich in many antioxidants like beta carotene, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Also, it contains many minerals like zinc and copper that promote your body’s defense mechanisms. It increases the metabolism and might help your dog lose some weight. You may find canned or fresh vegetables in the market for a quick treat. Not to forget, it appears to be quite good as a low-fat dinner option.

Pumpkins contain high fiber that increases the digestion process and limits the flatulence levels. Don’t forget to couple up the pumpkin treats with other snacks for maximum tasting notes.

6. Carrots

Is your dog suffering from a dental ailment due to poor hygiene? Or, does your pet get tired way earlier than usual? Carrots can be a potent snack option that increases the stamina levels of your dog. Also, it contains many antioxidants that help in fighting off common infections. All you need to do is boil some carrots and add them to your dog’s meals. Not only will it provide an instant boost of nutrition, but it also cleans off the dental plaque that builds up now and then. Try to get your hands on the fresh carrots for maximum health benefits.

7. Cucumbers

With the summer season, you may need to rethink your dog’s diet. One of the best summer treats for your dog is a bowl full of cucumbers and other veggies. Cucumbers are rich in nutrients like potassium, copper, and magnesium. Also, it contains many vitamins like Vitamin K and Vitamin B that promote adequate blood circulation. With the high phytochemical content, the snack is likely to prevent infections. It hydrates your dog during the summer days and keeps the signs of dehydration at bay.

Final Verdict

Dogs require maximum nutrition and regular exercise for rejuvenating mental processes. If you own a pet, then you must seek the adequate foodstuffs that make a good treat. Some healthy treats for pets like apples and pumpkins can increase digestion and promote better assimilation of food. You can also couple up the dinner meals with carrots, cabbage, and sardines to increase the nutritional values. A well-planned diet is likely to energize your furry friend and keep the microbial attacks at bay. Not to forget, your dog depends on the diet for fast immune responses and relief from common health issues. As a pet owner, you need to rethink the diet and include nutritional foods in it.

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