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Dog Safety Belts Save Lives!

Many people do not realize that vehicle safety includes buckling up the family dog. Now that summer is here, many people take to the road, including the family pet. A dog safety belt can protect both the dog and other passengers in a car or truck. 60% of drivers have admitted to becoming distracted dog to their dog. Keeping your dog safely restrained in the car is for their benefit and yours.

Walkin’ Front Safety Harness for Dogs

A convertible dog seat belts for pets protect your pet, but also the drivers and passengers in the vehicle. Whether preventing a frightened dog from jumping into the front seat and distracting a driver or being hurt in a crash, dog seat belts keep your family safe while driving.

Dogs can be a big distraction to the driver. That is a serious safety issue to both pets and people in the vehicle! A dog safety belt prevents a dog from becoming a distraction by keeping the family pet safely and securely in its seat. It also prevents the dog from being thrown around the car or through vehicle windows if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop or is in an accident.


Avoid Injury and Protect Your Pet

Gracie is a young Yorkie who lost the use of her legs because she was thrown through a car window in an accident.

Fortunately, the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair allows her to have her mobility back, but Gracie’s injuries could have been avoided if she had been properly restrained in the car.

Strength and Durability

The tensile strength of the high-tenacity nylon webbing used in the Front Safety Harness is rated at 2,500 lbs. The steel hardware used in the seatbelt attachment and in the harness has a similar crash rating.

Each size is adjustable to ensure your pet’s comfort and fit. The dog safety belt can easily conform to your dog’s body shape, size, and proportions. This dog seatbelt harness can safely fit pets weighing up to 180 lbs.

Compatible with Any Car

Safety Dog Seat belt and Harness
As an added precaution seat your dog in the back seat. Front seat airbags can be dangerous for your dog.

The car safety harness is guaranteed to be compatible with your vehicle, regardless of make or model. The seatbelt is designed to clip into your existing car seatbelt and attaches to your dog’s car safety harness.

Why a harness and not a collar? In the event of a car accident, if the seatbelt connects to your dog’s collar, they could choke or hurt themselves further. During impact, your dog could experience whiplash or a severe neck injury when pressure is applied to its collar and neck. A harness helps to distribute the impact across your dog’s entire body for a more secure hold. This minimizes the risk of injury and helps to keep your dog safely in its car seat.

Convenient and Easy to Use

The dog seat belt easily slips onto your existing car seat belt. The process of buckling your pet into your car is fast and easy!

The canine safety belt can also be used as a front end walking harness without making any modifications. Just attach your dog’s leash to the harness’s D-Ring and go!

Your Dog’s Car Safety is Critical

Prevent accidents by keeping your pet safe and secure! Choose a seatbelt that can slip through the vehicle’s seat belt to safely and comfortably hold the dog onto the seat. It also doubles as a walking harness when out of the vehicle.

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  1. It’s just so important to keep our pups safe! For larger dogs, however, I’d recommend a pet barrier or a car crate. 🙂 Ellie

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