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Simple Tips to Exercise Your Dog and Stay Healthy

Just as a human’s health is determined by their adopted lifestyles, so are pets’. Research shows that lack of physical activity in pets can lead to behavioral issues, obesity and some lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, breathing problems and arthritis. Exercise also helps strengthen their hip joints, reduce digestive problems, and keep their weight in check. Most importantly, keep your pet hydrated, especially after exercises by giving them clean drinking water. A happy and healthy pet equals a happy home. Here are some tips for exercising your pets and staying healthy.

Take a Long Walk Everyday

No pull dog harness for dog walking

Walking is one of the simplest ways to exercise your pet, enjoy the weather outdoors and stretch your legs.

One of the advantages of walking as a form of exercise is that it requires no specialized training to do and is fit for all pets, including the small ones. As you walk, both you and your pet stretch your legs and muscles and lose some calories in the process. That way, the pet remains active, happy and healthy.

Jog Up and Down a Slope

Jogging is particularly beneficial to dogs and their owners because it raises your heart rate, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens muscles and increases stamina. Some pets like dogs are perfect exercise companions as they enjoy such activities as jogging and running.

While jogging, it is advisable to start at a low pace to raise your own and the dog’s fitness levels, then start racing after that. Be sure to alternate quick sprints and slow jogs throughout the session repetitively. Hiking with your dog is also a good way to engage them physically.

‘Sit and Stay’ Obedience Exercise for Your Dog

Sit and stay exercises are suitable for dog owners. They are a perfect way to exercise the stomach, keep your dog engaged and reward him or her for doing so. As you work on the abdominal muscles moving up and down, command the dog to jump every time you come up to meet them and reward them with their favorite snack in small quantities or a toy. It will help you exercise, and keep the dog engaged in physical activity.

Do Some Step Ups

To avoid the monotony of walking every other time, take a walk down the streets for some step-ups. As you do so, the dog will be shedding off some calories, exercising its legs as you work on your lower half. It is a more manageable work out to do and also convenient as all you need is a low wall in the park or some street steps.

Play Fetch with Your Pet

wheelchair dog plays fetch

The game of fetch is fun and enjoyable to most pets and is also easy to implement. It can be made a daily routine exercise for pets, such as dogs.

It is also convenient as all that is needed is a space (such as a nearby park or backyard) where the pet can run back and forth. As he/she runs back and forth to fetch, he/she is stretching his muscles, building strength and shading off some fats in the form of calories.

Get Your Dog into a Treadmill

If you have a treadmill at home, bring your dog with you during your exercise time. They are fast learners and can easily copy how you run on the treadmill and do the same when you command them to do so. Treadmills are a perfect cardio exercise for both humans and pets. At the end of the exercise, both you and your dog will have strengthened muscles, shed some calories and built stamina.

Have Your Pet Jump Over Obstacles

Jumping over obstacles is a fun activity for dogs. It is possible to make the obstacles in your backyard. Be sure to create tunnels, incorporate hurdles, and station balls at some points, etc. By having the dog navigate through the obstacles, he/she will be exercising. Dogs are active animals, and in most cases, they will navigate through while running. To encourage them, reward them with low-calorie treats in the process.

Engage Pet in Staircase Exercises

Staircase exercises are perfect for encouraging the use of different muscles of the body due to the change in elevation and the steps involved. One way to do this exercise is by throwing a toy down the stairs and commanding them to go after it. After several rounds of the same, they will tire out having engaged in a physical exercise.

Pets that do not exercise regularly tend to exhibit some behavioral problems and destructive habits such as chewing items, digging, scratching, raiding on things such as garbage bins, and jumping on people, among others. Engaging in physical exercise with your dog helps keep their behavior in check, ensuring they are healthy and helps you keep active and healthy.

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